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  1. Is the Edinburgh City game at McDiarmid?
  2. He would never get a game for a team full of internationalist.
  3. Dundee are going to be better than us.
  4. Stumpy1966

    Betfred Cup

    My first thought exactly.
  5. So it just shows how pointless your post was.
  6. So basically you’re just making the facts fit your argument. Surely you would need to include minutes played etc.
  7. I’m sure every team could say the same.
  8. I know it should be Matty but after all the flak he has taken recently I have given it to Scott. Not only for his goal but for the time in the first half when he won the 40/60 tackle on the touch line.
  9. Having read your excellent reviews through out the season even though you support another team I feel you have every right to come on here and make your views known. For anyone to suggest you only made them after your son was released what did they expect. If you made them earlier the only person who would have suffered would have been your son. I feel most of the negative reviews are coming from Saints fans who don’t like Saints to be seen in a bad light but sometimes truth hurts..
  10. I’ve heard some poor excuses but that takes the biscuit.
  11. Is it possible to change the title of this thread as it is soooooo wrong. Just Tommy would do or god if not.
  12. Are you talking about when we won the Scottish cup