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  1. No as lark says the seats were brand new.
  2. I agree. It was also a direct copy of the seat colour scheme at ibrox .
  3. Place was like a palace compared to muirton. gutted there was no terracing . no chipmunk crisps either but we did get a scoreboard. try getting a copy of the old fanzine Wendy who . Should be enough in there to get an insight.
  4. No surrender here.ticket bought .in aboot them.
  5. Don’t want to be reminded about that match. No need dude.
  6. Is this like planting spuds ?
  7. I blame the killie wummin.locals first. and I can definitely spell definite better than you definitely.
  8. No.sorry I can’t invite you.
  9. They Never filled the 3 stands at the last league game
  10. I blame that Kirsten wummin
  11. Braw for the clubs geriatric fans. Am sure an adult was £20 for the cup game at parkheid last year
  12. Spiffing this for east stand ticket holders.upgrade the west stand season ticket dudes into hospitality. voila no Celtic in hospitality. charge Celtic £40 each to cover breakages ,dodgy political,religious singing and usage of east stand. Braw.
  13. And county fans ! there is a significant number hated the Inverness merger so now follow Ross county.
  14. Stands are roughly Ormond and north are 2000 each east is 3500 west is 3000
  15. slf

    Im steaming

    Up party all the time
  16. Saints 2 Motherwell 0 drey wright 2444