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  1. 2nd goal was a real blow, I think we all knew from that point, that was game over. Clearance wasnt great but in most games you would probably get away with that but what is it? Two years since Brown last scored. No one on the pitch was expecting that, least of all him. Not saying it was a lucky strike, he hit it terrifically well but it clearly showed that things weren't going to go Saints way. Team just needs to regroup and ride out this rough spell.
  2. Starting to think that we weren't as good as we seemed before the New Year, maybe it was the teams we were playing who were just making us look good by being pretty terrible themselves. When we won 4-0, Accies were just awful, so it was wasn't because we were terrific.
  3. Once we knew we were beat, we should have been kicking lumps out of them in the second half (without getting players sent off and giving them free kicks in vulnerable areas). Instead we just let them play flowing football. Even when they were 4 up they were tackling us aggressively and muscling us off the ball. This wasn't unlike the hammering we got at McDiarmid and I thought the team had learnt from that experience.
  4. Buckle up folks we are in for a bumpy ride. Rangers will be a tough game and so will Aberdeen as they've been scoring plenty and have a consistent goal scorer in Cosgrove. Something we haven't had all season.
  5. Poor performance and Celtic playing well at the moment. Celtic are looking at competing in Europe, buying and getting players in who compete at that level and then play them against teams like Saints who's goal every year is to stay in the league. My disappointment is that there are other teams with similar resources who compete more against Celtic. Saints haven't played well since the break but hopefully they can pick themselves up.
  6. Celtic are far more aggressive in their tackling and winning the ball. Saints don't aggressively play like that and need to play within the rules but be more physical in their challenging.
  7. At least we've had a couple of efforts now.
  8. Rob

    Hamilton Away

    From the BBC - St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright: "Poor result and poor goals we've given away, which have cost us. We should deal with both goals a lot better." Poor goals given away is an issue but not as big as not scoring in the first half. If we score a couple of goals in the first half, take control of the game, it makes it hard for the opposition. Last 4 games 0-0 at half time, losing goals between 50-80 mins.
  9. Rob

    Hamilton Away

    This defending for most of the game and patient build up is not working. We cant defend for 90 mins, we lose late goals and only then look like we want to score. We need to push teams harder in the early stages and be hungry for the first goal. At the moment the goals are only coming from players that score now and then, no consistent goal scorer in the team. Are team are working hard but our attacking tactics aren't right at the moment. Goss looks like a decent signing. The corners I saw tonight made it past the front post which is something.
  10. Rob

    Hamilton Away

    Morelos sent off in Rangers game, that's a result for us, won't be playing against us.
  11. Rob

    Hamilton Away

    Looks better quality than a lot of BBC footage.
  12. Rob

    Hamilton Away

    The stream from is pretty decent and no one-sided commentary.
  13. Rob

    Hamilton Away

    BBC showed Saints badge next to the words goal but it turns out it was Killie that scored.
  14. Rob


    Almost certain I dont have that. Apart from my first programme, last game at Muirton, Official opening of McD and a few signed ones Ive not got a great attachment to them. Do you collect them all. I have a Saints v Aston Villa (I think) pre season lineup/programme from late 80s. Graham Taylor was their manager. Not sure if it was Villa but I remember his pic.