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  1. The guy who owns them is a multi millionare businessman made his fortune in Oil & Gas and could buy & sell the Broons 20 times over, pay off the **** ridiculous debts and still comfortably do what he is doing at Cove. Your opinion to call it what you like I call it having a plan and clear strategy and the courage to implement it
  2. May well be a seperate company would have been the sensible thing to do at the time
  3. The land was sold to the club by Bruce McDairmid for £1
  4. So we will be scrapping around last minute again, something has to change this is just so unprofessional
  5. If he is not good enough for them, then certainly not good enough for us
  6. Ahh!! so a real top notch competative game then
  7. Hopefully we can keep this recent run going finish this forgettable year on a positive high and kick on in the new year. Would be great if we got a performance as well with a few goals and another clean sheet would set up the hogmanay celebrations perfectly
  8. Right now I will take winning ugly every game until we get clear of our current predicament and reach a position of safety
  9. For once this season all of the key results going in our favour so far!!!