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  1. Tuesday Team Talk

    This week's Tuesday Team Talk podcast is waiting seductively for you at...
  2. Tuesday Team Talk

    Interviews from before and after Friday's Testimonial Match, a look forward to Friday's game against the Rangers and a look back (through our fingers) at last weekend's international games. All on Tuesday Team Talk at at 7pm tonight. Don't miss it!
  3. Dave Mckay Testimonial match against DUNDEE Friday 6th Oct.

    There's an interview with Dave on this week's Tuesday Team talk podcast
  4. Tuesday Team Talk

    With BT Internet causing a few problems with this week's programme it didn't go out live on the internet. It's available here now and includes an interview with Dave Mackay as he looks forward to his testimonial game on Friday. Listen here...
  5. Tuesday Team Talk

    Apologies to those trying to listen in to Tuesday Team Talk tonight. Our internet was down for 3 hours. Provider's fault - not ours. It was recorded though, so once we get it sorted out it will appear on podcast.
  6. Tuesday Team Talk

    Tuesday Team Talk are supporting St Johnstone. Podcasts 24 and 25 (from 19 and 26 September) are now available for download at
  7. Tuesday Team Talk

    This week's Tuesday Team Talk podcast now available at
  8. Tuesday Team Talk

  9. Tuesday Team Talk

    You can now listen to this week's episode of the No.1 weekly St Johnstone based podcast at....
  10. Tuesday Team Talk

    Don't miss Tuesday Team Talk in full technicolour at 7pm tonight.
  11. Tuesday Team Talk

    Tuesday Team Talk podcast a bit late this week - but there now.
  12. Tuesday Team Talk

    Now available...
  13. Paul Paton

    I was editing the Hospital Radio commentary from the Motherwell game the other. Although we didn't realise it at the time, in the 30 seconds before every Saints goal and every sending off we said something along the lines of "good play / ball / pass / work by Paton." I watched him particularly yesterday against Patrick. Bloody hell he gets through a power of work!
  14. Tuesday Team Talk

    Latest Tuesday Team Talk podcast now available.
  15. Tuesday Team Talk

    Book won by Gail McGregor who will be joining us in the studio next week. The answer of course was Grant Jenkins.