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  1. Not before time they are very dated with the stupid orange plastic seats outside them.
  2. rickardo


    Was it no a chemist ?
  3. Aye we are never mind the stats . We are pish. End of.
  4. Not one of the worst teams in the league, the WORST team in the league by a country mile ,this team the way it is wouldn’t win the 2nd division .Sad.
  5. Respect for Saints no 1 sadistic post of the season .
  6. Think you need a bit of pussy .Ya looney.
  7. Mate at my work who is a Dunfermline season ticket holder couldn’t agree more ,says they are a far improved team and not just defensively since the arrival of Calum.
  8. Go to reply then click on the Paper clip below , will let you post a pic out your library . Hope this helps.
  9. Never mind Umbro ,time to get Broggie back
  10. And people ask why the crowds are so shite ? Wimpish performances like that do **** all to help.
  11. He’s not allowed to do that . F uckin hate Partick
  12. Think we managed to sign a Steven Morrissey . Should be a laugh in the dressing room . There is a light that never goes out you know.
  13. Aye maybe in height but Scougall was only about 5 stone soaking wet.
  14. 0.0 Saints still not had a shot at goal . Celtic commentators said Saints were no more a threat than Airdrie or St Mirren . Fannies.