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  1. Cant fault his work rate. So yeah who knows.
  2. You're correct we do need him and the stats are there but my point is, will he be out there giving 100% and fighting to keep us up. Very rarely will a player do this in these situations so that is something for the club and Tommy to weigh up.
  3. While Matty is a good player we dont have a shortage in his area. Our survival wont rely on a single good player but with players playing their heart out for the club.
  4. Yeah no way that will happen unfortunately. That would be dropped points in Rangers title bid where every game looks like counting.
  5. Talk of running out of time to play Rangers replay midweek if they progress in Europe. No available weeks before the split or something.
  6. I wouldnt be surprised if Saints didnt bring anyone in at all. Tommy hinted at that being the case, softing the blow that no one is really fitting the bill of what we need, what we can afford and who is available.
  7. Matty has played well for us. Would have preferred if he had gone down south rather than to rivals in the league. Good luck to him. Who knows, he's only 25 so he might be back one day.
  8. A few decisions didnt go our way but we've seen a lot worse so far this season. What was it, 7 bookings and one red, good to see he didnt hold back. Could say their goal scorer shouldnt have been on the park but if it wasnt him it would have been someone else scoring. We were punished because we didnt take our chances. How many times have Saints started well and then still gone 1-0 down. Not only do we need to be tight at the back but we need to take the chances when they come. There will be lapses in concentration and the defence cant stop everything.
  9. Anyone else think Tanser could actually be a half decent left winger. Think he has been played in the wrong position.
  10. Personally I dont think we have a single player that is better than our level. Not meaning this as a negative. I would think the reason they play for us is because our level (lets be generous and say mid table premiership team with a modest budget) aligns with their abilities. I would think any team at a higher level thinking about signing any of our players must be thinking of them as squad players. Half our team has played for bigger clubs but have found their level with Saints.
  11. Saints were quicker and looked hungrier for the win. It was clear all afternoon the only way they could stop Saints was persistent fouling and with 7 in the book, someone was definitely going to be sent off.
  12. Another one where we should have won judging how well we actually played and County were poor. A few opportunities that werent taken and we were punished. Would have been awful to conm away with nothing but Hendry came up with a great finish yet again.
  13. Big chance missed today to start building a gap between us and others at the bottom. I had no doubt St Mirren wouldnt be easy but definitely a team we should have been looking to get 3 points from. Hope we dont regret the past 2 St Mirren games at the end of the season where we have only got 1 point out of 6.
  14. A few more decent results and we will be getting nothing in January. Has to be another defender in my opinion. Not knocking the performances recently but a couple of clean sheets and a win against a poor Hearts doesnt immediately = a solid defence. Apart from McCann we havent had any player consistently playing to the best of their abilities. Top priority is to stay in the league this year as it looks like it is going to be hard work.
  15. Even though everyone is probably expecting us to lose against the old firm we dont want to be getting hammered by these two. Demoralising for the team plus we need that goal difference down.
  16. Sounds very comic book to me. Hope he wears a cape. We need rescuing Welcome.
  17. Agree on the obsession with wingers. Great having wingers but we need bodies in the box to get on the end of crosses. All our players hang out wide.
  18. Rob

    Killie v Saints

    Point is decent against Killie the way things have been. Chic on the radio only seem to suggest Saints had one chance with McCann.
  19. Rob

    Killie v Saints

    Is it bad that Im watching the scores of the other bottom teams this early in the season.
  20. Rob

    Killie v Saints

    Didnt expect that many changes. Maybe hes thinking they cant do any worse.
  21. Rob

    Killie v Saints

    Need the first goal tonight. We play far too wide with nothing to aim for in the box. Need the ball on the ground and a bit more direct.
  22. Couldnt even bring myself to watch the highlights. Bit random but I would play O Halloran slightly behind May instead of 2 up front. I think we play too wide and when he plays he often cuts in and takes the ball a bit more direct. No point in playing really wide and firing in crosses when we have no aeriel options. Keep the ball moving quickly on the ground and get that first goal. Its much easier to play when you are in the lead rather than trailing all the time.
  23. Problem is that when we are getting beat 4 - 0 it really shows other teams in the league our hand when they are doing their research. They know exactly how to play against us. Time to shake things up a little at the back.
  24. We may be getting terrible results and playing poorly but we are not adrift at the moment. Theres still hope we can turn things around. We've had since the end of last season to find a centreback but I dont think anyone could have predicted some of the players that have had poor seasons for us so far when they had good seasons last year.
  25. The amount of slipping that has been going on at McD has been a bit odd this year. Maybe they are using soap on the pitch as well as the amount of watering it gets.