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  1. Just watched back the 1st half and live at the game I hadn't realised just how bad MOH's second miss was. Really, really poor. Shame as I don't think he had a terrible game. His first looked easier live than I think it was, it was a tough angle. Both Swanson's were bad misses, but his penalty was nailed on. Absolute nonsense that wasn't given. If the referee didn't get a good view the linesman could clearly see it. None of which has any real bearing on the Kane discussion to be fair, other than to emphasise was can't be relying on goals from midfield.
  2. I'd be OK with that. In many ways it's a repeat of the Tony Watt situation. I've felt that we've missed his hold up play and quality on the ball this season but he wasn't scoring, so had to go. Kane has a lot of good qualities and I've just re-watched the first half from yesterday again and my view is that if he can be re-purposed to sit behind the strikers with less pressure on him as lone frontman, he'll do better. We play too much long ball for him. He's not strong enough in the air or at holding up/holding off centre backs for that role, never mind his lack of finishing ability.
  3. Major error by the club to only open the main stand today, denying the fans the view of the new dugout that we'd all turned out to see. Mind you we'll get to see them on the telly.
  4. I think that this is unfair on MOH actually, he was unlucky today and was one of the few players that looked like they wanted to be there. Agree on Swanson. I want him out the club and fast. Also agree with you on May. Apparently that's not a popular view though.
  5. I asked the girls in the ticket office. They reckoned lower than last year but to be fair I don't think they really know. If we really are up between 15-25%, I do wonder why. Other than the good run pre-Christmas last season was fairly meh, no marquee (or anything close) signings over the summer, no marketing campaigns. It would be odd. Edit - it's probably the new dugouts that's bringing them in.
  6. I also missed the date and was told to collect it at the ticket office on Sunday. If it wasn't there yet, they'd let me in. The benefit of a manual turnstile operator.
  7. Using paper forms is a big part of this problem. It's the worst possible way to collect data if you want it to be accurate. On-line forms next year should help but given that someone will have to punch the data into a system at some point in the process I'm struggling to understand why the club still use paper for this. Looking forward to the day when we can renew with one tap on a phone, pay with paypal, and use the phone as a ticket.
  8. He's properly mental. Same as the fixture last year, standing in the same place. It's like experimental theatre.
  9. Jesus did they get that at Argos? Better not to have one at all.
  10. That and/or keep him at the club. FWIW I don't think that Kerr had a bad game as a player, in that he won what he needed to win and contained the striker he was on. What we didn't get from him was the surging runs through the middle. Maybe he's not as confident leaving Duffy to cover compared to Gordon or Joe S? But I agree I don't think as captain he was much use. Foster was much more vocal.
  11. Same as last year, according to the ticket office. I don't think he is worried about the budget.
  12. McClean on. Swanson off. Think the run up the tunnel after half time knackered him out.
  13. I don't believe those stats, or at least it's not really a fair reflection. But anyway, poor fare. The center backs are doing OK, full backs arent getting forward. Murray winning his share in the midfield and young McCann seems eager. Usual from Callachan. O'Halloran seems up for it but despite what might have been happening pre season Swanson has been pish yet again. Hendry working hard. Keeper hasn't had anything to do, but neither has theirs. In summary we are missing quality and physicality, and Hendry as a lone striker is just not working at all. Surface isn't helping with a few slips here and there, Montrose definitely know how to play this pitch. Tommy looked fuming, rightly so. They seem more physical outfit than last year. You would not think this was a premiership team. Could go either way this one.
  14. 1-3, McMillan overhead from the half way line and Tanser with 2 penalties. Are there any acceptable boozers in Montrose for a pre-match pint?