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  1. How are they going to decide who the lucky 500 are? I guess it will home supporters only
  2. Never really looked at 3 game system as being unfair before the split. I agree it is unfair as we are playing against Hibs for 6 place and will have played them once at home and twice away. That must be an advantage to HIbs
  3. There could be a massive problem with 14, if it splits of 7/7. A team would have a free week. The team missing out on the last round could lose a position on goal difference as the team playing in the last round then knows what they have to do. Also if they know they need a win they will go all out for that win. That is why the last games of the season all start at the same time. The league needs to have an even split if 14 teams top 8 and bottom 6 giving but that is too many games or are you talk about no split just 26 games.
  4. Playing each other 3 times before a split is a ridiculous situation. I read if the top 6 remain the same Celtic are due to play all 5 at home which cannot happen. They have a split here in Cyprus. The 12 teams play each other home and away then split 6 and 6 and play each again other home and away. That is 32 games 6 less than the SPFL. If the SPFL want more games increase the league to 20 and play each other home and away. One other division and the others regional leagues. But that will not happen as the game is driven by money.
  5. To most players in their short career money is more important than loyalty, especially in the modern era. Players will use clubs to get a bigger move, some intentionally and some through chance. Kennedy and Wright are not the first and will not be the last. Craig, Swanson and O'Halloran have done just that (made some extra money and returned) Could we have offered Kennedy and Wright bigger contracts may be but would they have excepted them if their intention was to use us as a stepping stone. The actions of their agents last summer indicated that they would not sign an improved contract. Therefore if Wright gets a better deal from elsewhere he will be off. Tommy now playing 3 centre backs and wing backs and it is paying off. If he continues with this formation into next season, we will need wing backs and another centre back. Therefore do we need wingers? Swanson and O'Halloran can they be moved on, get them off the wage bill and free up much need cash.
  6. Not for me. He was outstanding against Celtic but today other than that cross, he was well below average. Any one of the three central defenders or Hendry are better candidates for m,o.m
  7. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  8. Yes agree a striker off and a winger on certainly not going for it
  9. Surprised to see wingers on the bench when we are playing with wing backs. Wright and Wotherspoon are there if we need to go 4:4:2 very little sub cover for the 3 in midfield and no sub cover for the back 3. There will have to be a change in formation someone gets injured or is struggling with 3 games in 7 days
  10. St Johnstone 2v1 Livinston Hendry 2284
  11. Just watched the game. There looked a lot of tired legs out there (second game on a lag sapping pitch) they seemed to be more interested in punting high balls than playing and running from midfield. Tommy had the man power could he have rested more players? If they were tired on Wednesday they will be even more tired on Saturday. This will be our 3rd game in 7 days.
  12. Can't get a link but BBC stats stating 62%-38% possession to St Mirren
  13. Thought he may have used more of his squad but I suppose he is taking it one game at a time and if players get burned out so be it, then replace him. anyone got a link