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  1. Noreen Caie

    Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Season ticket sales really worry me this year as I have spoken to many loyal, long standing supporters who are thinking of not renewing, I will be if course.
  2. Noreen Caie

    New Pitch - WTF!

    Hamilton on twitter saying old pitch ripped up and new one laid by mid July, thank ....
  3. Noreen Caie

    Sponsors Night

    Had a great night at sponsors evening, the club treat you well and all the players, management and staff make you feel how much they appreciate it. I know it is a lot of money but what we do is six of us loyal fans club together to do it, just a thought for you.
  4. Noreen Caie

    Hamilton v Saints Tuesday 8th May 2018

    Am going, hate Hamilton never forgive their fans for that Gretna day, horrible stadium, horrible pitch let's help relegate them.
  5. Noreen Caie

    Club Sponsor

    Ive thoughts for years it should be Stagecoach, local firm who have made there fortune from the people of Perth now time to put something back in
  6. Noreen Caie

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Yep definately sign them all, delighted if Muzz stays
  7. Noreen Caie

    St.Johnstone V Partick Thistle - Sat 28th April

    Lots of apathy, think this might be one of the poorest crowds of the season come on as delia says let's be a havin you
  8. Have to applaud our fans for today, got behind the team from start to finish and the banter was fantastic
  9. Noreen Caie

    Chris Millar Testimonial

    Off The Ball, still laughing at this, brilliant
  10. Noreen Caie

    Chris Millar Testimonial

    Who on Earth picked the venue for Off the Ball, very short sighted, this would have sold out many bigger venues as the reaction has shown. Surely the purpose of a testimonial is to make as much money as possible and this definately would have got many bums on seats.
  11. Noreen Caie

    MOTM: St Johnstone 0 Motherwell 0 - 7th April 2018

    Totally agree outstanding again yesterday and gets better with every game
  12. Noreen Caie

    Poty Awards

    Who do you think deserves POTY, very difficult choice this year?
  13. Noreen Caie

    St Johnstone vs Hamilton 28/3/18

    Surprised at the lack of posts on this match. I think it's a huge game and could almost secure our top flight status. Come on let's all get behind the boys.
  14. Noreen Caie

    International break

    Hate the international break Nae fitba on the telly all week and Nae Saintees on a Saturday, boring
  15. Apologies if I am wrong but sure I read on Twitter that Kerrs appeal was dismissed today