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  1. slf


    Too right chief. might win some games .
  2. slf

    Im steaming

    Time of the month adgain, coooooooooooooo he ke
  3. slf

    The Big Pointless Rubbish Thread

    Ye only get out what ye put in
  4. slf


    Waste of time.i vote Sye Webster,manager.
  5. slf

    Saints exiles Flag

    Or get herself a lgbt rainbow flag .ha ha . good luck luck. ymp ya bass
  6. slf

    Saints exiles Flag

    Braw idea .ye need a skull and crossbones flag in blue an white with all yer new country’s names.
  7. slf

    The Big Pointless Rubbish Thread

    Dylan fae the magic roundabout is a freak
  8. slf

    The Big Pointless Rubbish Thread

    And no I don’t fuqen accept.
  9. slf

    The Big Pointless Rubbish Thread

    Stick yer fuqing cookies up yer arse.
  10. slf

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    How right I was. Braw
  11. Just do a Celtic,don’t tell anyone the crowd.
  12. slf

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    Most excellent performance ,absolutely braw. Also respect to all the armed forces personnel in attendance. Retired or otherwise . Thank you.we will never forget.
  13. slf

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    I always saw Jim Pearson as the junior part of the best ever saints team. am no as auld as yer mucker hoodlum mate so best let ye both both fight it out .ha ha
  14. slf

    SJFC magazine

    Braw see ye soon .
  15. slf

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    That’s right. inabootthum