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  1. slf

    Scottish cup

    Aye .we got two practice games against them before we knock them out the cup.
  2. slf

    Scottish cup

    1930s at dark head
  3. slf

    Scottish cup

    DRugs are for mugs
  4. slf

    Scottish cup

    That’s the shitey Scottish league for ye. shite shite shite
  5. slf

    Scottish cup

  6. welcome back from yer ban , Barry . braw
  7. slf

    Im steaming

    Were on ma way
  8. Willie Ormond is the king he got a stand named after him thats quite a thing Great goal by Jason today. Bring back the terraces
  9. I ken.its fuqeneasy .its written in big letters on the side of a stand.
  10. The ormond stand banners were Braw. i Ken how spell ormond .
  11. slf

    Michael O'Halloran

    I saw him today