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  1. real bell 7

    Rip Darren Bicket

    Gutted to hear this. Good lad worked wie him "few" years ago now. Top bloke
  2. Didn't no there was a meeting.......
  3. Should be ok. Eric remember clocks go forward this weekend
  4. real bell 7

    Sunday 23Rd Feb 2014 Weareperth Home

    I think it maybe due to recent weather they are trying to limit the use of the grass therefore cutting down on any maintenance issues that may arise.
  5. real bell 7

    Kenny Hunter Select Away February 9Th 2014

    Aye. Would prefer to come straight home after the game
  6. missus is away and all of a sudden another player drops out. ormonds seems to have signed john terry
  7. real bell 7

    Village Inn Bridge Of Earn

    highly recommend it. its open 7 days between 11 and 9 I think
  8. real bell 7

    Sunday 24Th November -Queens Park @home

    speak English boy
  9. real bell 7

    Sunday 24Th November -Queens Park @home

    why am I a no on this????????
  10. real bell 7

    Kenny Hunter Select Home November 3Rd 2013

    well played everyone. fighting to the end
  11. real bell 7

    Grangemouth Petro -Chemical Plant To Close

    did they not say the refinery would stay closed till the workers agree to the new conditions.