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    Used to be SurreySaint, SingaporeSaint, AthensSaint and now PanamaSaint.
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  1. League Predictions 2017/18

    I am presuming this is for Season 2017/2018 Celtic Rangers Aberdeen Hearts Hibernian St. Johnstone Dundee Kilmarnock Motherwell Ross County Partick Hamilton
  2. Tommy for Rangers

    Strange one this.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Always looked good when I saw him on TV. Is this a good opportunity missed to a top six finishing rival ?
  4. Panama v Honduras WC qualifier

    Game played at what seemed 100 mph throughout. Ended 2-2. Panama above Scotland in FIFA rankings which on last nights showing is complete b*llocks.
  5. Panama v Honduras WC qualifier

    Planning to give Emilio Izaguirre some stick. The locals seem to like this. A bit of a dodgy area around the stadium though. I thought Mount Florida was bad. Scotland Retro top creating some unusual looks.
  6. Prediction League 2017/18 Suggestions

    So what is your alternative suggestion ? I feel it is far from ¨stupid¨ but could be fine tuned.
  7. Prediction League 2017/18 Suggestions

    Agree 100% with chips.
  8. What is the worst chippie in Perth ?

    if I was I wouldn't be selling my stash to you. Why not treat yourself to M And S Ladies knickers instead of those cheap ones that you presently buy in Primark.
  9. Hello, Anyone at home ?

    Used to be such an active forum.
  10. Tam Scobbie

    He will always be welcome back even in a Dundee top. Just isn't good enough.
  11. Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Good to hear Paul Sheerin lined up for Caley. Good training for him for when he comes back with Captain Dave after Tommy leaves for NI.
  12. What is the worst chippie in Perth ?

    I had a really rank one from one of the Chinese when I was back a few weeks ago. No idea what it was called ?
  13. Rise of the Tories...........

    Its all these rural village idiots ruining Scottish politics. More English in Scone than Scots I reckon.
  14. AthensSaint is now PanamaSaint.

    Enjoy your brexit. To Exiles in central america. Scotland v England game live on ESPN.
  15. WAP EXILES request to get their own Supporters Forum

    Posters on the main forum are somewhat intimidated and verbally abused by the usual crowd. Might be nice for them to come on to a different forum and talk about stuff like PTOY or European travel. I think this would boost or numbers. Of course we also post on the main site to be told "what the fvck do you know you tax dodging Chunt". We are only asking for what Edinburgh or Highland saints have. Thank you for taking time to read this. PanamaSaint.