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  1. scott1982

    Danny Swanson

    What was the name of the doc? I'd like to watch it
  2. scott1982

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Gerrard praising Kennedy. Could he be sniffing aboot him?
  3. scott1982

    Saints Tv

  4. scott1982

    Saints Tv

    So I live in london. Will I be able to watch the games live. It donsy really say anything about watching the games beyond full match replays.
  5. Good point about saints having no advertising/presence in the Perth toon. Would folk on the high street handing out vouchers with a few blue flags flying drum up support? If they were there every weekend it might. Updating our website and making tickets available to buy online could be a good start. I also think the club really needs the FCU support back. As their numbers were growing and the charity food bank stuff they were doing was gid. Dinny ken if anyone kens them or that.
  6. scott1982

    SJFC magazine

    Im looking forward to the St Johnstone cheque book. Saints, christ sake, update the bloody website. It was out of date ten years ago.
  7. scott1982

    Hibs vs Saints 03/11/18 Game 12

    Looked great on the ball when we went 4-3-1-2. Swanson and Wright were killing it with their pace.
  8. Competitive league when your sweating playing Livingston. Great result though. Sounds like Tony put a shift in.
  9. I thought the FCU were turning our support problems around. They brought a good atmosphere and more young support. They are gone and the few young ones that did stay got harassed out the door by the police. I think if we want to grow the youth support again we need to address the problems we have with the police harrassing the young folks.
  10. scott1982

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Ryan Gauld?
  11. scott1982

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    This might be a wee bit off topic. But did anyone else ken that Tony Watt has his own movie review website "Watt To Watch" Gid banter like.
  12. scott1982


    Thought they got banned for two years due to two of them fighting. Did the club not say this last year?
  13. scott1982


    Aye. When yous are all watching the game I'm standing in the car park with my scarf waiting for the kids to trade insults. I enjoy 150 odd supporters chanting for the whole game. Which must make me strange. But then again it is just a bunch of blokes kicking a ball around a wet field.
  14. scott1982


    The points I was making is that, the police have been mistreating our young east stand support. I have seen them harass supporters for doing no more than bringing banners and signing. So when I here of a situations when the FCU are accused of causing trouble and the Perth police are involved, unless I see it with my own eyes I ain't believing shit the cops say. They are lying, jobs worth, out of thier depth pricks. No one's comming to the stadium cause it's boring. The FCU made it less boring.
  15. scott1982


    It may not affect your enjoyment of it, but it affects mine. I think the FCU are a massive loss. Don't underestimate the power of creativity on and off the park. They were getting alot of young people interested in coming to the stadium cause they were taking positive energy and turning it into something. That being said I have been finding it hard to find a seat in times of late due to all the young families that have turned up for the welcoming atmosphere. Thank god there is a direct road to the crematorium now.