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  1. Stumpy1966

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Is it possible to change the title of this thread as it is soooooo wrong. Just Tommy would do or god if not.
  2. Stumpy1966

    Murray Davidson

    Are you talking about when we won the Scottish cup
  3. Stumpy1966

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    Not quite Kano started it’s Davidson for Callachan and Goss for Watt.
  4. Stumpy1966

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    Most disappointing thing about that Gordon not even on the bench.
  5. Stumpy1966

    Celtic v Saints, Scottish Cup February 10th

    What happened in May 2014????
  6. Stumpy1966

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    You should know.
  7. Stumpy1966

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    If there was anything of importance matron will tell us
  8. Stumpy1966

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    He will fit right in with us - he misses penalties.
  9. Stumpy1966

    Stjohnstone v Aberdeen away

    Lets get rid of Motherwell first.
  10. Stumpy1966

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Yes Hearts play Rangers on the Sunday 2 nd December.
  11. Stumpy1966

    Zander Clark

    Look forward to Peter Grants comments on this. I think what he meant when he said “they see all games” he meant all Celtic reserves games.
  12. Stumpy1966

    Zander Clark

    Some rather bold and wrong statements from mr grant. we see all the games - who does??? A couple of weeks ago - 5 actually james Forrest scored 4 - relevance??? they were crucifying the goalkeeper - who were??? we’re fortunate we’ve got a lot of goalkeepers playing well - who??? but we just thought Scot Bain was the right choice!!! So don’t pick the ones who are playing well let’s pick the one who has played about 3 games this season. if these comments had been made by a club manager I’m sure they would have been sited I feel a little letter to SFA is in order..
  13. Stumpy1966

    Zander Clark

    A bit hard on Milton Keynes.
  14. Stumpy1966

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    I don’t think anything I said was policing his post. I just said his post was stupid in as much as weather we think he should be at the club nothing can be done until a transfer window. Just because he is a new poster it doesn’t mean to say that we have to agree with his post. Just in case you haven’t realised “I don’t”. signed ex-miner & ex-police
  15. Stumpy1966

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    Yeah let’s go and tell him to go way we don’t want or need you. Why pick on Scougall I’m sure there are other players at the club who are not needed. I for one would be quite happy if we had to call on him. Lets not start “but he’s one of the top earners” that can only be resolved in a transfer window. Moan over.