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  1. Gone for a pre match drink .wake me up for Sunday about 1130 would be Braw. Braw. impress them with your cup final souvenirs.
  2. Don’t think the flag got in , it was pished
  3. Did you count yer self chief ?
  4. Had several dodgy fires that club.
  5. Saints 1 Aberdeen 0 drey Wright 12888
  6. I agree. just spent £24 on spray paint .way more fun than visiting that shithole and getting ripped off.
  7. What’s the matter ducky are you skint ?
  8. Have we not got enough fuqing players ?
  9. Hospitality is the business .booze included wahey ya bass
  10. What about them ,are they all privy to everything at the club? Don’t think so . We are not in the EFL so what’s that got to do with anything ?