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  1. Mike, admit it, it was you not your ST that was rejected
  2. Since more bought than last season....
  3. Will miss this as I will be having a wee stroll in the Alps somewhere. Will try and get it on Saints or Hibs tv.
  4. Not confident ,so have taken Livi to win on my fixed odds. I really hope I’m wrong...........
  5. Its our last competative game before the league season starts, of course the guy has to play.
  6. Has the Estonian cb turned up yet or was this just paper talk?
  7. Both Tommy and Steve are doing the best they can with what they’ve got, I doubt anyone else could do better in these circumstances. Like most clubs we need major investment, maybe we should be looking oversees for new investors/owners??
  8. Training wear just arrived, definitley need a size up from the Joma stuff. Sorry for no smiling, no been for a pint yet
  9. To be fair none of the squad have kicked a ball in 2919, I hope I’m around to see them do so.
  10. According to the pitchwear website, Macron’s sizes are smaller that of Joma. I’ve ordered some training wear from them (it did go on sale today despite what the OS and Twitter is saying), I’m normally XL but have ordered 2XL , just hope they are not too big. Got a text and email to say they will be delivered tomorrow. I’ve seen a photo of a well known Saints fan wearing his 3XL home and away tops and they look awful tight on him.
  11. On sale from today
  12. Barnsley after a 21yo Finnish CB from Leeds United according to this so, maybe their interest in Kerr is over?
  13. If it is, then another 400+ folk have bought since you did. I got an email by accident today confirming a west stand ticket purchase......... mine is for the East Stand and not the same order number.
  14. Stoke have allegedly had a £2 million plus bid accepted for Lindsay.
  15. Season ticket bought, hope I get to more games next season than the 4 I went to in the previous 2 seasons.