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  1. I would continue to play Wright on the right and Wotherspoon on the left
  2. Same again please; the team, the formation and a win
  3. He is outside our budget and Man City do not want sell him
  4. Did not want start a new topic Stevie May has now played the equivalent of 7 matches in game time, he has played 625 minutes and scored 1 goal with 0 Assists. I was expecting more. 27 league games left at this rate, he will be lucky to score 4 more. We need more from him. All summer we were looking for a stiker to score goals and last season complained about the return from our strikers. (
  5. Reading that out goal was awarded as an own goal credited to Berra. I thought Kerr scored it but it deflected off of Berrra however SPFL in their wisdom gave it to the Hearts player. Never mind a win is a win even if is with an own goal.
  6. well done a clean sheet and a win
  7. now trying to hold on with Craig for Wotherspoon
  8. very poor not a shot on target however a clean sheet but we need a win
  9. Same XI for me but can see why some want MOH. But I would give Wright one more chance to come good.
  10. I do not think one win has changed many peoples mind about the defensivce shambles Tommy has created. We may concede 2 goals every game but will certainly not score 3 in every match. Tommy is the only one who can sort this out. I cannot understand your thinking that this win 3v2 has changed much, the team spirit is there but is was there when we fought back to get our draws. I was not planning to say anything about the defense only enjoy our win but I will not be hypocritical and not reply to your comments.