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  1. Danny Swanson

    He's injured
  2. Tommy for Rangers

    Doubt if Utd will offer a 3/4 year deal as if manager doesn't produce the results it costs to sack them. More likely a short term deal with option of rolling contract/ longer deal if the target of getting back into premier league is achieved
  3. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    Good to see the away support behaving in their usual manner with what looked like food and an empty drink bottle thrown onto pitch near Mannus.
  4. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    Hate to say it but Midgey chasing shadows. Still in it but need to score first at the restart, if they get another then think we won't get a chance. Zippy has had two clear chances, Macca playing too far back and Scougall better when he can play through the middle.
  5. What Dreams Are Made of

    That would be fantastic, hope this can be done as I would definitely be bidding for one. Really sorry not to be able to attend due to ill health, can I buy a programme from somewhere? Best wishes for a great night and here's hoping that there is a bumper crowd there for a true Saints legend and all round nice guy.
  6. Aberdeen v Saints 30/9/17

    Poor team today, Tommy's selection and formation wrong. Think we allowed ourselves to get carried away with our start as we certainly haven't been playing well. Really struggling to see where our goals will come from once Mikey has to go back. Back to the drawing board and to basics. Very poor show.
  7. Aberdeen v Saints 30/9/17

    For goodness sakes Saints, Rooney again !
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    As to Saints SLO, I personally can vouch for the fact that they have assisted me and friends/fellow supporters with several issues over the past season.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    The communication is about safety, issues around supporters attending matches, ticket problems,match day issues, info on accessibility/parking/prices etc. It is not about informing supporters about who is leaving Saints in terms of staff , playing staff or support staff. The SLO can relay issues that supporters have about attending/supporting their team whether that is at home or away
  10. Lack of Ambition or Direction

    As others have said perhaps Storey etc decided not to take up any offer from Saints. Yes, I would love to see a good striker or two here but the difficulty is who, can we afford them and would they come. Hopefully there will be someone who either wants to come to Perth, get first team football and set themselves up for a bigger move or perhaps someone who feels they have achieved all they can at their current club and wants a fresh challenge. As to Kane, I am glad he will be racking up game time and hopefully will come back to us a better player. Doesn't seem all that long ago when folks on here were moaning about Stevie May not having the ability to make the grade/the championship being his level, hoping he would be moved on etc.
  11. Kilmarnock (A) - Premiership - 05/08/17

    Have just read the comments from Boyd re Saints and winning dirty tactics, unbelievable!! Boyd is one sore loser and I have always disliked his greetin pus ; well you know what Boyd, Saints scored two cracking goals, stuck to the task even when Killie put the pressure on and the end result was 3 points for the team who play for each other. Killie are fast becoming the mini gers
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I sponsored Keith last season, he really is a nice guy. Think he was unlucky with injuries especially the last one. Having said that he had been doing a lot of work himself to get fit along with physio work. Hope he gets a move soon as clearly isn't in Tommys plans and he just wants to be playing.
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Really happy with this, welcome home MOH. Hopefully he will regain his confidence and show the form that made him a favourite. Tommy will sort him out.
  14. Friendlies

    Ah but the new thug Ryan Jack has hurt Ando in a bad tackle, going to be getting a scan
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Really, were you at the game?! Whilst I would agree that I don't want Murray at Saints ( not good enough ) his antics weren't a total embarrassment. Yes the first penalty appeal wasn't one and he did make a meal of it but the second one was a penalty never a dive. I was there and saw it. On another topic Accies were up to their usual tactics with time wasting, feigning injury and surrounding the officials at every possible occasion. Horrible team and supporters who I would quite happily never see again.