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  1. Judging by the pelters Vihmann is getting on the radio, we’re going to need to sign him...
  2. HertsAgain

    Betfred Cup

    Vihmann is an international centre back. He should be able to come in and play in any side.
  3. This cliche was punted earlier in the season. And also last season. He was backed with cash in the window and failed. Team selection and approach shows me he's lost it. The cliche has worn thin...
  4. Don’t panic. Trust in Tommy. Tommy knows what he’s doing.
  5. Free speech allows you to say whatever the hell you like. Whenever you like. Wherever you like. If the law doesn't do that, then you are being censored. It's as simple and as one dimensional as that. Doesn't matter a jot if it's political debate or shouting at a football match. I may well think that people are out of order, lack manners or common decency if they're sounding off, in which case, I am free to tell them to shut up, or for me to go and sit somewhere else - as I have done many times at Saints games with my 8 year old. But getting the law to make the decision as to what people can say or where they can say it is lunacy Down that road are all sorts of doublespeak and doublethink dragons where you have a magistrate deciding for you what you "meant" because you said something somebody didn't like. A man has already been convicted in Scotland over the past 12 months on that score. Of course, you'll not hear about it in the media...
  6. Me burn books? Nah, I'll leave that to left leaners who want to legislate for speech against people's sensitivities - sounds as if that's something you'd support. Me? I'll take freedom to do and say what you like as long as it's not violent and doesn't hurt anyone physically.
  7. That's the point though isn't it? Speech is either free in this country, or it's not. If it's not, who gets to decide what's acceptable? You? The State? If we think that freedom of speech and expression are valuable, like it or not, we have to allow for people who feel the need to shriek abuse. Personally, I think the ability to argue against bad ideas or concepts with confidence that I'm not going to get dragged off to jail for it is something worth keeping, and to make the decision to move seats at an event where some t*** is shouting their mouth off for the sake of peace is a price worth paying. Try arguing against some things in China and see how far you get, because that's where it ends. I understand those of a more, shall we say, left leaning persuasion might be tempted, but IMO we go there at our collective peril.
  8. This whole thing is b*******. Reported to the police for being rude to someone? If your kids are affected by swearing at a football match, sit somewhere else. Or if there's nowhere else to sit because...and here's the thing...IT'S A FOOTBALL MATCH, the solution is simple -don't bring them to a football match. People are getting fed up with this precious victim garbage, because what you end up with is freedom of speech and association stamped on by the State. Once we start down that route, all bets are off and things get really ugly. Thankfully the wheel is starting to turn. History tells us very clearly that erosion of liberties like this (particularly when it's dressed up with the"for the common good" excuse) never ends well... The times in which we live, eh?
  9. A sad end to his Saints career. Still would like to have known what went on there. Or was it the case the guy just wasn't good enough or didn't settle?
  10. Only? The allocation issue was discussed, but surely better to start making the stadium work for us for matches like this, and increase the away fans' allocation? Saints fans without tickets weren't able to get in at the gate, and Celtic only had their (limited) allocation. Besides, getting horsed in front of a stadium full of Celtic fans we're milking would dull the discomfort if we going to put in performances like that...
  11. There are a couple of managers I'd like to see at Saints. But as I said, this isn't the place for that discussion.