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  1. Good to hear Tanser got booked, the boy does have a bit of spirit in there.
  2. Davie is a huge Saintee. Steak Pies are just sublime.
  3. that was a goal mr kean
  4. Looking at the bench, only the introduction of Williams is going to work. A draw would be bliss
  5. I would grab a point right now but lets see the battle of the tactical managers
  6. Tam is presently in Moscow being briefed by the Kremlin so add three more hours for him.
  7. NO. We are sooo much better than that. Let`s save any reasoned brickbats for the one they call Neil McCann please.
  8. I hope there is a good free live stream floating about for us expats.
  9. In fairness most of the managers in the league are very complimentary about what Tommy has achieved over the seasons with limited resources. Sometimes I feel he is appreciated more from other clubs and fans than he is by a number of our own supporters.
  10. Tuesday Team Talk

    Thanks Guys, a very enjoyable listen.
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Don't they have a few loans which finish at end of season.
  12. New Iraqui Wmds.

    Watch out, our very own WAP red under the bed !
  13. Dundee v Saints
  14. Dundee/Perth same traveling issues when coming from the West Coast I suppose. Maybe a one off precautionary plan due to the recent weather conditions.