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  1. Opening Times

    Name idea .would like tae Ken masel
  2. European travel

    My gaff is 2 and a half miles away from better walking at they prices.kunts
  3. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    That wis wazzy
  4. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    sorry tae hear that.should be free.
  5. Disabled Parking at McDiarmid

    make the council pay out of there own pockets. they are all loaded and filthy rich.especially the country tories that voted in this stupid scheme.
  6. European travel

    thats my arrival time. planning on a wee half bottle of voddy and a snooze in the terminal.dont think ye need tae book as i never needed to at istanbul for the eskisehir jaunt.
  7. European travel

    whats lithuanian for braw ?
  8. European travel

    am gonna kip in the airport.
  9. European travel

    get a carry oot and find a nice square.
  10. European travel

    speak tae johnny kaylor.hes the chief
  11. Saints Euro Tour Tees

    i am now.looking forward tae seeing ye.
  12. European travel

    Nah ,but I did think about it for second .
  13. European travel

  14. European travel

    Am goin