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  1. Trondheim, Yerevan and Vilnius for me. Trondheim highlights are obviously the match itself and the Piano Bar that night. Yerevan was my first trip on the charter flight. Partying with Folgore players after their Champions League qualifier. The football was crap and it's genuinely the hottest place I've been. Watching football in that heat was bad enough. **** playing in it. Vilnius was a good laugh too. The match was crap but it was a lovely city. Hopefully that's not my last trip seeing Saints in Europe.
  2. Yeah Robert is gonna head along. My parents are babysitting
  3. Feeling well enough to go to this now. Just hope heavy rain hasn't affected pitch too much.
  4. Another holiday! I'm in isolation until August after my transplant so I'll have to pass. See you all in Dingwall though. Hopefully the fixture list is good to us and we get 2 games up here.
  5. I'm not going to vote as I haven't seen a single game this season and have absolutely no idea of any moment of note Hope all the Highland Saints are well. Looks like we are getting one local game back next season which is very pleasing!
  6. Read but rarely post. Having not been at the football for over a year now and not really following it much due to illness I don't feel like I have much to say about Saints just now.
  7. Hopefully be able to join you at a game soon!
  8. Nope. Will watch on TV. Wouldn't even go if I wasn't 32 weeks pregnant. Including match ticket and travel it's too expensive.
  9. I bought my just turned 2 year old a size 4 junior which fits her well. She's normal height weight for her age but i find all kids football tops are small made.
  10. It's mental but i dont dislike it. I love the tartan. If they had kept it all the dark blue it would have been a thing of beauty. I'll be buying my wee girl her first Saints top regardless. A wee Saintee amongst hundreds of County fans
  11. Agreed. Can't trust anyone who wants a career as a Politician. All of them slimy cunts, no matter the party. In it for themselves.
  12. Pretty sure he's only a match day volunteer. They don't get involved during the close season.
  13. Yup. I don't understand it. Social media is a free platform. A high percentage of fans are on it. Even if the media person isn't in place yet how hard is it for one member of staff to get on it and push information out. Even if its just mentioning season tickets every so often.