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  1. Dressing room unrest or TW at fault? Time for change, legend or not!
  2. Now that he has retired from football and had more clubs than Woods and Woosnam.
  3. Dutch Saint

    Betfred Cup

    50:50 now and a yellow card to them.
  4. Dutch Saint

    Betfred Cup

    According to some random stats they have had 51% of the play and had 4 shots with none on target and we have had 1 shot (in 39 minutes) and it was on target!
  5. Striker Greg Draper of The New Saints to the real Saints? Surely he would be in our budget?
  6. Jason almost swept the board. Brian Easton was on our table looking lean and mean.
  7. Surely we will merge with another and not be like Billy no mates stuck on our own table.
  8. Trialist scores 4. Impressive even considering the opposition.
  9. Thought it was a bit odd starting with Michael and Danny. Like to see Matty come on now.
  10. StDunc and DutchSaint are one and the same. Lost access when I went to The Netherlands and lost access when I came back. Jamie B sorting it. I am in Leeds now so can I have my current location on the flag?