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  1. Audio only. If anyone finds a stream please post it
  2. Saints do have a very young defence. That is why I am surprised they did not bring in an older experienced replacement for the Estonian.
  3. It would be interesting to our goal return against a bottom 6 team if Tommy started our best 4 Hendry and May up front, MOH wide right and Kennedy wide left. They have scored 10 of our 16 goals and 5 assists.
  4. My point was with Davidson suspended, and Tommy will reverting to his 1 up front, Holt and Craig along side McCann are his only options. Therefore it was more important to give those two game time rather than 2 full backs who have no chance of starting. This will also be a big test for Kerr and Gordon.
  5. If this is correct Tommy should have Craig game time as he is the natural replacement. Half an hour when 2v0 or 15 mins when 3v0 up. A bit short sighted by Tommy
  6. We made him captain, to much responsibility on his young shoulders
  7. That does it. I will not be renewing my membership
  8. What has Wright done this season? Wright has not done enough since coming back from injury to deserve a new contract. He could easily become more driftwood in the squad if he does not regain his form.
  9. No I expected May to start as I stated in my team selection. If he does not score today against a middle Championship team he is worse than I thought
  10. Wotherspoon gets the nod ahead of MOH and Swanson Kane in before Hendry