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  1. After 10 cans ye forget Ye cannae go oot . subbuteo is the way to go.finish the leagues that way .
  2. Ask your nurse chief
  3. Turn mcdairmid into a great big open air hospital.
  4. Eloquent as ever dude ,my post was better.
  5. Yes . Crates of beer with lashings of Smirnoff .
  6. He should stick to drawing his pension and punting on his nags.
  7. THe season should be completed by a giant game of subbuteo. all clubs should have a player picked to represent their team.all players to be togged out in face mask and anti virus stuff .it would all be televised to supporters . That way you could complete the season in a weekend.then we can all go on an isolation holiday until next season.
  8. slf

    Season Tickets

    Hopefully next seasons season ticket comes with hand gel and a face mask.
  9. Mad cow disease as well. look at what happened to thatcher. history is littered with these cases.