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  1. Can you recite the alphabet backwards ?
  2. slf

    Im steaming

    Sometimes ye have to get pished for medical reasons tonight am medically pished Whump doctors orders wahey
  3. Getting rid of shaugnugsey. The money grabbing wage thief .ha ha .
  4. Cup ties can level teams. Thought you would know that . thats why I only go parkhead/ ibrox for cupties in the hope...... well done the pars. Good day out for their fans.
  5. Swap with Asda and go home . easy peasy, close to the town ,close to amenities, and hopefully re connect with a fan base. out of town grounds are pish
  6. Don’t drive while you been drinking
  7. Comrie gave they Celtic bastrards a flig. well done the pars
  8. What happened to stjohnstone buisness club
  9. True . i made the break years ago from attending every stjohnstone away I pick and choose. still go too as many home though.
  10. At least there’s no rangers/ Celtic in the non leagues with there fans spouting religious and political bile everywhere they go. some Braw social clubs for boozing though.
  11. True .can you mow my lawn as well please. i will leave the lawn mower out or you whilst am at the home games.thanks
  12. Must be true then. now I have to randomly admit rando man was nae bullshitting.oh dear .rando is the randomiser with his random digit on the pulse sorry yer randomness .
  13. You believe the daily record .i don’t
  14. So what ? maybe he got BO or is being disciplined for something unmentionable. in fact ,who cares.
  15. randomly chuffed that you agree with me.
  16. Braw.get a cracking midfielder from the budget to set up the strikers we already got.