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  1. Lang Toon Saintee

    Zander Clark

    I remember Celtic fans calling him Peter the Pointer because he would stand around doing very little and pointing out what other players should be doing..An absolute shithouse of a man
  2. Lang Toon Saintee

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    I counted 70 before the two minutes silence.A bus pulled into the car park and they were prevented from taking their seats until it was over..So I would say their support was around 110
  3. Lang Toon Saintee

    SJFC magazine

    "60's" ?? Stevie Walker surely must be in his 70's now
  4. Lang Toon Saintee

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I reckon you can add Zander and perhaps Gordon to that list so it's not a bad return really
  5. Lang Toon Saintee

    MOTM Game 18 Hibs 0 v 1 Saints

    Clean sheet and scoring the winning goal has to be Joe
  6. Lang Toon Saintee

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Unless things dramatically change (injuries etc) by the end of the year it looks almost inevitable that Scougall will go either on loan or a Permanent deal.Needham will probably return to Ipswich..We had a very strong bench on Saturday with Davidson,Alston Anderson and (possibly) Easton to come back in. I don't think that there will anybody coming in during January so this would leave a bit in the budget to tie up some of the OOC players.
  7. Lang Toon Saintee

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Shaughnessy Forter and Watt are the priorities for me.Then Gordon Tanser and Wotherspoon with a question mark over Easton..Oh and Greg Hurst is out of contact in the summer as well.
  8. Lang Toon Saintee

    Fakes next whats the feeling

    I would have put it at around 700
  9. Lang Toon Saintee

    Stefan Scougall

    Someone with close connections to the club told me that there is virtually no way back for Scougall (He would not elaborate when I asked him why) and that he would almost certainly be away in January.
  10. Lang Toon Saintee

    MOTM Game 15: Motherwell 0 v 1 Saints

    Bob Marley's lad
  11. Lang Toon Saintee

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    I said before the start of the season that we needed two quality central midfielders.One ballwinner to back up Muzz as(because of his style of play)he misses a good few games each season.And a creative holding option to link play..I am still of that opinion..Oh and a hard as nails left sided central defender would not go amiss either
  12. Lang Toon Saintee

    St Johnstone v Celtic Betfred Cup QF 26/09

    Wow that's a lot of effort to put in just to cover your true allegiance.You are some Bhoy Mainstand
  13. Lang Toon Saintee

    Reserve League News 2018/19

    This was an extremely young team albeit there were a few with a little first team experienc.Obviously the reason for this is the upcoming games against Celtic and Hearts.The one glaring omission though was Scougall,as far as I know he is not injured(correct me if I'm wrong) and looks to be completely out of favour.
  14. Lang Toon Saintee

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    As far as I can see Swanson has only played in one Europa League and two league games..Callaghan has not featured for Hearts in any competition this season
  15. Lang Toon Saintee

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Not really.He needs games and lots of them.Going to Championship club he would probably got a good bit of game time but in the first division he will be a guaranteed starter..Plus(hopefully) getting a lot of goals will really boost his confidence.Remember he has had an injury wrecked career so far and the more game time he gets the better