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  1. Surprise surprise were on last on sportscene , ****in bbc wanks
  2. Definitely the top of Simpson park that’s Hunters on the left . God rest the Jeanie club
  3. rickardo

    Euro Memories

    Here’s a couple from the wonderful Lucerne.
  4. That brought back memories ,not remembered that for yonks .Belter.
  5. Absolute shambles , why is it always us that this shit happens to ?
  6. Aye but we could be bigger if people wanted it to be ,this “small club” mentality is really starting to get on my tits , get some of the so called money we have spent on some new faces before we’re all doddling along to our “small club” in the 1st division where a lot of people on here seem to believe that’s where we belong .
  7. Head count. Who’s all popping over this week ? Me and 5 flying over on Friday till Sunday . = 6
  8. Not before time they are very dated with the stupid orange plastic seats outside them.
  9. rickardo


    Was it no a chemist ?
  10. Aye we are never mind the stats . We are pish. End of.
  11. Not one of the worst teams in the league, the WORST team in the league by a country mile ,this team the way it is wouldn’t win the 2nd division .Sad.