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  1. Development Squad News 2017/18

    full time st mirren 3 st johnstone 1
  2. Development Squad News 2017/18

    3 1 now my laddie is on the bench ,hopefully gets some game time
  3. Colt sides

    aberdeen and hibs have expressed an interest as well but seeing how it works for the old firm first ,and if other clubs could do it i wish they would ,it might work it might not but least they are trying something different for a change ,plus its up to the other clubs to vote it in if they do not want it then it wont happen ,fans clubs media all cry out for change and when it does fans ,clubs and media all moan about it ,if it was two other teams trying to do this and not the old firm would everyone still moan as much ,it would be nice to see someone say apart from me ,well lets see if it works then great if not we can laugh like hell and blame awbody else
  4. SFA Youth Cup

    yep and well deserved aswell ,partick thistle v saints u20s monday afternoon in airdrie 2p ko
  5. SFA Youth Cup

    why ? and the same with the colt sides ,yes rangers and Celtic benefit from it if the clubs in the lower leagues agree but so will these young players and future Scotland squads hopefully ,radical change is needed in scotland and a lot of people need to start coming together to improve it instead of bitching about it to many folk stuck in the dark ages .
  6. SFA Youth Cup

    I think his brother left so he left aswell ,and they both went to dundee
  7. SFA Youth Cup

    i had the pleasure of going down to kelty park yesterday to watch the game ,saints were excellent Shaun struthers led the line very well ,hes a strong physical player who knows hes not the fastest player so adapts his game to suit that,bally (10) was also very good ,the lads who just went up from 17s to 20s this season all played well ,as did the older ones but this was my first time watching them play ,on the subs bench was 4 16 year olds ,john Robertson( striker )full time in the academy ,Kyle wolley (midfield )in most days ,eggy cant remember his name is a left back capped for scotland also ,and kyle green ,midfield who is now in full time also . rangers were poor yesterday but that was down to saints ,they worked so hard off the ball and they thoroughly deserved the win ,Celtic away in the next round and i think the 20s are playing Partick thistle on Monday and the 17s are playing Celtic on Sunday someone asked if any are good enough to step up to first team ,given the chance i think all of them would be ,if you look at Dundee with the young lad henvey (ex saints academy player) and harry Cochran at hearts and a few other very young lads scattered about ,if u have faith in them and trust them and they can play ,then put them in the first team its the only way they are going to learn and progress more . last thing was speaking to a few lads down there and they said the 20s are far better when 1st team lads are not playing