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  1. "Shut it down" is the classic position when you have a weak position and can't really argue with reality or the opposing view. In the context of Saints current predicament, it comes from living in the past. We won a cup and had some high league finishes under the current manager, which of course was brilliant. However, MOH, Danny and now Stevie back at the club (some multiple times) don't give a sense of moving forward. I believe that managers and players have a shelf-life at any club, and god knows, we could do with some fresh ideas and perspective now. As to the question that's always asked - "who would replace Tommy?" - has Paul Sheerin's name been mentioned? Did a pretty good job with Arbroath when he was there until you could argue he hit the skids with a club not equipped to play in the higher league he got them into. His record with U20s since has been quite impressive as I understand it.
  2. Whoa. We’ve won 1 in 11 and only a handful more since the start of the year, and you’re fingering folk for being negative? Jesus.
  3. Agree with all of that. Same observations every week and no sign of even trying anything different. Red flags were as plain as day during the Betfred.
  4. 1 win in 11 this season and not many more this year. Hmm
  5. Nah. Had it been an ex-Saints player, or someone from Livi, St Mirren or Ross County, there wouldn’t have been the same carry on. To be honest I find this minutes silence for everything, by everyone, to be creepily weird and a bit macabre. It reduces the gesture to mindless copycat virtue signalling.
  6. How is that even possible? The ticket office refused to sell me a ticket because I’m “not on the database”. Poor stuff.
  7. No more breaking stories - we've already had today's good news... Tommy bigging up McCann in the Courier, the precursor to the announcement tomorrow that he's "delightit" with the squad, so we'll go with what we have...
  8. BBC reporting that County are confirming he's gone back there
  9. Judging by the pelters Vihmann is getting on the radio, we’re going to need to sign him...
  10. HertsAgain

    Betfred Cup

    Vihmann is an international centre back. He should be able to come in and play in any side.
  11. This cliche was punted earlier in the season. And also last season. He was backed with cash in the window and failed. Team selection and approach shows me he's lost it. The cliche has worn thin...
  12. Don’t panic. Trust in Tommy. Tommy knows what he’s doing.