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  1. Celtic in Sunderland

    scum bastards
  2. Other games on the go

    i would rather play ajax than celtic muppets all day long.
  3. Im steaming

    am on ma way full steaming ahead admiral
  4. Vilnius

    won't be back
  5. Round 6 - Partick (H), 19/8/17

    saints 2 patrick 0 mclean 3020
  6. Season tickets on sale on friday

    If you don't have a season ticket ye don't get it .ha ha
  7. Season tickets on sale on friday

    Aye used it loads
  8. Season tickets on sale on friday

    The Saints discount card ye get with season ticket book is Braw though.
  9. Joe McGurn

    It is muirton.the yellow kiosk is behind him on the right .
  10. Joe McGurn

    I can only echo the sentiments of the previous posts. cult hero and legend all rolled into one. goodbye joe never forgotten.
  11. Tam Scobbie

    Fitba chat for this nonsense