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  1. slf

    Im steaming

    Hands up .... meeeee
  2. slf

    Saints Tv

    Nae bother dude.
  3. slf

    The Big Pointless Rubbish Thread

  4. slf

    Saints Tv

    Go tae the fuqing game. Nae wonder nae Kunt goes anymore. if you want live footy then go watch it for fux sake. Sanitised and lazy Bastrards . Fuc fuc fuc
  5. slf

    Round 34 - Rangers (A), 16/02/19

    Saints 1 rangers 1 shaugnessy 48999
  6. slf

    another free Saturday

    too sensible
  7. Aye. Seat belts on .lets get posted pished
  8. I was there. same opposition .same score. Different competition but same old shit. fuqed off. As usual. Reward to find one mojo.
  9. slf

    Murray Davidson

    Likes to play pool in the railway club. i think he likes choo Choos.
  10. slf

    Rangers away, sat 16th Feb

    Are Ye booked in anywhere ?
  11. slf

    Celtic away, Sunday 10th Feb

    Mr lark said club would be open last night.he lives with the bar manager lady.doesnt really matter if closed .its there loss ,plenty boozers nearby.
  12. slf

    Round 33 - Celtic (A), 10/02/19

    Saints 1 Celtic 0 o halloran 35467
  13. slf

    Celtic away, Sunday 10th Feb

    Are ye booked Inta tae a pub or club at glesgae ?
  14. slf

    Celtic away, Sunday 10th Feb

    If that fails then doom the north inch wie a carry oot and a game of chase the jakey.
  15. slf

    Celtic away, Sunday 10th Feb

    If that fails.go tae Christie’s now known as king James
  16. slf

    Celtic away, Sunday 10th Feb

    Go in the side door at car park before you leave.mrs lark will give you one.a beer that is. thats when ye ask please open the bar when we get back or we are all going tae the caley bar for a jar. Hope this helps.