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  1. Spew

    Saturday 5th May Fir Park Corner v PSJ

    Who's this Kevin Riddell character?
  2. Spew

    Saturday 26th May PSJ v Livingston GS

    Maybe. Probably play for PSJ Classic at the QP 6s if we can get a team together
  3. Spew

    Saturday 19th Dunfermline v PSJ

    Should be fine for this one
  4. Im out unfortunately, away on a stag do. Destined never to play in a final for us
  5. Maybe. Will confirm nearer the time
  6. Spew

    Saturday 14th April PSJ v Real Maroon

    Maybe. Depends what time I start work
  7. Aye, think I should be good for that
  8. Spew

    Saturday 24th February PSJ v Troon Accies

    Still a bit sketchy what my shifts will be that weekend. A maybe for now
  9. Spew

    Saturday 17th February Dunfermline v PSJ

    Should be good for this one
  10. Spew

    Saturday 3rd February PSJ v Queen's Park

    Hopefully manage it before work. Good to see Real Maroon competing at the top level of Scottish football and taking on Saints in the afternoon. An inspiration to other ifa teams
  11. Im working a back shift but hopefully start late enough that I can make it
  12. Spew

    Saturday 28th October KaisAyr v PSJ

    Maybe. Hoping my ankle will be good by then...