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  1. Player of the year/Magic moment award

    With only one game in the highlands this season choice is a bit limited but my vote is also for Zander but for different reasons - not that I didn't enjoy his recent " match day analysis with McCann" after the final whistle. His double save from Billy McKay secured a point for us in a match that we should have wrapped up at half time and shows we are in safe hands for next season.
  2. The Road To Hampden Glory

    Got 2 spare seats in the car for anyone thinking about Tynecastle this weekend and Scottish Cup glory. Leaving Inverness at 1000
  3. Ross County v St Johnstone, 27 December 2017

    This is the figure that's reported in the P&J as well and is the figure that anybody not at the game sees. We get slaughtered for our crowds but this figure is just a blatant lie. The crowd was less than 2,000 and I know the argument that some clubs count season ticket holders but last nights figure must include every steward outside the ground , people passing on the way to the train station and the staff at the Mallard bar and every other bar and hotel in Dingwall.
  4. MOTM Saints 0 - Hearts 0 - 23/12/17

    Chris Millar for me. As many have commented we actually look like a decent football team with him in the team rather than a sunday pub team playing hoofball.
  5. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    I wonder if the compliance officer is going to have a look at the actions of the Rangers player( not interested enough in them to know his name) who rolled about in our box breakdancing and screaming as if he'd broken his leg, has a sly glance up to see that they've scored their third goal, and leaps to his feet to join in the celebrations! How much more blatant cheating goes unpunished by them? From start to finish the game had a toxic atmosphere to it. First time in 40 years I've been told to take my woolly hat off and get it searched for concealed weapons! to the bully boy tactics and intimidation trying to leave Tesco car park. And we are told we need them to make Scottish football stronger. Why doesn't Regan, Doncaster and the rest put on a Saints/ Patrick/Ross County scarf and go to a match and actually see what the rest of Scottish football has to put up with!!
  6. MOTM Saints 0 - Rangers 3 - 13/10/17

    In a week when our ex small national team manager put small players under the spotlight our smallest player was head and shoulders above most others. Stefans vision and passing was outstanding but he needs others to make the runs and find the space that his prompting deserve.
  7. MOTM Saints 1 - Hibs 1 - 09/09/17

    Some wonderful defensive performances yesterday to secure a point. Why Alan Mannus is not Northern Irelands No 1 at the moment is a mystery especially as McGovern is not first choice at his club. However my vote went to Joe who looked calm and composed throughout the onslaught. Now if only he had some distant relatives that were born in Scotland he would be everything the national team is looking for- a young centre half that's good with the ball, dominant in the air, strong in the tackle and composed - but then what's the point of looking as he plays for us and would never get capped anyway!!
  8. MOTM Saints 1 - Patrick Thistle 0 - 19/08/17

    Contenders were Ando for looking like Franz Beckenbauer for 20 secs with that pass, Mikey for the finish or Paul Paton for doing the things you need to do to win a game - unfortunately these type of defensive midfield roles often go unrecognised. However my vote is going to Joe who showed the panic merchants on this forum why TW is pursuing Jewel No 3 and not spending money on players like Storey or Sammon who are not going to improve us.
  9. Europa League 1st Round 1st leg

    That's the one. C u Thursday.
  10. Europa League 1st Round 1st leg

    Hotel Conti, 5 min walk from railway station. Plenty seats when I booked yesterday. Fare was 16 Euros single. Leaves 0800 from Warsaw Central station, arrives Vilnius coach station 1745. Theres also a night bus if that's more suitable.
  11. Europa League 1st Round 1st leg

    +1. Arriving on the bus from Warsaw on Wed night. Let me know where the Highland Saints are meeting pre match as I am sure you'll have found a place by the time I arrive
  12. Inverness -Vilnius return

    Shoogly - whats your return route? I am doing this in reverse returning Sat Wizz 0605 to Luton 0700 then Squeezyjet to Inverness. Out via London and Warsaw then the Baltics equivalent of Megabus to Vilnius
  13. MOTM Saints 1 - Hearts 0 - 17/05/17

    If MOTM was awarded at half time Chris Kane was a clear winner but he was starved of service second half ( no fault of his) so gone for Alan Mannus who is back at his best - seems as if having two excellent goalies is pushing them both on.
  14. MOTM Saints 1 - Partick Thistle 0 - 13/05/17

    Tam got my vote, just ahead of Danny. The boo boys love him but if he goes who is going to get it in the ear next season? Makes the odd mistake but watch MOTD and you see players on a hundred times Tams wage who make the same mistakes.
  15. MOTM Saints 1 - Aberdeen 2 - 15/04/17

    Cristo may have changed his mind since we arrived back up North but I am sticking with Danny. He looked as if he was in the mood today and was back to the Danny who we enjoyed watching in the first few months of the season