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  1. Valentino Bolognese

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    What a great day out that was. Superb performance against a Dundee that stank the place out. They are so, so poor but can't take anything away from the lads. As a couple have already said, on the way home I was thinking that Callachan is an upgrade on this season's Murray Davidson. He chucks himself around like Murray but he's faster, more robust, much better at going forward and beating men. He's maybe not quite as good in the air but not sure we've seen enough to say that with confidence. Tanser is rightly getting glory but on the other side Foster's been very solid with good distribution. What a team indeed.
  2. Valentino Bolognese

    Dundee v Saints 30/12/2018

    I've got other plans for Sunday, so hopfully this will be on tomorrow instead ...
  3. Valentino Bolognese

    Round 25 - St Mirren (A), 26/12/18

    Them 0 Us 2 McMillan 4500
  4. Valentino Bolognese

    St.Midden Away Day

    This has become a higher pressure game than it really should be. Need to hold on to the good away form and pull in the rope on the top 6. Anything less than a win and it starts to feel a wee bit 'slumpy'. Last 2 home games we've been digging in with a lot of hard shifts but we're missing Drey's spark and we're 5 minutes of football and missed penalty off a record-breaking unbeaten run, so it's not disastrous by any means but the fine margins seem to have swung against us recently. Watt starting please. Spoony on the bench and Danny getting a start would be a Christmnus bonus, but not holding my breath tbh.Thought Callachan did on on Sunday, can see TW giving him another go. **** knows what he'll do, I'm going back to drinking.
  5. Valentino Bolognese

    Round 24 - Rangers (H), 23/12/18

    Saints 2 Rangers 1 Kennedy (pen) 5150
  6. Valentino Bolognese

    Saints v Motherwell at home

    Hello all. Been lurking for a while, time for first post even though I've got nothing to add. Agree with most comments. Was pretty pissed off after the game at what I felt was a half-hearted performance compared to the joys of recent weeks, and it was a game that we should have won. Bit more composed now, and with head rather than heart, looking back it wasn't a terrible performance for most of the game. As has been said shipping 2 early on in those conditions against that Motherwell team is a mountain to climb, and the weather got much worse as the game went on. Can't complain about the fight on display but we're a team of sexy ballers now (apparently) so driving ice-rain ruins our flow, like Hearts did. Think that those saying we were complacent are right and a lot of that was from the central mifield. Something seems up with Murray in the last 3 games, maybe age and years of injuries have finally caught up with him. A worry as there's no obvious cover. We're missing Drey Wright even more than I thought we would. There was no magic from Danny when he came on. He should really be starting now. Also thought Motherwell were very very average (keeper did OK) and the 3 minutes to make 2 subs at the end should be looked at, about as blatant as it gets. Just hope we don't regret that sloppy start yesterday when it comes to top 6 break. Want 7 points before the New Year.