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  1. Nothing more to add, some of the football was breathtaking, been a while since I could say that for the right reasons! Killie took 1100 odd to Hearts, may not be far off that to us, so North End should be opened. I'm gong to drag along a couple of occasional Saints, if everyone does the same... who knows?
  2. Would have been happy never to see Foster in a Saints shirt after Dundee game last December, but outstanding yesterday, gladly proven wrong.
  3. Great summaries, nothing more to add, Watt's looking like a great signing. Never easy for the defenders, always wants the ball, massive ego, everything you want in a centre forward, when's the last time we had one like that? Sandaza maybe. Love it
  4. I can bore you with how long I've been a Saint, the injustice I feel, my anger at those at fault in this as it finally dawns on me I'm probably going to miss out. But though my voice will not be heard inside the ground, I will be there in spirit and with every sinew, and for those that are, I implore each and every one of you, make that ground ours, let the boys know how much this matters, that we may be a small club, but like that day in May, we pack a big punch. If funds are needed to help make that sea of blue and white our united protest, count on my ticket money in the kitty. So GIRUY SPFL and lets win this cup from under their noses at Hampden this time.