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  1. Rob

    Killie v Saints

    Point is decent against Killie the way things have been. Chic on the radio only seem to suggest Saints had one chance with McCann.
  2. Rob

    Killie v Saints

    Is it bad that Im watching the scores of the other bottom teams this early in the season.
  3. Rob

    Killie v Saints

    Didnt expect that many changes. Maybe hes thinking they cant do any worse.
  4. Rob

    Killie v Saints

    Need the first goal tonight. We play far too wide with nothing to aim for in the box. Need the ball on the ground and a bit more direct.
  5. Couldnt even bring myself to watch the highlights. Bit random but I would play O Halloran slightly behind May instead of 2 up front. I think we play too wide and when he plays he often cuts in and takes the ball a bit more direct. No point in playing really wide and firing in crosses when we have no aeriel options. Keep the ball moving quickly on the ground and get that first goal. Its much easier to play when you are in the lead rather than trailing all the time.
  6. Problem is that when we are getting beat 4 - 0 it really shows other teams in the league our hand when they are doing their research. They know exactly how to play against us. Time to shake things up a little at the back.
  7. We may be getting terrible results and playing poorly but we are not adrift at the moment. Theres still hope we can turn things around. We've had since the end of last season to find a centreback but I dont think anyone could have predicted some of the players that have had poor seasons for us so far when they had good seasons last year.
  8. The amount of slipping that has been going on at McD has been a bit odd this year. Maybe they are using soap on the pitch as well as the amount of watering it gets.
  9. As soon as it came to Cosgrove, before he hit it, it looked like it would be going in. Couldnt have been in a better position. Its a bit hazey in my mind but if I recall we had the usual slapstick slipping from our defence in the run up. I predict that on Sportscene they will say definitely sending offs and absolutely no comment on the fouls that occurred in the build up to them. 7 points from the 12 available in the 4 home games is decent.
  10. Hendrys was a booking. Bad late challenge but not a sending off for what I think was his first offence in the game. Why does Dodds seem to hate Saints so much, he was one if the fans favourite once upon a time. There was a lot of disappointment when he left.
  11. Done better in what way. He dived and was at full stretch to a ball that was right in the corner. No one challenged Cosgrove and he got time just to pick his spot.
  12. Murrays tackle was late, clear from the footage. Ref was a bit quick to get the red out. Second yellow maybe leading to red but not a straight red. Havent seen the replay of Hendry's but thought it looked a bad challenge leading up to it. Ref had lost control by not stoppping the game at that and invited things to get out of control. Bit of frustration from Saints. Wouldnt have been saying it if we lost but at least we got in amongst them and kicked some lumps out of the opposition for a change. We've been too soft for too long.
  13. Murrays tackle was late but absolutely no different from tackles we'd seen from Aberdeen throughout the game and no cards were shown. Ref was very weak and should have had a better grip on the game. Thought Saints did well today and showed fight again. Didnt think it was all that bad. Aberdeen are a big team so we had to be physical. Thoroughly deserved equaliser. Think Saints should be the happier of the teams. A draw but another that felt like a win.
  14. I hate Sunday games. All matches should be 3pm Saturday.
  15. Cant help feel that yet another free week is going to hamper us. Scottish football season schedule is a joke.