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    Sanjeev Nanda - I love to read news on newly launched gadgets and technologies. My hobbies include cycling, trekking, travelling and cooking. I am also an avid reader.
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    Cycling, trekking
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    Sales Accountant
  1. Best Gift

  2. Best Gift

    What is your idea of best gift to your wife/girlfriend? Any suggestions?
  3. Beaches or Mountain?

    That's something I love too.
  4. Beaches or Mountain?

    Wow, that is some great fun I guess?
  5. Beaches or Mountain?

    Yea, I too feel the same way.
  6. What's everyone doing right now?

  7. do people still use the word...

    chait yes still do use sometimes but favorite is 'bollocks'.
  8. Beaches or Mountain?

    Which do you prefer - a quiet holiday in the mountains or a beach holiday with party and lots of booze? Give your views.
  9. Any hobbies?

    Trekking and hiking.