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  1. Wales. hes on the swally in Wales. It’s foreign. yakky daa
  2. It’s true. hes been offered a one year rolling contract as that fat useless mascot supersaint,as long as he bulks up.
  3. slf

    Im steaming

    Upset dozza bom Bon balombomb. blondee cooedeeeeeeeeeeee pop up aye
  4. slf

    Im steaming

    Up yh the Monday Club yoohooo pom-poms
  5. Had the pleasure of yer company on the barossa ! It’s a pity the barossa club didn’t open before and after.made do with the high level or whatever it’s called nowadays.
  6. Known known he didnae score
  7. I not Known we had a dude called Known listed as sub at least once.its unknown.
  8. Thinking about being another Tory leader election candidate.every Kunt else is.i feel like am missing out. I hate the tories .thats a positive because even the tories hate the tories.
  9. slf

    Season Tickets

    Too much brown sauce and dangle berries
  10. slf


    Is there a bus going tae Ireland?
  11. slf

    Im steaming

    New one on me .where is it ? Do they serve John smiths ? Smirnoff ?
  12. Aye .might catch the high balls.the ones mr lark sends Up I tae tae orbit.
  13. Maybe in Lark saints over 60’s league.
  14. Rubbish picker upper ,maybe.
  15. slf

    Season Tickets

    Forget the cup top up.i want a Celtic/rangers opt out
  16. slf

    Season Tickets

    Been there chief.had the car very ,the broxden is pants.