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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    No loss. Fyvie would not have improved our squad. Very ordinary any time I saw him for Hibs.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Harris is a permacrock. Expect to see him in a Saints shirt soon then...
  3. Our New Council

    In what way will the Conservatives "ruin the good work of the council"? Are you party to what their intentions are to reverse what you consider to be "good work"? It's a serious question, since there's a tendency for people up here to buy into and simply regurgitate the "big, bad Tory swear word" narrative pushed by the left in favour of the "bigger goverrnment is better for you" lie, beloved of the likes of failed socialist regimes anywhere, ever (What are they eating in Venezuela these days anyway?) It's like a bizarre brainwashing experiment gone bad. Personally, I have no particular allegience to the Conservative Party - I find them a somewhat sad, watered-down version of what they used to stand for. However, they do go further than most in at least budgeting for most people to keep more of what they earn (if they're actually willing to work in the first place!), but at the same time they are not afraid of bringing an end to industries in this country which have no future, and consequently would give no future to the workers involved. Whether you like it or not, the Tories have a track record in supporting and actually enabling wealth creators - you know, the people who create jobs for others, which leftist parties simply don't. Of course the owners and guys at the top get richer, that's business. I find it intriguing the way people think - I don't consider the leftist agenda pushed by many Scottish councils to be healthy or useful, particularly in relation to children and schools. Where I am in Fife, the council here has been nothing short of criminal as regards the pushing of issues to our kids which anyone with any more than half a brain cell would disagree with. I've also been unfortunate enough to have had need of the services of Sturgeon's brave new NHS for the first time in umpteen years. What a disaster that's been - the inefficiency and waste I've witnessed is unreal.
  4. Ian heddle

    Another classic, self answering set of posts from the ever brilliant slf Super Hedds moment of choice. Him scoring direct from a corner kick down at Meadowbank in 19-god-knows-when. What a guy
  5. Saints v Ross County 19/11/16

    Been pretty inconsistent of late, culminates in conceding 4 at home. Something's not working - we can't rely on the old guard who seem to be permanently injured. Time for some hard questions to be asked.
  6. Welcome Richard Foster

    Incredibly disrespectful to Saints. But then this is the BBC, harbinger of doom and fatally crippled by faux equality and political correctness on every level, but will be abolished within the next few years should circumstances dictate Anyway welcome to SJFC Richard Foster.
  7. Saints v Stirling Albion. LC sectionsw. 30/78/16

    Don't really buy this "new players take time to gel" stuff. There are plenty of examples of completely rebuilt teams getting off to a stormer at the start of a season. This is all about the players we have, who are BETTER than those at Stirling Albion (which is why they play at a higher level and are paid more presumably), going out and treating the game seriously. Surely if all we do is play a simple game at a high tempo throughout, superior fitness regardless of anything else will be difference? Oh, and practice some penalties as well please for god's sake
  8. Hearts v Saints.. Sunday.15/5/16 kick -off 12.30

    Anyone know what the arrangements for getting tickets at Tynecastle will be? Past experience says they will just be sold at the gate. However a six year old will be inconsolable if we go and end up not getting in. Anyone got any info on whether they'll be selling them at the Hearts ticket office? No info on their website...
  9. Killie v Saints 9/4/16

    Its all ok, Suttons on now
  10. Saints v ICT Wed 9th March K-O 7.45pm

    Corrected that for you...
  11. Dear Tommy

    Rangers are out of the top league because they broke the rules. Hearts were relegated because of a points deduction they couldn't make up. They actually did really well with a team of kids, so I don't buy the "not good enough" in either case. Hibs were a basket case under a couple of managers and ended up in the playoff place due to one of the most alarming losses of the plot anyone has seen when Butcher was in charge. The fact that we are attempting to emulate that at the moment is neither here nor there. If budget is no factor, why have Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibs consistently finished above the likes of ourselves and the Hamiltons, Particks, Motherwells and Dundees of this world? Same goes for cup wins. Check the stats, it's not difficult. Simple answer is resources. Of course there are exceptions. One of the big sides has a rough season, bad manager, or a bad game which knocks them out of a cup, to let someone else in - but on the whole over piece these are the most successful Scottish clubs as has been proved over decades. To not acknowlege that three of the above were out of the top league and another, Aberdeen, were a club in a transitional state at the same time didn't contribute to the successful seasons we had around the same time is to deny reality and is the real "mental" here. Three of those clubs are now back where you'd ordinarily expect them to be. One of the others has just knocked us out of the League Cup. Ok, we played some good stuff during that time as well, but the situation with the other teams helped, to be sure.
  12. Dear Tommy

    Dont want to go over old ground, but do you SERIOUSLY believe we deserved to win that game??
  13. Dear Tommy

    Nice try, but the whole truth sometimes hurts. The fact is that several stars need to be in alignment for any club our size to win something. How the draws in cup competitions pan out, and the fundamental talent of the squad at the time are the obvious ones. But whether or not bigger teams, who might ordinarily be expected to reach the latter stages of cup competitions are going through hard times is certainly going to be an advantage. The hard fact whether you like it or not is that our success has in part been possible because of the absence of Rangers, Hearts and Hibs at some point from the top league. ICT have done exactly the same thing, so we're probably the two Scottish clubs to have taken advantage of the situation. There's no doubt it was a fine achievement but to say it was nothing to do with the relative slump of other clubs is nonsense.
  14. Dear Tommy

    More's the pity. However, we're saddled with a chairman who lacks vision and ambition, and it seems is happy to accept second best, so youre probably right.
  15. St.Johnstone vs Partick Thistle

    I'd take issue with this being his "first difficult spell" - last season was desperate. He has proved he's not really up to changing games for the better for a long time now, and I think his chickens are now coming home to roost. Rik, sentimentality is the worst thing in the world. In any situation - doesn't matter if it's football or not, sentimentality prevents things moving on. Saints as a club have needed to do that since the day after the cup win - an event now nearly two years ago. We have absolutely failed to do that and are now going backwards. It was a fantastic cup win and all that, but Tommy has had his time. We don't have the resources to support him, and he's not the man to take us forward. FWIW, I think the same applies to the chairman.