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  1. Johnny B

    Betfred Cup

    And had our central defence been better we would be 1 up
  2. Johnny B

    Betfred Cup

    So many missed chances and our central defence has been awful. Going to be a long season. Can't score and can't defend. We have played no one and can't win. I hope they prove me wrong
  3. Johnny B

    Betfred Cup

    Montrose 1v4 Forfar Speaks volumes about our result and lack of fire power
  4. Johnny B

    Betfred Cup

    Eventually found it on youtube there at least 3 or having ago at him, Miller the nearest and you can see Mackay shouting across from the back post. I forgot how good our counter attacking goal was.
  5. Johnny B

    Betfred Cup

    How did Kerr do as captain in trying to rally the team to raise their game? I was not overly happy at him being made captain as he is a bit young and not very vocal. Is this something else that is lacking in the team since we lost Macakay, Wright and Easton they would get in and about the players and get them to raise their game. I recall a game against Motherwell at home. I think O'Halloran was not long with us he lost the ball outside our penalty box and they scored. Those three went through him like a dose of salts. He then went on to score and set up another. All three praised him on both occasions and it gave confidence and he raised his game. Who in our team hands out the bollockins when we are playing below par?
  6. Johnny B

    Betfred Cup

    Draw tonight and bonus point for pens 2 points Beat Forfar Brechin 6 points Draw Ross County at least 1 point I make that 9 points without beating County
  7. Johnny B

    Betfred Cup

    Anyone at the game who can give updates
  8. Johnny B

    Betfred Cup

    What a load of bollocks there should be not technical difficulties all it takes is a phone and you can transmit the game on Youtube so surely the could come up with something hate pay paying for this and not receiving it,
  9. I read that, he would not get a work permit for USA because he has a criminal record for violence.
  10. If we need sell before we buy then it will not just be anyone. It will have to be a a big earner. In my opinion the only place we have an abundance of players is attacking midfield. Do we want to lose Kennedy, Swanson, O'Halloran, Wright or Wotherspoon. We would get some money from them. But which one would want to go and which one is wanted by a club that is willing to pay good money.
  11. Yesterday Tommy said "We had Liam Craig and Steven Anderson sit out training today. We'll assess them both tomorrow and I'm hoping they may be able to be named on the bench." If they are not 100% do not risk them, it could put them out for longer
  12. Can we assume the sanction Tommy is waiting on is money orientated?
  13. Johnny B

    Betfred Cup

    Reading posts and looking on other sites, am I correct in saying we have 8 players unavailable tonight through injury: Clark, Gordon, Anderson, Craig, Wotherspoon, Kennedy, Wright and Kane or are the latest 2 Craig and Wotherspoon a wind up