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  1. Don’t let him leave with any training gear just in case
  2. Hoodlum you’re getting soft giving up saints for your daughters birthday
  3. Stumpy1966

    Betfred Cup

    Everyone talks about just needing a striker in. With the service that the strikers are getting Messi would struggle to score.
  4. Did Dundee not give him a fitness test.
  5. Stumpy1966

    Betfred Cup

    I just feel everybody jumps on Kane’s back. I would say that MOH miss and Danny’s 2 were worse. As you say everyone to their own opinion.
  6. Stumpy1966

    Betfred Cup

    By all means criticise Kane but get your facts right don’t make them fit your argument. To say McKays chances were more difficult when he couldn’t score when the ball was stationary on the penalty spot with only the goalkeeper to beat when he isn’t aloud to move off his line is just ridiculous.
  7. I didn’t realise they both played for the same team.
  8. It looks like one full row of 7 seats at the back and 2 half rows at the front..
  9. Yes see transfer forum.
  10. I think our resources might be wafer thin for this competition.
  11. Is the Edinburgh City game at McDiarmid?