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  1. Tuesday Team Talk

    Latest Tuesday Team Talk podcast now available.
  2. Tuesday Team Talk

    Book won by Gail McGregor who will be joining us in the studio next week. The answer of course was Grant Jenkins.
  3. Tuesday Team Talk

    Loads of interest on Tuesday Team Talk tonight at 7pm on with John and Fraser. Interviews with Tommy Wright, Steven MacLean, Murray Davidson, Stefan Scougall, Stephen Robinson and Chris Cadden plus your chance to win a copy of MIND THE TIME an anthology of football related poetry being published to raise money for Football Memories Scotland. Be sure to tune in!
  4. Tuesday Team Talk

    Last night's Tuesday Taem Talk podcast now available at
  5. Tuesday Team Talk

    Tune in to tonight's TUESDAY TEAM TALK at 7pm on , when we're going to attempt to broadcast the programme live from McDiarmid Park in the 45 minutes before we do our best to punt Partick out of the League Cup.
  6. Tuesday Team Talk

    Last night's Tuesday Team Talk now available on the podcasty thing.…/tuesday-team-talk-017-01-08-2017
  7. Tuesday Team Talk

    Last night's Tuesday Team Talk now available on podcast.
  8. Tuesday Team Talk

    This week's Tuesday Team Talk Podcast available at...
  9. Tuesday Team Talk

    The latest Tuesday Team Talk podcast is at Go on - you know you want to!
  10. Tuesday Team Talk

    Last night's Tuesday Team Talk now available at…/tuesday-team-talk-013-04-07-2017
  11. Tuesday Team Talk

    After a power cut wrecked the second hand of last night's programme (and wiped out the bit that had already been recorded) today's podcast features the interviews with Tommy Wright and Liam Craig that were due to go out. Our thanks to guests Jim Masson of the Evening Telegraph and club poet Jim C Mackintosh who were cut off in their prime. Check out podcast 5 which features Jim Masson's last visit to us. SSE permitting we'll be back to normal next week. Best of luck to Saints on Thursday!
  12. Tuesday Team Talk

    Apologies to those listening to Tuesday Team Talk tonight with guests Jim Masson of the Evening Tele and Saints' poet in residence Jim C Mackintosh. A power cut 35 minutes in wiped out the programme. Still no power at 9pm when I left, so no podcast this week. Bother! and similar...
  13. Tuesday Team Talk

    Tuesday's Team Talk podcast now available
  14. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Suspect with the mighty FC Progres of Luxemburg being in this year's competition, BT will have their game live.
  15. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Paul Smith said on last night's Team Talk that they wouldn't have anyone at the game but will be at their cup game at the weekend.