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    Married. Was in the building or associated trades all my working days. Partner in Mirror Door Company in Perth.
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    Golf and Football. Building Houses.
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    Semi retired.
  1. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Same old same old Today. Tommy has been to loyal to some players. McLean, Ando, Liam, Past sell by date. He needs to freshen team badly, if no signings in before window shuts, he has to give younger blood a try. My team for Monday would be ( assuming all fit). Mannus Comrie. Kerr. Gordon. Tanser Alston. Muzz. Scougal McLean (Kyle) Kane Mcmillan
  2. SFA Youth Cup

    Yes they did arrive in a luxurious Parkes bus. It funnily enough was the first thing we noticed, then we commented on our mini bus. However it didn't do them any good.
  3. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    I that was Humes. Never mind, thanks anyway. COYS.
  4. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Hi Ginger. Don't know the name. Was he there before 1967. If it was after I am sure I would have known him. you are not getting Garvies mixed up with Hume ironmongers are you?
  5. Old Perth - Picture Thread

    Ginger. What was the name of your school buddie? I worked with Garvie & Syme for 23 Years, and started in the High Street shop in 1967. I would be interested to know if I knew him. Cheers.