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  1. This week's programme... @stjwfc @StJohnstone @CMFoundation_ @andysmanclubuk
  2. This week’s Tuesday Team Talk @stjwfc @StJohnstone @CMFoundation_ @andysmanclubuk
  3. Thanks - we cannae half talk some pish! :-)
  4. You wait ages for a Tuesday Team Talk podcast then 2 come along at once. Sorry folks – just been really busy.
  5. Mair blethers...
  6. This week's Tuesday Team Talk podcast...
  7. Just a wee reminder - only a couple of days until the competition closes at 7pm on 4/6/19. Win a meal for two at McDiarmid Park. Just identify which players are speaking. See the audio at 29 mins 25 secs on the podcast.
  8. Oh and re the above mentioned competition..... Closing date 7pm on Tues 4 June 2019.
  9. WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN! To celebrate our 100th Tuesday Team Talk Podcast, this week's podcast will feature a competition to win lunch for two at McDiarmid Park (thanks Saints!). Identify the 11 players speaking and then send your answer to us at Most correct answers wins. In the event of a tie a winner will be drawn from the tied answers. You can listen to the podcast (or indeed the other 99) via the link below. (You cannae win if you are employed by Saints or a member of Hospital Radio Perth! That wid be a swizz no a quiz! )
  10. This week's show... @stjwfc @StJohnstone @CMFoundation_ @andysmanclubuk @HRPerth #weknowheehaw #talkingballs #saintslove
  11. Tonight’s programme featured Alex McClintock telling us about the important work of Andy’s Man Club who meet each Monday at 7pm at McDiarmid Park. @StJohnstone @CMFoundation_ @andysmanclubuk #weknowheehaw #talkingballs