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  1. Sorry climate dudes even though I do love Greta , club before climate darling
  2. Might even get a nice wee home friendly . would pay the coal bill
  3. Thank you for starting this thread .
  4. Am hoping to be in attendance for the new managers new match
  5. True.we couldn’t afford to keep him in hairdressers. bye
  6. I think he will take stevey May
  7. Tommy will be new manager at Spurs by then. Nice new fashions for the missus. He’s gone . bye
  8. slf


    That’s right ,too busy skiving.i was so quiet the teachers never noticed me.
  9. slf


    Nah ,Gregory he had ginger hair like Andy powrie. never new the other dudes.
  10. slf


    Had a beer with Mr twine he says he remembers you .
  11. slf


    Cannae place ye .ye must have been one of the quiet anes .dave riungu rip. try the auld teachers thread chief.
  12. he likes tae pat his tae call him paw
  13. slf


    Is this the comedy section ?
  14. slf

    Im steaming

    Coo coo lads choo the noo