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  1. Hamilton were not beaten when I posted
  2. Need this point, not a great set of results around us as it stands
  3. I guess there will be a few us doing exactly the same fingers crossed, all other results going our way so far
  4. These critical and decisive decision should not be wrights to make full stop
  5. Absolutely NOT under any circumstances should he be allowed to squander anymore of our limited financial resources
  6. Only candidates are those who have sat on the bench every week!!!
  7. There was no performance!!! just embarrassment
  8. I hate to say it but I think you are absolutely right
  9. So you have just answered your own question sad but true his time for him to go the honourable thing to do would be to resign but if not he should be sacked which would be a sad outcome for all involved
  10. The guy didn't want to come, unless you are going to tell us all something different??
  11. So why are the players not there???? Who was responsible for identifying players to come in over the past few years???
  12. He didn't pick the team or set them up so your point is invalid