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  1. He could always get rid of all the pies that were left after a game!!! Save binging them
  2. We have CASH to play for!!! 7th spot gets significantly more than positions below that
  3. No not to my knowledge always been a really fit guy, Dave Sidey on the other hand who was on the board at the same time unfortunately passed away last year, so maybe that is who you are thinking of ??
  4. Nope, my sister got Xmas card from him and his wife, My understand is he stepped down to concentrate on his business interests
  5. Ally Campbell is still with us and very much alive and kicking
  6. Not ignoring it at all, in fact the very opposite I am acknowledging the fact that had it not been for that period of form we would be in deep shit staring at the abyss
  7. I am aware they are in the league below that's what zi meant without the run early in the campaign we would be staring relegation in the face!!!!
  8. I agree my football daft 12 year old Grandson is exactly the same. If we dont get them hooked at that age they will drift away probably never to return
  9. Well he can moan about what could have been he got pretty much everybody he wanted over last two windows and look at us now going backwards at a scary rate of nots As I said before something fundamentally wrong somewhere in the club, I don't buy all this shite about players beind tired or lost confidence bullshit!! Which unfortunately is now an accepted get out and is condoned as acceptable by fans, would love to see these guy coping with a real job
  10. I agree main theme I am seeing in majority of posts is acceptance of an absolutely shocking performance in every game since Dundee(best overall saints performance I have seen for years) pre winter break because we set ourselves a low bar?? Why is that acceptable?? What changed??? Same players same manager, same training regime, the bottom line is if we hadn't got points on the board early we would be swapping places with United. There is something fundamentaly wrong at the club at the moment, don't hear any players coming out with it's a great place to be, best dressing room I have ever been in, comrades together etc etc. I hate this next cliche but has he lost which previously was his prized asset the "dressing room" Drastic rethink in summer or next season really could be the one that is dreaded by all of us. It is unacceptable, unprofessional and well just shite. But this time we can't point the finger at SB as he has back the manager to the hilt. So something seriously wrong!!
  11. That's good news would love to see him make a full comeback
  12. Hopefully we need him back fully fit to put pressure on current automatic pick for that position, who at best has been indifferent this season