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  1. We should be welcoming businesses coming to Perth, not worry about their signage, what a joke. Ive seen nonsense saying, its too red, too bright, setting a bad precedent, makes the area look cluttered. Ridiculous. They're making an issue of this yet they do nothing about that roundabout regularly being backed up with cars waiting to get into the petrol station at Morrisons.
  2. Fair play to Dunfermline, defended well, apparently they didnt have many chances but managed to hold them for 90 mins which is a huge achievement. We always seem to get Celtic when they are high in confidence and scoring every chance, never get them on an off day.
  3. If Lafferty is looking to stay in Scotland, where would he go?
  4. Didnt manage to secure a new striker before the start of the league then this week would have been ideal as we have a free week. Gives them time to settle in but still nothing. Looking more and more like we will be playing Kane on his own up front until Christmas with Hendry off the bench.
  5. We need someone who can finish the clear cut chances every time. How many times last season did we miss chances where it looked easier to score. Doesnt have to be a great all round attacker, just someone with that instinct to cause the defenders worry and to hit the target.
  6. Swanson and Kane seem to get knocked off the ball too easy by big defenders. Play a team like Livi and they spend half of it on the ground. Even when it is a foul they dont get it. Matty knows when to go for it and when to play for a foul. Referee was just turning a blind eye on Saturday, he wasnt getting anything, see that a lot these days with referees.
  7. Not an excuse but Im sure we will see 8 other teams get a thumping off celtic.
  8. New dugouts looked braw. Tommy seemed to like them.
  9. Saints fans were in good voice when we scored. Sounded terrific. Happy we got a point so well done boys. Need a bit of belief.
  10. Agree with most of whats being said. MOH was one of our best players today. Barely any decisions went our way. Never seen such a clear corner when ball hits off Livi defenders chest. I understand mistakes are made but you have 4 officials and not one intervened to get crucial stuff like that correct. Need players with quick feet like Kennedy and MOH to make more runs with the ball into our opponents box. A lot of our players were caught dittering with the ball on the edge of their box. Either burst into the box quickly or take a shot. Id rather we forced keepers to make a save than wait all day for the perfect clear cut chance. We just need to have a go.
  11. Thats one of the problems, Saints in particular never put any pressure on Celtic defence and their keepers are always perceived as great but only because they dont really get put under much pressure.
  12. Reduced May offer maybe down to fact that Tommy now wanting several players in after what he has seen. Tommy reckons there is still plenty of time to get more bodies in according to reports on bbc. 21 days.
  13. Confidence lacking all over the park for large spells of the game. Think we need to stick with the same team in the coming weeks, consistency has been lacking.
  14. With Celtic beating Motherwell 5-2 today and the bbc describing it as a thrashing, I suspect there is going to be quite a few on the receiving end of a drubbing this season. At least Motherwell got the first goal but Celtic seem unstoppable.
  15. Fighting back to 2-2, and Zander saving a last minute penalty was as good as a win after that first half. Maybe not the result we wanted at the start of the day but having enough to fight back was a real positive. Not the only problem but confidence is a big factor. A lot of unforced errors today.