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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I have seen a lot of Murray during his time at Tannadice . He misses more chances than scores, starts off at any team he has been at very well and then gradually becomes less and less involved . Don’t think he is our answer apart from being able to run about lots but would be happy to be proved wrong. He is a through and through Dee and will want to stay there if he can.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Swanson was immense today and bullied Brown off the ball twice
  3. Just back in the house. Disappointed not have got a point. I do think that Tommy was wrong to chose Zander today, I think Mannus would have had a cooler head/ impact. Too many hoof balls, much better play when we kept it on the ground. Tanser needs to beat his man more. Defence was awful at clearing crosses today. Willock had to go before he got red carded. As to Macca, what a legend, vaulting the boards to retrieve ball for a Saints throw. Dee players doing their usual throwing themselves to the ground at every opportunity. McCann is still a little shite plus the two Dee bell ends standing near the corner at our end who were gesturing at us when they scored their second.
  4. Alan Mannus

    Club confirm that Alan Mannus leaving Saints at end of season to go back to Ireland. He has been a fantastic player for us and was another of our cup heroes and played his part in our European adventures. He is a nice guy and was such a good mentor for Zander and the younger goalies. Great role model for young players. I will really miss him but so glad he played for Saints and did such a good job. Wish you well Alan as you return home.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Sorry to hear Alan Mannus is leaving at end of season. Another great servant to the club gone
  6. Post Split

    Dundee away! Round two better keep Zander away from McCann !
  7. John Lambie RIP

    Sad news. Another Saints great gone. Thanks for all you did John Lambie. RIP
  8. Chris Millar Testimonial

    Cheers slf
  9. Chris Millar Testimonial

    The S** newspaper has a brief piece on Chris Miller’s testimonial, saying that there will be an event in Perth with Stuart Cosgrove at end of month (May?). Does anyone know what else is lined up, is there an organising committee etc. Hoping that he gets a good testimonial as he has been a great player for us, never hides and has been fully committed to the club and fans. Definitely a role model for younger players. Would love to see him get a one year deal with perhaps a coaching/training role but resigned to the fact that he is likely to be away so hoping that we can at least give him a good send off.
  10. Kerr did well, Williams was the MOM for me. As others have said Muzz was booked for his first foul. The main stand linesman was awful, clearly missing or getting calls wrong but judging by the way his arms were pinned to his sides he obviously had been told by Collum not to make decisions. Tanner had good turn of speed but can lack in the final delivery. A woman sitting in the back row gave Mannus pelters for pushing away a shot , she didn’t acknowledge the fact that it was a hard low shot that took a vicious dip and bobble, better to push it out rather than have it spin up and back into the path of an attacker. Agree with Broon’s comments re Foster, he really thinks he has it all. Not a great game but it would have been unjust if Saints had lost. Would like to see Liam Gordon , McClean and some of the others getting a run in the final games . On a brighter note the Dees got humped.
  11. Dundee v Saints

    Is todays Zander's appearance before the beaks after the McCann slap?
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Wednesday will be too early for Richard Foster but he will definitely be in the squad for Saturday. “Callum Hendry has returned to full training but will need a few more days on the pitch before he would be considered. “Brian Easton is now pain-free and has settled down. We just need to increase his workload now. “Stefan Scougall is doing really well and David McMillan has been able to do a bit of running. “We have the view that he will be a couple of weeks away. It has been a tough time for us in terms of injuries.
  13. Infrastructure

    Yes it is cheaper with the syrup kit instead of cans but beware the drawback is the time element in pouring the fizzy drinks from a dispenser, it takes ages at Tannadice for them to fill one of the cups as they have to wait for it to die down before filling it up to the top. I am happy enough with a can.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    According to Tommy in the Courier, Foster probably ready for game after Hamilton. Easton doing training and McMillan is hopefully going to feature before end of season. Think it was in todays Courier. I think McMillan will be a good addition for us.
  15. Dundee v Saints

    Fan feckin tactic! Couldn’t care about the weather, take that and party McCann and the Dees. Oh how much am I going to enjoy work on Monday morning. Well done to Saints today, Chris Millar outstanding again today. Great to see Tommy happy again. 3 point heaven especially welcome against the Dees