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  1. Johnny B

    Hamilton v St Johnstone 18 May 2019

    Come on Tommy not a shot on target and you are doing nothing. Make a change
  2. Johnny B

    Hamilton v St Johnstone 18 May 2019

    No live TV broadcast today, I will have to look for a stream but not hopeful. We need to win today and hope the lose the play off because I hate artificial pitches.
  3. Johnny B

    Stjohnstone v Motherwell 11 th may

    Good result. I am pleased Tommy kept 2 up front after we scored the first. Kane is a very hard worker but in my opinion that is not enough for a striker, he missed 3 gilt edged chances. We need a striker for next season.
  4. Johnny B

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Too old (36 in August) and too slow for Kilmarnock but good enough for us mmmmmm. May be as a coach but we do need a striker. need my opinion not him.
  5. Johnny B

    Zander Clark

    David Marshall (Hull) contract expiring get a couple of years out of him while looking for a replacement
  6. Johnny B

    St.Johnstone V Livingston Saturday 4th May

    You are right the playing position becomes irrelevant, as I said I was clutching at straws by saying defenders have defensive mind set. But it may be true of some.
  7. Johnny B

    St.Johnstone V Livingston Saturday 4th May

    Yes Callum was a full back too but his philosophy may have been different. Just trying to understand our negative tactics. As for goals! ……..…...Goals for…….Goals against 2018/19……38……………50 (Forecast on average for season so far) 2017/18……42……………53 2016/17……50……………46 2015/16……58……………55 Points may be similar but goals scored are sadly lacking and falling each year. 2015/16 may have been an exceptional year but this season we will be about 20 short
  8. Johnny B

    St.Johnstone V Livingston Saturday 4th May

    I was happy when I saw us line up 4:4:2 with Kane and O'Halloran up front; their pace in the first few minutes caused them a lot of problems. Then we scored and I am now blaming Tommy we went to a 4:5:1 with MOH out wide. Why O Why does he have to be so negative when we get the lead. As others have said, we should have kept the same formation and the same tactics. He has done this many times this season. In my opinion it all began after we were beaten 5v0 with Celtic in February. Since then we have had 3 wins Home once to St Mirren and Home twice to Dundee. The two bottom or worse teams in the league. Also our last away win was in December and you have guessed it away to Dundee the worse team in the league. We never had this negativity before. We certainly did not do it when McLean and May were up front, he kept the 2 strikers on and continued to go for goals. I am clutching at straws. Could it be down to losing Callum Davidison on the side line was he attack minded or a dissenting voice in Tommy's ear.. Alex Clelland and Alan Maybury both were full backs, Tommy a goal keeper is this where the defend defend mentality now comes from. As I said I am searching for an answer and cannot find out why we have become so negative in our formations and tactics at the start of some games and almost always when we take the lead. Two games left. Motherwell at home the big one, if we do the same I can see us getting a bit of a drubbing.
  9. Johnny B

    St.Johnstone V Livingston Saturday 4th May

    At home against bottom 6 team we should be going for a win. I would like to see 2 or 3 up front. Will be watching on Saints TV.
  10. Johnny B

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Saturday 20th April

    I would play the same team that beat them last time out with Gordon replacing the suspended Kerr
  11. Johnny B

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Sorry, I did not explain myself very clearly. I was trying to say we needed to fill 6/7 positions as 7/8 players could leave. I reduced the number required by 1 stating we would keep Easton I again reduced that number by another 1 saying a new player could fill in at Centre back and full back (a player that can play both positions) I finally reduced it by another 1 by suggesting that 1 of our 5 wingers could play attacking centre mid. That takes the need for 7 players down to 4 I too think we will bring in 4
  12. Johnny B

    Winter Break

    What always surprises me is that the SFA/SPFL can predict when the bad weather will arrive. I will wait to see what happens if the bad weather comes immediately after the beak and it is extended for another 3 weeks, due to adverse conditions which prevent players and fans traveling to away games.. I am sure they have a contingency plan e.g 3 games a week for 2 months.