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  1. Run in for Europe

    I'll just to to Armenia with Ancient again. Leave you at home :-p
  2. ICT v Saints 8/4/17

    Another Highland Saints that wouldn't miss this fixture and the shitey stadium. The wee one better no come home one day and say she is a Caley fan or there will be words! Going tomorrow though, least it looks like it will be a lovely day!
  3. Caley!

    Plans for Saturday? Caley Club?

    Maybe if they learned to behave at away games the club might trust them more at home games. Can't have it all.
  5. Accies away!

    On Open All Mics Chic Young was describing what he saw through live feed the BBC have. Presume Sportscene will pick it up then. That'll be a 20 game ban for both players after Jonathan Sunderland has had his hands on it.
  6. Accies away!

    Sounds like great entertainment tbh. You should be paying them.
  7. Accies away!

    Least St Johnstone thing ever but Clive Smith on to save the day.
  8. Indy Ref 2

    Why the need to refer to our elected First Minister in that way but generous enough to the call the Prime Minister by her first name? Not very nice Tony. Now that the Scottish Government has a democratic mandate for a referendum I can't see how Westminster can ignore it. They wouldn't have been happy for the EU to tell them to sling their hook today. Massive positive is that the younger generation are overwhelmingly pro-independence, the indy movement just has to get them to vote! Genuinely hope my wee girl will grow up in an independent Scotland. She certainly has an amazing role model in Nicola Sturgeon.
  9. nominations for the magic moment

    Steven MacLean to do something amazing so that I can present the award plz.
  10. Tommy for Rangers

    St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright has indicated he would be interested in the Rangers job but insists such a scenario is "all hypothetical". Wright, 53, has achieved three successive top-six finishes in the Premiership with Saints and led them to Scottish Cup glory in 2014. Rangers parted company with former boss Mark Warburton earlier this month. "I don't think there's anybody in a job or out of a job that wouldn't want to take that call," said Wright. "Yeah, I would speak [if the call came in from Rangers] because it's a big club but it's all hypothetical Disgusting.
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    For those that do read P&B the guy is more spot on than he is not. He obviously has an excellent source at the club.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Tbf the guy on P&B is usually spot on.
  13. Away at Dingwall Sat 18/02

    Alston was superb. Great attitude, turn of pace and lots of positivity. Get him starting every week. Kane's goal a delight. Would be nice to see it from behind the goal.
  14. Dingwall - 18th Feb

    The 27 bus leaves the Royal Hotel at half 5 and half 6. Takes about half an hour to the bus station.
  15. Away at Dingwall Sat 18/02

    Supposedly. I much prefer behind the goal at Ross County. We are being charged £20 to sit in the east stand, County are charging their own fans £24 for the same stand. Nice way to treat your fans.