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  1. Don't think anyone could disagree with his comment. Saints battled well for the point, but Hibs looked far sharper. Their distribution, passing, movement and ball retention was much better than ours. Sure, Laidlaw had a couple of saves, including a great one from Kennedy, but a combination of Zander and plain bad finishing prevented them from being well ahead by half time.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Damn. It's a still from an old TV "guess what/who" show. I thought it was a dead clever clue, and Tommy might have Lionel Messi lined up...
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    What?? Is that his insurance premium?
  4. Indy Ref 2

    The are certain things in this country that you now can't talk openly about, whereas other "comparable" things appear to still be fair game. In my opinion, freedom of speech is just that. NOTHING should be exempt from criticism or questioning. If I make a statement about anything, someone else should be free to respond and tell me and others why they think my idea is wrong or bad. Freedom of speech and expression is the way western civilisation has developed, and is WHY it has developed to be the advanced society we have now. Having said that, individuals should be responsible, and should be accountable if they issue direct threats of harm - valid criticism should never be supressed. However, we appear to have stopped doing that for certain things in the name of "equality". At best people will be ostracised publicly by certain factions if they articulate something deemed "offensive", with others too afraid to speak in their defence. At vest, the authorities will arrest you and even throw you in jail. That sort of thing may have been prevalent in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia or Orwell's 1984, but NONE OF US should want that anywhere across the western world, where we are meant to be a "free society". You presumably know the sorts of things I'm talking about. For examples of this happening across the UK and wider Europe, it's not difficult to find with a simple Google search. Just steer clear of mainstream media sources...
  5. Indy Ref 2

    A few good points in there. To me it shows that "democracy", at least as I understand it, no longer exists in this country. The Scottish "Nationalists" set the standard for the "stampy-feet, pick-up-my-ball, run-home-crying" style response to the first independence referendum, which has been copied with go-faster-stripes following Brexit by the Remain campaign. I have no issue with people with a consensus pushing for self-determination; although the notion of "self-determination" Scottish "Nationalists" espouse seems bizarre, since any powers that they claim WM will "grab" back from the EU and not pass to Holyrood, will presumably have to be passed straight back to the EU, once the SNP's intention of rejoining that cabal is enacted? "Self-determination" indeed... However, personally I believe there are many, many questions to be asked surrounding the notion of what "self-determination" actually means, what sort of society we actually want, and what being Scottish, British or even European really means. Unfortunately many of these questions are not able to be asked at the moment, due to a well coordinated leftist narrative, and more worryingly, a pretty significant erosion of freedom and expression that I see in action already.
  6. Indy Ref 2

    Not sure what your point is? That's the way the system works, like it or not. Those are the voters that felt strongly enough to go out and actually vote Leave. Presumably fewer than that felt strongly enough to actually go out and vote Remain? And before we get a response along the lines of "It wasn't enough to take the UK out of a club they'd been in for 45 years, yadda, yadda...", I'd argue that the economic community that people in the UK voted to join in the 70s (I would argue "conned", but that's a personal view) is now not the same "club" now fuelled by pathological altruism and "social justice", and which now seeks to dictate political and fiscal union across the continent. How odd then, that Scottish "Nationalists" now make a strangely similar type of argument about the UK "not being the same" as when the Independence Referendum was held in 2014, without acknowledging the point about the EEC morphing into something that is wildly different to what we joined. It's almost as if they had double standards or something...
  7. New Assistant Manager required

    John Hughes We are listing people who *shouldn't* be considered, right?
  8. Indy Ref 2

    I took his comment as highlighting the fact that the word "partner" is meangless since Scotland are part of the UK. In my admittedly simplistic way of thinking, the term "partner" would only apply to an *external* body interfacing with us - "us" being the UK, including Scotland. So he was underlining the fact that Scotland is not "external", but very much an integral part of the UK. Please tell me you're just deliberately misconstruing what Mundell said, to spin it? If you can't (or more likely won't) see the difference, we really are lost. I would agree that the UK Govt is subverting the will of the people. The people voted, (and here's the rub) AS THE UK... to leave the EU. Bear in mind, that before you reply with the stock "but the interests of the Scottish people...?" argument that Sturgeon trots out, that those same "Scottish people" also voted to REMAIN PART OF THE UK. The UK Govt are in my opinion doing all in their power to subvert the will of the 17.4m voters who voted "Leave". They should be removed, and an Administration put in place who will make that happen immediately.
  9. Indy Ref 2

    Interesting. I'm the absolute antithesis - voted "Yes" before, but would absolutely not do so again (By the by, my later vote for "Leave" would also not change) In my opinion, our future is far more assured if we stay allied with that of our nearest neighbour, than as part of a wannabe-superstate who yet again, in the case of Italy this time, have proved that they are prepared to influence and subvert the will of voters in what should be sovereign matters. Denmark and Ireland have suffered in the same way when their Europhile governments didn't get the results they wanted after referenda. Various eastern European members are now being threatened if they don't tow the line on immigration - if their people believe their cultures are under threat by it, that should be the absolute end of the matter, same as it should be for opposition to any other EU diktat. I believe Europeans across the continent are waking up to what the EU is about, and I can see it coming to an end in the forseeable future. Why would we want to align ourselves with that, and not with our closest neighbour, with whom we do most business on this island?? All of this is not to say that I think the UK government is doing a great job - it patently is not, and is demonstrating a weakness that I can scarcely comprehend. I have several "Remain" friends who are now "Leave" that changed their minds by just looking at the way the government are dealing with the EU - which shows the depth of influence they actually have over our sovereignty and politics. If the UK are under that influence what sort of "independence" do "Yes" voters think they would actually be getting??
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Probably reading too much into the anagram thing on P&B, but one Dunfermline winger's name does fit...
  11. St.Johnstone v Rangers 19:45 27/2/18

    I was hoping that I just wasn't reading Willock's game right, but glad I'm not the only one to question him. Doesn't appear to be able to pass. Not obvious he can tackle. Always on the wrong side of his man. Looks like a lost wee boy positionally. But he's from Man U so he must be good, right?
  12. St.Johnstone v Rangers 19:45 27/2/18

    If "these very promising young lads" pull on a Saints shirt and produce a defensive display like that where they look as if they've either never kicked a football nor seen each other in their lives, I think most folk have reason to be critical.
  13. St.Johnstone v Rangers 19:45 27/2/18

    So the reason the team haven’t performed is because fans who want a better standard get on underperforming players backs? Okay doke. Professional, right enough.
  14. St.Johnstone v Rangers 19:45 27/2/18

    Not really an argument. We’ve been competing successfully with teams with more resources for the last few seasons. Tonight is typical of 90% of performances this season. Second to the ball. Lack of application. Very little craft. Don’t know what Wright has actually sent them out there to do - there appears to be no game plan
  15. St.Johnstone v Rangers 19:45 27/2/18

    So that excuses the way the team are playing? I’m seeing most of them standing watching the opposition team play football. Embarrassing.