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  1. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    With language such as that are you not being a tad hypocritical
  2. Tommy for Rotherham???

    Think you may be referring to a BT sport match, possibly the Aberdeen Cup tie, it was Chris Sutton who did the interview in the Royal George hotel.
  3. Saints under 20's Season 2016/17
  4. David Wotherspoon

    From the Motherwell highlights it shows a Spoony cross but Macca definitely got a flick on it to take the ball over the Well defender onto Swanson. Not sure who gets the 'assist' in that case. Anyway great win and another deserved 3 points, although game looked quite end to end from highlights and could have gone the other way had Motherwell taken their chances.
  5. St.Johnstone official site

    now I'm really confused! He knows that and so do I.
  6. St.Johnstone official site

    have you phoned clubs and asked them if you are still on the email list? Did you fill out your email address when renewing your season ticket? Have you checked your spam folder or anti virus settings to see if these are reasons why you're no longer getting them? Just asking?
  7. St.Johnstone official site

    season ticket holders got Tommy's weekly email today with news on injury updates. Muzz available, Midge to be assessed and Beastie to return to training.
  8. David Wotherspoon

    happened to find this as came up as next unread but having looked at the last comment it would appear remarkably relevant. He had a decent game today and will probably be my MOM but this still appears to be his main weakness, outside box making a lateral run and tries to find Thomson but somehow passes straight to a Motherwell player. If he could cut this type of thing out and get his confidence sorted he would be quite a player. Before anyone accuses me of spoony bashing I like him as a player and just want him to be the best he can be.
  9. Alan Mannus: past his best?

    Just watched the highlights and don't think he was at fault for any of the goals but still don't think he commands his area enough. The free kick and the 3rd goals both took deflections. Regarding his presence at set pieces I think it's clearly a confidence issue with the defence that's in front of him.

    aye and unbearable dons fest on BBC
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    ando is not a leader and his decision making and passing is dreadful at times. His previous form was helped by wrights consistency and leadership.

    Watched one of the young dons fans who was so p*shed he stotted in front of a car who had to brake quickly to avoid hitting him he then continued onto the opposite pavement right in front of us and could barely stand up. His so called mates weren't even holding onto him. If he got into the game it makes a total mockery of why saints were denied the extra tickets.
  13. MOTM Saints 3 - Aberdeen 4 - 06/02/16

    Cummins Fisher Swanson and Scobbie were all pass marks. Midge shouldn't be starting if not fit enough. Went for fisher. (Mc)Mannus needs to command his box or should be replaced.
  14. MOTM Saints 3 - Aberdeen 4 - 06/02/16

    said exactly the same thing yesterday
  15. St. Johnstone FC V Aberdeen - Saturday 6th February 2016

    really? He played really well in as poor a poor defensive performance that I can remember. Scobbie was also good and could have had a hat trick. Andos decision making and passing once again in question. Shaunessy was great apart from the attempt at dribbling in the box but the pass from a do was totally unnecessary. Midfield looked much more creative without MOH and I have no fear once muzz is back in the team. If Millar is cramping up on 50 - 70 mins green he is clearly not fit enough and should not be starting games ahead of fit players. His lack of fitness is the ONLY reason spoony stayed on the pitch. Thomson should have been on in the 10 minute spell in the second half, where saints were in the ascendency. Cummins and Kane looked good together as Macca doesn't have the pace for these type of games. Too many decisions relating to stature and reputation over the last few weeks and as much as you like or loath the man that was something lomas was not guilty of.