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    Stumpy1966 reacted to Rob in Unsung Saints Hero's   
    Either way he should be given an award at the end of the season. 
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to Wendy Saints in Saints v Sevco Feb 2020   
    I know this sounds crazy, can’t believe I’m actually saying this again, but I love Willie Collum, he is soooo unlike the other pro old firm refs! It may seem like I am complimenting him, however I find him usually inept towards both sides! On Sunday I actually thought he had a good game. In the main let the game flow, and wasn’t swayed too much by the opposition fans.
    Unlike other refs when it comes to the old firm, I think personally we are in with a shout should we get Willie Collum as our ref. 
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to lossiesaint in Wage Bill   
    Shock horror, Club chairman says hes spent too much money this year - manager might have to cut his cloth accordingly next season. Sensationalism in a press report.....
    We might make a loss this year as he says, but running a football club is not about one season. As I've seen written on this forum, Saints will be due more money in the future if we stay in the SPL due to a new TV deal. Looking at future financial planning is surely in the remit of the chairman and the chief executive, and I'd be surprised if there is not a 5 year plan in place.
    He may be a dour operator of a club, but hes running it in an efficient manner, albeit this year possibly at a small loss. I'm not a S.B. lover but I cannot see how getting anyone else in would help this club. I'm pretty sure a lot of people work for this club for no money, so to them I'm grateful for every effort they make, from the board, to the people spending their time on match day helping.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to Cagey in Wage Bill   
    Yeah,I am sure you are right on the fact that they have not contributed anything but their time & expertise to Saints but I will be eternally grateful to Sir Geoff who hasn't even got an OBE yet.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to SaintJet in Wage Bill   
    I listened to the interview in the car on the way to the game and I thought he spoke pragmatically about running a club with a small fan base. He's not the most charismatic or articulate speaker but he's got the t shirt from years of fighting our corner and he's just following his fathers's blueprint for susutainability. I can never understand the negativity he catches - he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. I hope he has his hand on he tiller for another 10 years.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to dunblanemike in Saints v Sevco Feb 2020   
    I think Zander is getting some unfair stick for today’s performance. He made some important saves at important points in the game, a couple of them were really outstanding. 
    what is it with saints fans, why are we hyper critical of our own players? We should be bigging them up like fans at other clubs do. Doing so among our mates at school, work etc may even generate sufficient excitement to get more bums on seats at home games. Saints now have a collection of very good young talent this year. That was a young squad out there today and were not overrun by the second best team in Scotland. ok, mini rant over......
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    Stumpy1966 got a reaction from sixties saintee in Saints v Sevco Feb 2020   
    Sixties - Dementia setting in - not that we might beat them - but that we might get a decent ref 
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    Stumpy1966 got a reaction from Cagerf in Saints v Sevco Feb 2020   
    Sixties - Dementia setting in - not that we might beat them - but that we might get a decent ref 
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to blueheaven in McDiarmid Park - 30th Anniversary   
    Sure - drop me a PM and we can sort something out.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to Kilgour in McDiarmid Park - 30th Anniversary   
    I like many were sad at losing Muirton at the time and could only remember the good times but looking back it was in a hell of a state and the club was skint.Following Bradford, the wooden infrastructure was outdated and dangerous and even our much vaunted turf ( the largest area in UK at the time) had started to show some signs of neglect. The new ground was all shiny ,all seated, and very well filled.
    One innovation that was widely copied was showing live pictures of the match in refreshment kiosks to encourage people to not all rush at once.Whilst we never quite replicated Muirtons atmosphere it definitely was a huge step forward for the club.It also incorporates off field revenue streams that help the clubs finances. Would love to see another couple of thousand regulars but I suppose like me,old age and poor health are factors.Muirton still holds great memories but McD is now our home.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to HOODLUM65 in Scottish Cup Q/F 29/2/2020   
    Aye. That's raising the bar though. 
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to SugarSpunSaintee in FAIR CITY UNITY   
    On behalf of the FCU
    To anyone interested in creating better Atmosphere at McDiarmid
    It is obvious that after Ayr away that we can provide a vocal backing for the team. There were numerous groups there who contributed to the noise. Let’s start filling sections with everyone together (fan groups/ pal groups, previous sections, previous ultra/ singing sections groups) and sit together in one area. Similar to the FCU section just not exclusive to the FCU. The fcu will be one of the groups within the section but would be good to create one big collective group who all create an atmosphere together home and away. Visual and vocal backing goes a long way on and off the park.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to jhq in Aberdeen vs Saints   
    Give it a rest. Holt put in a great shift last night and it's obvious your grasp of football is minimal. 
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    Stumpy1966 got a reaction from HOODLUM65 in Ex Saints Managers   
    When you get to our age you forget that you have repeated yourself
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to andy rhodes fancy watch in Aberdeen vs Saints   
    Moaning bastards.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to SaintJet in Saints v Hearts   
    I wonder how many of you like myself were anxious when we got awarded the penalty. I immeadiatley thought Liam Craig would step up given our recent penalty woes but I was pleased when Stevie rammed it in. Really highlights May's mindset and confidence when he went straight for the ball to ensuer he was taking it.
    At the Livi game a couple games back I posted that Stevie was still playing at a high level and I was convinced that we would start to see him back to his best very soon - lets hope he can kick on after his brilliant performance on Saturday.
    Kane also deserves a lot of praise - fans are quick to point out his lack of goals but the work he does off the ball and holding up possesion is often forgotten - he put a huge shift in on Saturday.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to RandomGuy in Saints v Hearts   
    Always find it odd people struggle to spell the stand named after one of our greatest managers, but nobody ever struggles to spell the one named after Alan Main.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to rik2304 in Saints v Celtic 29th january   
    Fairly certain that the last time we went at that them it was 0-5 at half time.
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    Stumpy1966 got a reaction from dunkeldneil in St.Johnstone V Kilmarnock - Saturday 25th January   
    I think they’re both top 6 I can’t remember for definite.
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    Stumpy1966 got a reaction from Templar Saint in Free week   
    That’s not going help our goal difference enough it has to be 6 nil
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    Stumpy1966 got a reaction from Cagey in Free week   
    They are talking about postponing the League games before the Israel match, who are we due to play yep Celtic. 
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to SaintJet in Player contracts and transfers   
    I think everyone is forgetting that Steve Brown declared early last year that he was frustrated that Kennedy's agent refused to entertain contract talks until a "later date". It was the same with Dre Wright who was still on the treatment table when Brown tried to open negotiations.
    It is frustrating but players come here find brilliant form and then look for a bigger stage where often they dont realise the form they displayed at St.Johnstone. It's something we should be proud of and display our bona fides when trying to encourage a player who we want to come here.
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to mainstand in Player contracts and transfers   
    So we go out and offer him a mega bucks contract to keep him at the club. The agent that negotiated that contract has Zander and your McCann so immediately gets them to rock the boat in an effort to get an extended contract at the same rates as Kennedy. We are soon left not with £2m in the bank but a £2m overdraft ala livi Motherwell Dundee and rangers all of whom felt the consequences of paying over the top wages. 
    I personally think we have the players that can cover for his departure so not overly concerned although I would have liked him to stay. 
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    Stumpy1966 got a reaction from Coltrane in Kristen Robertson   
    You get ones now that fit in your pocket - so I’ve heard
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    Stumpy1966 reacted to Radford 72 in Player contracts and transfers   
    I do often wonder how good the past 7 years could have been for Saints if we'd had a decent manager.