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  1. I missed the memo that said he is stand out player of the season. Next couple of games will show if he is a stand out player.
  2. Against lower championship 10 man Morton not a good example.
  3. Has Drey scored or have an assist in the league? May be being a bit dim but can't remember any
  4. here are two take you pick "Stay away from negative people they have a problem for every solution" or "Believe that behind every negative there is a positive that we can learn from" Off to watch the game on Saints TV missed it last night. By the comments, I should enjoy the first half better than the second.
  5. Hearts all over again goal in added on time gutted
  6. Technical issue it is now working
  7. Very adventurous line up. Been playing well with other formation. Hope it does not backfire
  8. Think it will be 1 up front today Clark Ralston Kerr McCart Booth Wright McCann Butcher Holt Wotherspoon Hendry
  9. Enjoyed that last night and woke up with a smile on my face. Delighted for Kane . We must keep going, a win on Saturday and a draw with Hearts v Hamilton and we will have have big enough gap to take the pressure off and the need to talk about a relegation battle. Butcher looked the part in midfield. Would like to see him start on Saturday. Tommy will freshen up the team even though it was a very good team performance. Onward and upward
  10. 4:4:2 for me lets attack them, If we don't there may be trouble ahead Clark Ralston Kerr McCart Booth Wright McCann Craig Wotherspoon Kane May
  11. St Johnstone 1v2 Motherwell Donnelly 2317
  12. A very eloquent reply. If I am not mistaken this form is for all to submit their opinions which includes those who live outside the UK. You may agree or not agree with them and that is your prerogative. Saints TV when working transmits every SPFL home game and apart from 3 away grounds every away game, therefore as for “seeing them every 4 weeks” you are mistaken unless your arithmetic is on par with your vocabulary. Normally I would let this kind of comment pass but had to let you know as an overseas TV supporter I will continue to give my opinion on all aspects of our football club.
  13. St Johnstone's Drey Wright, who is out of contract this summer, has been urged by Tommy Wright to sign a new deal as the Perth boss strives to prevent the exit of another winger following Matty Kennedy's move to Aberdeen. (Sun) Reads as if Tommy has offered a new contract but the agent is telling him to hold off as he is trying for better elsewhere. In our favour Drey has been below average since his return. Are we going to offer him a 2 year contract in the hope that he returns to his best. Sounds familiar May, Swanson, O'Halloran. I would not be in too big a hurry to offer him an improved contract.
  14. Sounds like we made hard work of that against a 10 man Championship side. A win is a win anyone at home apart from the old firm and I will be happy
  15. Will Tommy be adventurous and play to up front away from home? I would like to this but Tommy will play his usual safe away from home formation. O'Halloran doubtful for today, I would give the extra time to recover for the Motherwell game. Clark Ralston Kerr McCart Booth Wright Holt McCann Craig Wotherspoon May If he plays to up front Holt to give way to Kane. 1v4
  16. I could not get it to play through my tv had to watch it on my lap top. I use an Amozon Fire stick could that be a problem with Aberdeen TV?
  17. Well done fantastic 3 points
  18. giving Kennedy too much room have to man mark him
  19. Hate this defending deeper and deeper
  20. Hate this defending what you have got.0v1
  21. Good first half same again