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  1. I wouldn’t have to as it tends to be fairly forthcoming on the job advert. It’s also not something that puts me up nor down. Football can often be quite transparent in that regard too. Different strokes and all that.
  2. Born in Perth but I’ll allow you to be pedantic and over scrupulous all you like. Have a nice day.
  3. You can’t? He’s from Perth and happens to remain in touch with people from Perth, who knew!? As i said, what I’m not sure of is in what capacity it was and I didn’t say who the offer was made to.
  4. Had heard last Friday it was looking like he was coming back. Not sure in what capacity It was though. Think we had offered around the £2k mark. Not heard anything since though so who knows.
  5. Alternative points of view and healthy discussion, yes. Not quite how you came across initially. Your belief however that we could release McMillan and go into the season with Kane and Hendry alone is questionable at best.
  6. Jesus! You now can’t see my point or Widge’s. Not sure that a forum or football for that matter is for you. Do you actually have a point yourself or are you intent on trying to start an argument!? Also stickers? Sounds like something you’d find on the list of Rangers creditors beside the face painter. It’s strikers we need!
  7. If you actually read it, it is quite clear. If McMillan leaves, he feels we need two strikers. Tend to agree. Do I think that will happen though, probably not.
  8. Still very much between us and Utd from what I am being led to believe. No idea whether it is a loan or permanent deal but as you'd expect, Utd's offer beats ours. Theirs is in the same ball park of what we very publicly offered him when he left for Wednesday. At the time the suggestion was that, that would have made him the highest paid player in our history if i remember correctly.
  9. So we told him at the beginning of last year he was free to find another club yet he went on to sign a new one year deal. Something not adding up there for me.
  10. Is that code for i realise i was being a tool and I'm going to pretend i was fishing!? Sounds like it.
  11. Other forum for that nonsense! Former player who is likely still in contract until the end of the month! Also one in particular that the majority of fans would have liked to stay and therefore will want to see fixed up somewhere as soon as possible. Aside from that, he is also in the middle of his testimonial year with a game to come next month! Deserves a lot more respect than that!
  12. I'm sure the ground staff know what they are doing... I am by no means an expert but would suggest that have 000's of people trampling seed into the soil underneath may not be a bad thing.
  13. I had the same phone call yesterday. The first call I've had granted since I ordered it more than two months ago. Appreciate it may not have been the clubs fault but for all the time it took the guy to call and update me, more of that level of communication would have helped.
  14. I meant match balls but even still, poor show. I also am happy to hear it disguises the belly!