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  1. I cannot see Tommy changing anything other than a direct replacement for Holt in the 4.5.1 formation. We have a choice of 2 if Craig is unavailable through injury, Wotherspoon or Callachan neither have played much football recently.
  2. Now we have cover and that was all we could afford or expect. I am happy we have got someone. Welcome Callum Booth
  3. I would have given it to Tanser
  4. anyone with saints tv getting the game in Cyprus coming up error match not live
  5. This shows the excess we have in wide players, 2 on the park and 3 on the bench. No natural cover for the centre should Holt, McCann or Davidson have to come off. I suppose Wotherspoon would be the only choice.
  6. There are plenty. It will all boil down to money. Doing our usual waiting until the better players have exhausted all other avenues and we are the best option left.
  7. Former Celtic and Hibs defender Efe Ambrose says he is open to a return to Scottish football, with the 30-year-old Nigerian yet to find a club since his release from Derby at the end of last season. (Daily Record) Could he bring the experience needed to settle our back 4?
  8. Can't confirm it but last year Aberdeen were on the SportsMediaGB list of teams who transmitted their games via saints tv. I hope nothing has changed as i am looking forward to watching it live.
  9. I hope Tommy goes at them with the old 4:4:2 (i.e. 2 recognised forwards) Hence I suggested, Kane and May up front
  10. At this time the back 4 picks its self. It is just predicting Tommy's formation. I am going for 4:4:2 Clark Ralston Kerr Gordon Tanser O'Halloran Holt Davidson Kennedy Kane May