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  1. I'm certainly not gloating and u totally missed the point, I've spoke to many a saints fan about this, yes Tommy will always be a hero to saints, but when do u start looking to the future of the club and change things, somebody said even if u got relegated Tommys job should not be in doubt, so is he unsackble now because of the past
  2. When do u start looking forward instead of bk
  3. If I told you the first part of your statement is true and exactly what I was told yesterday by someone extremely close to the deal, would u believe me
  4. The reserves are actually any player, there is no age restriction or number of players restrictions
  5. For those that was wishing my lad well for the future just to let u know he has signed for Luncarty jfc and has refound his passion and love for the game
  6. A coach was playing rb for saints
  7. Jack asked to be released at Xmas because he could not get any starts, he was released from hibs start of last season hense why he came to saints, he is under 18 Scotland schoolboys captain aswell, ull ask why then did saints let him go, if u ever saw him play ud know why but football ball always baffles us in Scotland
  8. This season Hamilton and Robertson both ended up on 23 each, my lad assisted on more than half of them, think he got 8 this season, the formation was changed so we could play with two strikers, but Robertson is the greddiest player going, honestly he would have doubled his goals and so would have Hamilton if Jon new how to hold a ball up or pass it at the right time and the right pass instead of wanting to take 4 guys on every time the team would have done so much better
  9. Apologies friend was pissed when I read it, did u see how many clubs played 16 17 year olds yesterday from the start, a lot of the boys realesd were told they'd be kept on if they had kept the reserves,to ur point though how many teams have a number 10 who can do what u would like most games, unfortunately its coached out of them to a degree
  10. Really, look all over Europe with kids in their early twentys who are priced in their millions, and what would you know about my lad, I assume by ur reply that ur talking about him even though I never said it was him, but that is the exact type of player he is most assists last 3 seasons, see that's what's wrong with football u give a opinion and ur wrong, I'm ****ing over the moon he's away, why would he want to play for a team who's supporters have an attitude like yours