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    Those that think don't need to run. Those that run don't think.
  1. We'd have won comfortably if the FCU had been there.
  2. Saturday 1st April Troon Accies v PSJ

    Should be ok for this if you need players.
  3. Looks like you are well stocked for this one so I'll not add to your selection problems. Will hopefully get to the Saints game so catch some of you there.
  4. Nobody picked up on it because it's not true. We scored twice against Ross County in first game of cup defence. We were then honking against QOTS and then Kilmarnock the following season.
  5. Seating for Old Firm Home Matches

    Lets just ask to play the games at Celtic Park instead and see if Celtic will bung us some money for doing so. We should be grateful for anything they give us. The honour of being able to run out in front of the massed ranks of their support is worth more than any financial gain they might bring.
  6. Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    Thanks MS, appreciated. My desire to hear Andy Walker incorrectly name our players was too great so splashed out on a Now TV pass.
  7. Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    Cheers Broon, a good deal more helpful than the other posts. Ended up with a Now TV pass but that sounds a good option for the future.
  8. Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    It wasn't on BT Sport.
  9. Saints vs Celtic 05/02/17

    Anyone got a decent stream they could suggest for this? Cheers.
  10. Saints 7 - 2 Dundee

    There was a copy but it was accidentally destroyed by one of the kitchen staff apparently.
  11. Fartick v Saints 1/2/17

    Is Davidson out?
  12. Best Saints songs ever

    Ayr, Ayr, **** yer Ayr, Ayr, Ayr, **** yer Ayr, Ayr, Ayr, **** yer Ayr, **** your ****ing Ayr Beautiful in its simplicity
  13. Celtic - St Johnstone 25/1/17

    Foster is suspended.
  14. Saturday 21st January 2017 Dunfermline v PSJ

    Better be twitter updates for this.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Be disappointed if we've not at least made an enquiry. Saints would be the best place for him if he wanted to get a run of games in a familiar environment.