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  1. I agree this would be a lose lose deal definitely getting desperate
  2. Depends on which massage palour he frequents
  3. If it's Steve Brown negotiating it then no chance, he couldn't negotiate a pint at a free bar
  4. FFS another salary that would be wasted, pathetic
  5. Absolutely correct could not agree more Mickey Mouse approach
  6. Not surprised the guy gets f***ed over every transfer window, Brown will looking to bring in another yes man that he can control
  7. Yeah but Brown states he is untouchable!!! Arrogant a**hole
  8. Sums up the total incompetence that currently prevails at McD. Utterly shambolic
  9. I agree, Aberdeen never played May in a position that got the best out of him there style of play with a big target man and May playing off that IMO doesn't suit his style of play. I think he will be a really positive signing for us and I am in the camp to give him the benefit of doubt he certainly can't be any worse than what we currently have.
  10. Dear oh dear major surgery required absolutely humiliating, how the hell do they come back from that??
  11. Agent is the problem he is not welcome and hasn't been for a while at Pittodrie according to the Aberdeen directors I was with yesterday. Apparently he is a bit of a "dickhead"
  12. With 2 Aberdeen Directors today SM got no cash they mutually agreed to terminate his contract end of he has been paid upto the end of the month and that's it