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  1. Kane is braw giruy anti Kane dudes.
  2. Round 35 - Hibernian (H), 16/03/18

    Saints 2 Hibernian 1 kane 4675
  3. Dundee v Saints

    Just as well our owner is bulletproof then
  4. Same here.the lord moves in mysterious ways.
  5. Ha ha hope yer right.with the correct score of course.
  6. St Johnstone Womens FC

    Are season tickets valid ?
  7. Dundee v Saints

    Off topic.
  8. Dundee v Saints

    You been sniffing your pants again ? What a silly post from you.i would have thought you could post better than that .
  9. Dundee v Saints

    Braw day Oot cracking party time in Dundee.that boozer at the bottom of the hulltoon wiz the bollocks full of happy saint EE’s. Can we play like this every week? Ta
  10. Dundee v Saints

    Ha ha .Could be
  11. Dundee v Saints

    All aboard the relegation express. choo choo
  12. Dundee v Saints

    Get On the relegation special. choo choo the noo
  13. Round 34 - Dundee (A), 10/03/18

    Saints 2 Dundee 1 mclean 5564