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  1. Possible postponement this ground has barely changed in a hundred years.hopefull the weather is ok.
  2. Could never understand the clubs official site. It’s cheap shoite
  3. We had more home fans at mcd than Dundee’s home crowd yesterday. dont it make Ye feel good .
  4. Dundee could hardly muster 1000 fans for a home cup game against premier league Motherwell. arbroath had more at gayfield. Always look on the bright side of life .ha ha
  5. Great minutes tribute from both sets of fans today, respect.
  6. It was Braw tae see top fan Stanley’s Tom Moran back after his injury. nice one mate.
  7. Was gorgon muir at the match? Any confirmed sightings ? I failed too hear his foghorn today in a library type surrounds. boats could run aground without him ye Ken.
  8. Could have brought some entertainment on whilst we were awaiting some Kunt to pay the floodlight meter so we could watch second half. instead we had a home end library.
  9. I can see jeanfield passing us in the future.