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  1. He’s from Kinross. May well have a KY postcode.
  2. I cannot get through on the phone. Anyone else had any issues?
  3. Really worrying stuff. Haven’t felt this glum since Stark was manager.
  4. She had previously worked at Kilmarnock, but I don't think particularly recently, so not quite accurate to say she was recruited from them. I agree it's odd so little has been made of her appointment.
  5. Genuinely surprised anyone can find a reason not to pay respects to someone who has succumbed to such a nasty disease. I understand what you are trying to say Random, but afraid I can’t agree, especially, as Soulful stated on radio yesterday, given one of our own legends (Don McVicar) also suffered horribly from MND.
  6. Disagree. But for the sake of discussion who would you bring in?
  7. I have it on good authority that Stevie May is to take up a new player/chief executive role and will announce himself as a new signing. This is thought to be a first for Scottish football but is a well proven practice in other sports such as ice hockey, polo and powerboat racing. Saints have been keen to keep this under wraps for fear of other clubs copying this new model and it seems the shenanigans of the past few weeks have in fact been a well planned and executed smokescreen. If this turns out to be accurate, Saints may have played a blinder. Exciting times!
  8. Next up Killie, who have arguably had a worse couple of months than us. With signs of improvement from Saints and the possibility of a new striker this could be a cracker, or not.
  9. Ok, so the issue is not the donating per se, it’s the funding of a specific player. I understand that. others would feel they would only donate if the club was in trouble. I’m genuinely interested in how fundraising might be used to help the club, so a very useful thread.