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  1. Youth Academy News

    as far as i know ayr at home
  2. Youth Academy News

    finally this coming Friday the new u18 league kicks off with an away fixture against Patrick thistle and a 2pm KO . the new u18s team has a lot off very good players and have made some new signings for the new season here are some of the players to watch and listen out for if your not watching ,apologies as i cant remember all second names . Ross Sinclair /Gk -had trials with Liverpool at end of season and played in a good few u20 games last season . Chris ? /Rb was a new addition last season and played very well likes to drive up the wings when he can . EGGY/LB was capped for Scotland last season at u17s . Jordan boag /CB big strong player old fashioned defender hodgie /cm was at falkirk academy for many a year was capped for Scotland schoolboys last season Kyle wolley/RB/RM/CM versatile player who gives everything Jordan northcott /LM/CAM one of the younger 18s who can play for 2 years at this age group ,will run till he drops a handful for defenders when on the left and scores a few goals . Olly Hamilton /CF scores 20 plus goals a season very nippy also, he also can play at this level for two years john Robertson /CF PLAYED IN THE 20S LAST SEASON AND FOR 1ST TEAM BEFORE THE END OF THE SEASON SCORES LOADS OF GOALS KYLE GREEN /RM/CM/CAM ,I CANT COMMENT AS ILL SOUND BIASED ,EXCELLENT PLAYER THAT IS ALL I AM SAYING THEY'RE WILL BE OTHERS WHO WILL MAKE THEIR MARK OVER THE SEASON ,BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY ALL PLAY AS A TEAM SO IF YOU CAN MAKE GAMES PLEASE COME TO THEM AND LET YOUR FELLOW SAINTSEES KNOW ABOUT THESE PLAYERS AND THE GAMES
  3. 2018/19 friendlies

    callum Henry scored ,then got injured second half ,left back went off injured at half time and replaced by an u18 ,saints made 7 changes across the second half ,with Jamie McKenzie ,Kyle green and olly Hamilton not getting on ,saints had 4 keepers down with Hurst playing second half and the new lad from burnley playing the first half .
  4. Youth Academy News

    not sure how many teams but two leagues ,one elite and one development with the development playing the elite sides once or twice i think ,as far as im aware but not verified,saints will play home games during the day as astro not available at night ,i did think they all had to be played on grass but think the rules keep changing ,there is not any information on sfa site about fixtures and there is nothing at all on saints website about the new u18s ,an idea for saints would be to get someone to run the youth page on web site like the 1st team pages it would raise profile of players and certainly get more supporters interested and maybe potential sponsors ,same with the PA their coverage is zilch as well
  5. Youth Academy News

    according to the laddie the u18 league starts a week on friday, their opening game sees them travel to play partick thistle with a 7pm ko ,this season ill attempt to put a more detailed report up
  6. Development Squad News 2017/18

    saints are sending a squad to blairgowrie juniors tonight with a 7pm ko ,this is a testimonial for two blair players
  7. 2018/19 friendlies

    im taking the car down ,where are the games played in oban
  8. Development Squad News 2017/18

    couldn't agree with you more ,lets just say they do not join the reserves ,saints have entered the oban tournament which is reserve and u20s usually and more importantly the irn bru cup which is colt sides ,and are the colt sides not u20 ??.more worrying for myself is if no reserves my lad has one season to get in the first team squad ,which is possible ,but if you look to the future if saints decide to go down the no reserve side ,you are either going to have some outstanding 18 year olds ready for first team or to go out on loan or none ,where as other teams will be able to develop young players an extra few years ,suppose we will find out this week fingers crossed
  9. Development Squad News 2017/18

    pleased to tell you all the lad along with 7 others all signed their first full time professional contracts with st johnstone. they will play in the new u18 side next season ,two of the 8 signed two year deals as they are eligible for two seasons at u18 ,also eligible are john Robertson and Ross Sinclair,still no word on reserve side a very worrying time for the 20s lads and my heart goes out to them and hope its resolved soon for their sakes ,then again it maybe already is with hopefully good news
  10. Development Squad News 2017/18

    you must use a lot of tin foil ,there is an under 18 league this season and not everyone from 20s will be eligible if the date is 1st to the first of January all lads apart from 2 are 18 this year,,they are all on 2 year deals this being the last year of it .if it is the case somehow they can play in it most of them i assume will already be 18 when season starts and some no doubt will be 19 when season ends ,so its not under 18s really . but most concerning and this is part one of that concern ,if they cant play in the 18s what happens to them ,what happens to the players in the 1st team squad who need game time ,what happens to the 17s who go up but will not get full game time if the 20s are allowed to play ,because they will only have one season and then what for them . secondly and i see Mr browns point ,project brave was meant to help the youth ,but with the the rule changes and amount of games it actually does nothing to help the 17s of all teams who are about to go into 18s ,because after that their is no real pathway ,the reserve league was meant to help the young boys experience and learn from a more competitive set up with a maximum amount of over 23s to give them that challenge ,and its not the old firms fault either this is malky and the sfas fault in my eyes . but i would urge mr brown to think of the bigger picture for saints ,follow hearts way of doing it ,the saints lads beat them on many occasions at youth level ,if hearts can throw them in why not saints ,best place to learn ,saves on transfer fees and higher wages and if they do succeed and i think most of the boys in my head would sell them on get a sell on clause make big bucks ,fans love seeing young lads play so might get bums on seats . as a 17s parent we have not heard what is happening yet but that may change in the coming days ,my lad is a saints fan ,Perth born good enough and will only get better ,but most of all he loves it there and i really enjoy watching the saints youth play and all the work the coaches do with them ,i so hope this is resolved for the good of the players the coaching staff and fans and the long term future of saints and scottish football
  11. Development Squad News 2017/18

    OK these are all rumors and personally i do not think they are good ,the no reserves i heard this a few weeks ago ,if this is true what a disaster for saints ,what happens fo the lads who are to old for 18s ,what happens to squad players or guys coming back from injury ,what happens to the 18s when they are to old . i presumed that the reason for the reserves was to give the older youth more competitive games to bring them on better in a more challenging environment. the 18s i really cant say as its all rumours just now ,we hopefully will find out this week but we have been told nothing so far . the 17s play celtic on thursday at the astro . hopefully the next time i post it is all positive and im sure it will be as the lad has talent and has improved ten fold with the coaching there ,double figures with goals lost count of the number of assists ,he a total team player and his movement of the ball to allow other players to play is superb ,but so much to learn still
  12. Youth Academy News

    the last two games for saints have seen narrow defeats against queens park and elgin ,both games were a games of two halves in saints defense a lot of 16s have been given a chance to play ,and you could see it was a bit much for them at times ,but they learn from it . training is now finished for the 17s but there are still 3 games to play ,first is on Friday away to Stirling ,the next is on Sunday at home to inverness and their is a game against Celtic which is at home but no details as of yet .
  13. Development Squad News 2017/18

    that would be a massive mistake to scrap pro youth,times have changed boys club players have phones,ps4 etc etc now and are more into them than football ,coaching at boys club level is poor ,parents attitudes are worse than at pro youth ,pitches are crap refs are crap ,but i will salute every person that helps in boys club football ,but see if there were more people helping and they all worked together and all stuck by the rules ,and parents lazy ass attitudes changed or the bloody know all ones changed then boys club football in perth would be top notch which in turn would be good for saints and there would be just to many players to pick from for saints , but in saying that there are good local boys in the saints youth ,some very good players and id love to think that they will have a future but who knows
  14. Development Squad News 2017/18

    why are hearts playing 16/17 year old in first team games ,because they know the boys will learn quicker ,plus they are looking ahead if the boys handle it and improve then hearts can sell them and add in sell on clauses thus making money . there is so many points on here i could talk about and would love too ,but with a son in the academy who loves it at saints and to be fair im so glad he is at saints i might come across biased or in some ways a pissed of parent ,which i am certainly not . but i will say this scotland has to change its attitude towards technical good youth players and not coach it out of them ,i want to go to a game and watch players that excite me that make me go wow did you see that .i drove to elgin on Sunday and missed the old firm game .not because i knew we would get humped and celtic would win league ,but because i love watching the 17s play and my lad does make me go wow with some shit he does ,but the players around him allow him to be able to do those things ,hopefully this will continue , clubs in Scotland need to produce these types of players again so young kids want to be like them and fans will come back to watch games .not coach it out of them or discard them because they are not six foot odd and built like a tank . hopefully saints will go more down the youth route now ,which is good news for the kids and specially the fans ,if you all came to a few youth games you will be able to form your on thoughts on the future of saints and the players they have for the future .
  15. Development Squad News 2017/18

    13 subs between both teams 6 for Hamilton 7 for saints and not one sub used ,the game was awful ,there is nothing to play for so why not give others a chance ,in 17 years of coaching on and off and watching hundreds of games ,i ave never seen anything like that before