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  1. That takes us back the current form had it not been for the early points in the bag we would have been fighting relegation nothing has improved since then in fact they have regressed stats are stats, facts are facts. The facts are uncomfotable reading but you cannot argue with them as it stands we are in dire straights and staring down the barrel of the gun
  2. The alarm bells were ringing 25 games ago get real unless major change we are f####d
  3. Love affair over I am afraid, time to ditch sentiment
  4. Well he will have god now's how many years in the Championship to turn it around
  5. Well if Cagey is that good get him signed up!!!
  6. He has been at a ""bigger albeit bankrupt club" and obviously can't cut it so why negativity before he has even kicked a ball??
  7. Not the doom and gloom camp but the facing up to reality camp, god forbid but another 2 defeats in next couple of games worsening goal difference points gap opening up, we would then need to go on a run over next few games just to keep in touch that is not doom and gloom but hard facts and reality.
  8. Didn't have great view but looked a tight call
  9. Pretty accurate summary, defeat in the next two games and we are really in the mire
  10. Absolutely brilliant my 12 year old Grandson jumping around the room, absolute joy to see lets ALL get behind him and allow him time to adjust
  11. I agree really positive I think the whole club will get a massive lift and some if not all of the support as well
  12. Well that certainly would be a novel approach, go for it I would say
  13. Absolutely agree, get the deal done massive positive impact on the club, the players want him according to Liam Craig. Just get it done!!!