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  1. Johnny B

    Saints Tv

    Can I get it in Cyprus. And when will it begin transmissions. Will I be able to pay in euros. Sorry for all the questions
  2. Johnny B

    Player Contracts + Transfers
  3. Johnny B

    Round 24 - Dundee (H), 30/12/17

    Saints 2v0 Dundee MOH 3921
  4. Johnny B

    Round 23 - Ross C (A), 27/12/17

    County 1v2 Saints McLean 2816
  5. Johnny B


    Merry Christmas to all where ever in the world you may be (Cyprus 18 degrees and sunny)
  6. We win 3v1 at Ibrox and the team played very well why change it?
  7. Johnny B

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Read that Murty has been given the managers job until the end of the season. Can't see him wanting MOH back as there was bad blood between them about a development incident when MOH failed to turn up. Most likely they want him back to try and sell him. But their problem is trying to find a team who will pay a transfer fee and £8,000 a week wages. So there is a chance he could come back on loan but I believe it will be a last minute deal as they will hold on to him as long as possible to try and get a buyer.
  8. Johnny B

    Round 22 - Hearts (H), 23/12/17

    Saints 2v1 MOH 4216
  9. Johnny B

    Round 21 - Rangers (A), 16/12/17

    Rangers 4v0 Saints Morelas 48257
  10. Johnny B

    Round 20 - Aberdeen (H), 13/12/17

    Saints 2v2 Sheep Maclean 3757
  11. Johnny B

    Hamilton v St.Johnstone - 9th December 2017

    Well there were many ups and downs watching the game, so I drank both bottles hic hic
  12. Johnny B

    Hamilton v St.Johnstone - 9th December 2017

    Need points, will avoid listening to football and watch it on ALBA (8 PM Cypriot time). Bottle(s) wine chilling, sun shining and 18 Degrees, Son said it was - 4 in Perth yesterday So that's the reason I retired here.
  13. Johnny B

    Round 19 - Hamilton (A), 09/12/17

    Hamilton 1-1 Saints MOH 1757
  14. Unbelievable and unprofessional, they should be at Perth long before the kick off. The Killie tea have come up the same road.