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  1. Elise Christie (split from Celtic match thread)

    That “daft” lassie has endured more physical tests and pain than some of our footballers would be greetin’ at. As to crying on an almost hourly basis, well I don’t blame her. Four years hard work gone and an Olympic medal chance gone in seconds , mentally and emotionally she will be all over the place but she didn’t go and hide. Instead she went and spoke to all the media who were queuing up to question her. “Daft” - No, Honest - Yes
  2. Ok, so think I will go do something else other than watch sky sports give me depressing scoreline from Tynecastle
  3. Not at the match so difficult to form any judgement but totally surprised that Midge has been hooked as he is a good midfielder for us in games like this. Seems as if Tommy has something against Midge. Not totally impressed by the team selection and it would be bloody Kyle Lafferty who scores against us. Only thing lifting my depression is the fact that the Dees are also a goal down. COYS get it sorted for the second half
  4. Good bye Zippy

    Wishing him all the best, shame that it didn't work out here for him and Saints.
  5. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    Does anyone know if Saints are running buses through?
  6. Is this the winter of our discontent?

    Beginning to get annoyed with TW's comments re not getting much from Brown e.g money for trip abroad. As others have stated it doesn't always mean a guarantee of team winning/playing well on their return. Surely professional players can knuckle down and do what is needed here. Sometimes it is TW's tactics and stubborn loyalty to certain players that are costing us points. Wonder if there is some sort of unsettledness or falling out going on. Perhaps things like the NI job are niggling away at him too. Let's hope it all gets sorted/settled during this break. We need to get the feel good team factor back.
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Jason Kerr scoring again today, hope he brings this form back to Saints.
  8. Saints v Dundee

    Not good enough from Saints. Really think that Foster needs dropped/binned. As to TW , think he has issues with Brown over releasing money but I wasn't exactly over joyed by today's line-up. Regroup, re think and give Comrie and Gordon a run in the team. Doubt if top six is within our reach this season. Providing that we were not in the relegation mix I would like to use the second half of the season to blood some of the youngsters more, give them a chance to get bedded in whilst playing decent teams. Scougall has ability and skill but needs to be played in the correct position. We need a creative midfielder in the Chris Millar mould too, someone who can break up play and play a forward pass. Let's hope our new striker can find the net quickly. Home form is stinking.
  9. Saints v Dundee

    Unfortunately it was us !
  10. Saints v Dundee

    Jesus Christ Saints! Too many yellows, this is not the way to play the Dees, McCann has found our achilles in terms of discipline and has clearly set them up to niggle and get fouls. Hate to say it so early but probably game over for us. Changes at the winter break badly needed.
  11. Saints v Dundee

    Ffs Saints! And we should know all about Haber! Grrr
  12. Saints v Dundee

    Surprised to see Muzz back. Hopefully O'Dea will get red carded. Was hoping to see Midge being involved but probably being played too much so might get a second half role. As to Cummins, shame that he never seemed to get his confidence going and didn't really shine for us. If he is away then I wish him all the best and presume that he is returning to Cork City. Really need 3 points here Saints , would like to return to my work in the New Year and have something to be smug about as I am surrounded by Dees at work.
  13. Ranger's v st Johnstone 16/12/17

    Thank you Dave H. Watching those clips have made my Sunday brighter. What a result!
  14. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    No fight, no dig , no passion. Yards off the pace, workrate wasn't there tonight, very little attempt to close down the Dons. Passing was abysmal. No-one looking for the ball and no bite or drive from midfield. Thought Scougall was our best player but he is going to get frustrated at the lack of support. Mikey not at the races today either. Body language of the team didn't look good, seems like a huge lack of belief/confidence. Perhaps I am being cynical but has the heart or team spirit been damaged since Chris Millar was effectively dropped/told he wouldn't feature very often. Tonight we were crying out for his style of play. Frozen stiff and a late night drive back to Dundee. Badly need a refreshed team and on this form we will definitely be bottom 6 .