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  1. Rob

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Anyone think Tony Watt will be with us next season. He hasnt been getting starts lately and injured at the moment, not fully dropped. Im wondering who will pick him up after what hasnt been a good season for him.
  2. Rob

    Have we underachieved this season?

    I'll say it again and hopefully I'll get someone to agree but a lot of teams have made us look better than we are by being absolutely terrible against us. The mentality hasnt been right, there is ability in the team but too many mistakes. Theres a lot of players that dont look like they want to play for the club, like its just a job. Not enough leadership on the park, team spirit or love for the club. Too much pointing and blame amongst certain players when things go wrong.
  3. Rob

    Have we underachieved this season?

    So at least we are top in one respect. This is points compared to this time last year.
  4. Rob

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    Thought MOH looked better than he has done in ages. Some real bursts of pace where he just ran through them and gained lots of ground. Probably didnt see enough of him though. Worked well with him and matty on the wings. We had a lot of players who did well tonight but it also highlighted some of the usual suspects that still need to up their game.
  5. Rob

    Have we underachieved this season?

    As well as changes on field, changes are needed off field. Turnout at games has been terrible and looks to be in severe decline. People wont go to watch rubbish football but the club also needs to figure put how to get more bums in seats. Could they do something with season tickets where the more people buy the cheaper it becomes for everyone, some sort of deposit and starting price. It breaks my heart when my 7 year old sometimes isnt bothered about going to the games, not because he doesnt love football, but what he sees is uninspiring.
  6. Rob

    Have we underachieved this season?

    Saints had a good points run before Christmas (Never should have lost that 1-2 game to Motherwell). Some times I wonder if we were actually that good or if the other teams were making us look better than we actually were. A lot of teams like Aberdeen hadnt been on form until 2019 which was when we completely dropped ours.
  7. Rob

    Motherwell v St Johnstone 30/3/2019

    I must have gone to the wrong game because I saw a team in blue play sh** against an equally sh** St Miiren team and came away feeling we were lucky to get points.
  8. 2nd goal was a real blow, I think we all knew from that point, that was game over. Clearance wasnt great but in most games you would probably get away with that but what is it? Two years since Brown last scored. No one on the pitch was expecting that, least of all him. Not saying it was a lucky strike, he hit it terrifically well but it clearly showed that things weren't going to go Saints way. Team just needs to regroup and ride out this rough spell.
  9. Starting to think that we weren't as good as we seemed before the New Year, maybe it was the teams we were playing who were just making us look good by being pretty terrible themselves. When we won 4-0, Accies were just awful, so it was wasn't because we were terrific.
  10. Once we knew we were beat, we should have been kicking lumps out of them in the second half (without getting players sent off and giving them free kicks in vulnerable areas). Instead we just let them play flowing football. Even when they were 4 up they were tackling us aggressively and muscling us off the ball. This wasn't unlike the hammering we got at McDiarmid and I thought the team had learnt from that experience.
  11. Buckle up folks we are in for a bumpy ride. Rangers will be a tough game and so will Aberdeen as they've been scoring plenty and have a consistent goal scorer in Cosgrove. Something we haven't had all season.
  12. Poor performance and Celtic playing well at the moment. Celtic are looking at competing in Europe, buying and getting players in who compete at that level and then play them against teams like Saints who's goal every year is to stay in the league. My disappointment is that there are other teams with similar resources who compete more against Celtic. Saints haven't played well since the break but hopefully they can pick themselves up.
  13. Celtic are far more aggressive in their tackling and winning the ball. Saints don't aggressively play like that and need to play within the rules but be more physical in their challenging.
  14. At least we've had a couple of efforts now.