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  1. Don’t sign may sign dobbie. hes slim and scores goals.
  2. slf

    Betfred Cup

    It’s like the middle years of the 1970’s all over again. jackie stewart ,Jimmy storrie ,Alex Stuart era and it no fuqing funny.
  3. slf

    Season Tickets

    Ye can chap on the plastic winder and give the v’s tae Neil Lennon or mr gerrard when he looks up. ha ha.
  4. slf

    Season Tickets

    Dig the new dug out
  5. slf

    Im steaming

    Yum yum beer in ma Tum spagetti heid
  6. Saints 2 toss county 1 steven anderson 2110
  7. slf

    Betfred Cup

    Time to stand up and be counted , in aboot they rossers. one two three who are we
  8. Ha ha ever the comedian .enjoy yer weekend soon be pension day .
  9. On the sauce be happy it’s the weekend
  10. slf

    Betfred Cup

    Too right.ya bass.
  11. slf

    Betfred Cup

    1987 st mirren 0 stjohnstone 1 ian heddle full time top league v part time bottom league i was there ,most Braw. Now its mo’s day .enjoy. its fitba.