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  1. General belief was that May was walking away from Aberdeen without any pay off. This means I guess he is likely to want as close to his current wage elsewhere. If we can’t match it and May himself clearly wants to come to us, are we trying to help negotiate a payment from Aberdeen which sees him released and us then being able to get closer to what he would want?
  2. Love the way we roll! The support are up in arms about the May deal collapsing so we'll give them a lift by announcing Vihmann only to shatter them again with the news that Clarks new deal isn't forthcoming. The life of a Saints fan!
  3. I don't think anyone is denying that his desire to sign for St Johnstone wasn't there. Is it inconceivable however to think that his desire to earn more coin wasn't greater?
  4. I'm not particularly convinced by your belief that it is our prudence that allows us to compete with the "big guns" or even that we "constantly" do that. A season here and there finishing above expectation recently has perhaps clouded your memory.
  5. Not to mention the fact the McMillan who likely would have taken said spot in the squad is alienated further by being sent to play in a Saints XI against Blairgowrie. It is looking increasingly likely now that we will need to run with him as an attacking option this season.
  6. Makes it all the more annoying that Vine was there given all that had gone on. Almost like he was there to gloat.
  7. I'd suggest the fact that he is almost 37 and not played in the top league for a number of years, could be just as big a problem
  8. Signing for Utd on Monday apparently.
  9. I wouldn’t have to as it tends to be fairly forthcoming on the job advert. It’s also not something that puts me up nor down. Football can often be quite transparent in that regard too. Different strokes and all that.
  10. Born in Perth but I’ll allow you to be pedantic and over scrupulous all you like. Have a nice day.
  11. You can’t? He’s from Perth and happens to remain in touch with people from Perth, who knew!? As i said, what I’m not sure of is in what capacity it was and I didn’t say who the offer was made to.
  12. Had heard last Friday it was looking like he was coming back. Not sure in what capacity It was though. Think we had offered around the £2k mark. Not heard anything since though so who knows.