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  1. Am I blind? I can find nothing about ticket info for the Linfield game here.
  2. Thought so. Will phone McD. Either they've cocked up or my postie is a coag!
  3. Is anyone else still waiting for their renewal pack?
  4. Dundee United are (still) shite!
  5. scumbag. will never forgive him for that assault on Simon Lappin at Tannadice.
  6. still an important source of info for me
  7. Found them. Now at: https://www.ru-active.co.uk/
  8. BLK seem to have disappeared. If you try to go to their website (blksport.co.uk) it now takes you to the parent company in Australia whilst Saints page just comes up with an error message. Can't find anything online to clear up what is going on apart from mentions of older/historic insolvency issues.
  9. asked this in the club shop on Saturday. They are expecting polo shirts as modelled by the two gentlemen who staff the shop, but they didn't know when they'd show up. Don't know if there will be a wider range.
  10. Not having that. Andy may not have been the most graceful, but he knocked his pan in, made assists and scored goals. Unconventional but effective, and a Saints legend. Doubt Coulson will be remembered with much fondness in 35 years time.
  11. I've got a load of them in a bin liner in the loft and slightly more recent ones still get worn about the house. I've thought of framing them too but as you say BH that's expensive. I don't have any signed though, they're just bog standard replicas. Kids (or if I ever have any) grandkids might be interested in them one day.
  12. Absolutely gutted to learn of this. He was manager when I really started watching Saints regularly in the late 70s/early 80s. Really awful news.