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  1. slf

    Killie v Saints

    In aboot Plastic pitch killie
  2. slf

    Killie v Saints

    We got dragged out of Europe against our will by a Lithuania team . No funny
  3. slf

    Killie v Saints

    Bell end levein tried that with Scotland and ended up 1-0 . remember that
  4. You mean that bell end with the bunnet.never seen him before.the ladies stood there ground,well done. Neep heid was well out of order .he got some abuse from the back of the stand as well.arsehole
  5. Club might scrape avoiding relegation.still needs a complete and utter to toe
  6. If we make it there then Braw. this club needs a complete to toe .
  7. slf

    Killie v Saints

    Yep.unless ye like horror shows.even am no going .
  8. slf

    Killie v Saints

    Braw. happy birthday when it comes mate. i will raise a half bottle for ye .
  9. How long did mr muir last before he vacated the premises?
  10. Mr buchan is yer man
  11. That big Estonian is certainly a handful.looked fantastic when he came on.
  12. Very close entertaining match end to end stuff thought saints were unlucky