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  1. Time to give someone else a chance in role of additional striker for the later periods of games. We need someone to finish these chances if they dont fall to May, Kennedy etc.
  2. Yeah, a few more under his belt and his confidence will hopefully rocket. Thats half the battle, his game does seem to have improved in a lot of areas.
  3. BBC seemed to suggest Kane slipped when he was through on goal. Anyone confirm this.
  4. Sounds like we can take some positives from the game. Not really adrift at the bottom so thats something. Sounds like we missed some good chances and of course we need to score these penalties. May got his goal.
  5. Sounds like Saints have come close again.
  6. Looked decent when he came on last week. Whats the story with Holt?
  7. Too early to have these kind of discussions. This season, ignoring the cup, we've been beaten 4 times. Two of these by the old firm where we should have played a lot better but really we would have been dreaming to get points from those games. The other 2 were defeats by a single goal where the teams were equally poor and could easily have been draws. So while we havent be getting wins, there is only two teams where the gulf in quality is really evident. Its maybe a poor start but we just need to weather the storm.
  8. Rob

    Free week Id like to see the club do a pay what you want game. They could do this on a free week, arrange a game with another club. Our players need game time together, not free weeks. Be nice to fill the stadium a little, raise a bit of cash. Players are getting paid to play and provide entertainment.
  9. Thought Ralston played ok. Holt looks a good player as well. Only strange bit of play was when he opted to let the ball go out for a corner rather than getting the ball into the box. It wasnt as though we were doing well from set plays.
  10. To be honest I couldnt remember which way around it was. Just remember that when the South Inch got wet it was slow and marshy. Balls would come to a standstill in the 6 yard box. Guess its a getting the right balance thing. I noticed they sometimes only water one half. Pitch does seem to get excessively watered though. There's been times Ive seen players look like Bambi on ice.
  11. Not saying the wet pitch was in any way anything to do with the defeat but whats it all about. Is it to slow the game down? A certain player of ours that came on towards the end was falling about all over the place which seemed totally bizarre.
  12. Shouldnt have been a penalty anyway. Think the ref realised the 1st one with May should have been. Players couldnt even get the weight of their passes right yesterday. Some of our players also seem to struggle to stay on their feet when they are not even on the ball. Whats going on there? Is the constant watering of the pitch before and at half time making it really slippy? We've had plenty of rain in Perth this week.
  13. Shocking that Motherwell are in 3rd and Saints in 12th. Were they that much better than us yesterday? Not really. Thought we were very poor but they werent much better. Looks likes there is a massive gulf between the old firm and the rest of us. There's teams above us grinding out results and still playing terrible. We are making stupid mistakes, not gelling as a team, lacking leadership all resulting in low confidence. Unlike the others we are not getting any results out of poor performances. Obvious from the body language that the penalty was never going in before the ball was even kicked.
  14. Some of the passing today was horrendous. We were just a bit rubbish in all areas. How the Motherwell player put Motherwells first effort over bar I dont know then Saints didnt learn and gave them a 2nd chance..
  15. Motherwell werent even very good today. How did we not take something from them.