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    Those that think don't need to run. Those that run don't think.
  1. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    What a job Billy Brown is doing at the Blue Brazil
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    The secret seven have a list of all the players we are after.
  3. Tommy - Master Tactition or not?

    Time to get Billy Stark back. He'll change things.
  4. Lack of Ambition or Direction

    Gordon Parks of Joe Miller/Linfield fame? Think you can safely disregard anything he says entirely.
  5. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    Excellent, cheers folks.
  6. FK Trakai away - Europa League 6/7/2017

    This would be very useful to know. Cheers.
  7. New PSJ strips and sponsorship

    Excellent work on the sponsorship and strips Graeme, really good to see.
  8. PSJ News

    This would indicate that there are statistics available for all 18 seasons Not absolutely convinced all those mentioned there have played in all 18 but a fine achievement and a tribute to our longevity nonetheless.
  9. Quiet in Here

    Not sure how many of the Glasgow Saints are active on the forum these days Hendo to be honest. If you were able to get more of a social feel about the place then that could only be a good thing; the problem is getting folk to read what has been posted in here, unfortunately. If you were able to get a feed for our away leg shown somewhere then I'd certainly be interested in that as unfortunately I'll not be making the trip to Lithuania. I know a few Glasgow Saints that will be.
  10. Well done to the Burn for arranging this, was a very good day and the on-field performance was even surprisingly decent! Hopefully get to do the same again next year.
  11. Tommy for Rangers

    It would almost be worth the absolute seeth TW going to Aberdeen would cause amongst their delusional support for it to happen. Almost.
  12. Queens Park Sixes – PSJ Squad Following a long period of exile, Boran Olisadabe has been coaxed out of retirement to write a profile piece on those legendary men that will be representing PSJ at the Queens Park Sixes this coming Saturday. Boran had hoped his great friend and hated rival Andrew van der Beek would make the effort to do this but apparently he won’t be fit “until next season”. A large and experienced squad travel West on Saturday as PSJ seeks to replicate previous successes in this famous old tournament. Under the controversial stewardship of Michael Woodburn the team will arrive with significant expectation weighing heavily on their shoulders. I’m struggling to think of anything further to say introducing this piece so let’s simply list the players that will be involved and then make up some stuff about them. · Michael Woodburn The Burn has taken on organisational responsibilities for this event and for that we must be grateful. Whether he slips effortlessly back into his free scoring midfield role remains to be seen and there are significant worries in the camp that he will spend his day on a mission with some yellow soldiers. That sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Burn’s favourite colour is buffalo. · Kevin Riddell It is some time since “Kevin” has been seen, at least by this esteemed reporter. I’ll certainly be disappointed if his head does not still resemble a large nipple. A recent recipient of the PSJ lifetime achievement award, it is hoped his on field performance will prove to be better than his ability to accurately gather and report statistical information. Nips enjoys holidaying in North West Sweden. · Kevin Heller The Fresh Prince of Heller (a nickname not given the respect it deserves when originally proposed) will be looking to put his enhanced frame to good use over the course of the tournament. Reports that he recently mistook his brother Nuggets as an actual chicken nugget before eating him whole are entirely made up. Kevin has never eaten sushi. · James Johnston The state of James drug addled mind can be best summed up by his recent insistent protestations that his name is actually “Andrew”. James has recently graduated following a fifteen year period studying Douglas Frew. The team can only hope that any traffic issues are negotiated and that James emerges from his smack den in time for kick off. Jinky only has four fingers on his top hand. · Michael Dunbar Dunbar promises to put in a committed shift for a full three minutes before being hauled off due to injury. He is also looking forward to leading a group discussion on the financial consequences of Brexit before moving on to more philosophical considerations concerning the futility of existence. Dunbar has watched the Lion King 567 times. · Harold Barca Another man who seems to suffer extreme confusion as to what his name actually is, continually peddling the myth that it is Daniel Scott. Harold is a known liar and claims to own a number of motorbikes. Last seen working on his CV with no intention of actually sending it anywhere. Harold was born in the sleepy Norwegian fishing village of Reine. · Graeme Rodger The quiet man of the PSJ side, “Graeme” has endured severe moments of sadness in recent times, most recently in Hamilton. I’m sure this will garner the appropriate levels of sympathy from his teammates. Graeme continues to look nothing like Will Smith. At least not that one. Rodge once tried his hand at ceramics but it wasn’t for him. · Nick Elder Fatima Whitbread. · Alan Christie Alan issued a stern no comment when asked for a comment earlier. “No comment” were his exact words in fact. Alan remains unarguably the finest individual in the known universe.
  13. Saturday 27th May PSJ Player of Season Awards

    Looks great Graeme, well in. Douglas Frew will purchase raffle tickets for me this morning.