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  1. Chance to see some comedy - without even attending the fringe!
  2. Ok, so the issue is not the donating per se, it’s the funding of a specific player. I understand that. others would feel they would only donate if the club was in trouble. I’m genuinely interested in how fundraising might be used to help the club, so a very useful thread.
  3. Fair enough, and I apologise for suggesting you don’t care. Still don’t think it’s a bad idea though. I would consider donating to the club as part of a structured scheme for the first team squad and there may be others willing to do so. what I don’t understand though is why the strong reactions against doing so? Genuine question.
  4. Correct, in fact the Directors have had to put very significant amounts of their own money into the club. Given this and the huge amount of unpaid work they do, I don’t think we can begrudge them a bowl of soup and a wee steak pie!
  5. Why not. Don’t you care about your club? Nobody would force you to do so, but if you could afford it why shouldn’t fans offer to help the club out?
  6. He can be quite pacy and dangerous but not what we need.
  7. Yep, Wighton's not a bad (impact) player but is not and never has been an out and out striker.
  8. actually there is a link on the "shop" tab at the top of the webpage to pitch teamwear. If you go into the club's own section though, I agree it's fairly sparse, and not a fair reflection of what can be had from the shop on matchdays. The scrolling section of sponsors along the bottom of the shop section still lists TTL as teamwear suppliers!!
  9. don't think so, try here: https://www.pitchteamwear.com/st--johnstone-fc
  10. We went to the game. Literally boys v men. The lads did really well until 75 minutes. Actually got a caramel wafer at the turnstile!
  11. Let’s move on before we kill each other. Chance to regroup and start to put things right.
  12. My point is it’s all very well saying he needs money, but where’s it going to come from? The Board will put long term sustainability over short term glory every time, and so they should, or we’ll end up with **** all to do on a Saturday.
  13. Jonathan Sutherland is a ****ing prick.
  14. Feel free to empty your bank account to give it to Tommy. The board will be providing all they can so if you’ve got some spare pass it on.
  15. Really really poor result, but ridiculous to call for Tommy’s head. Some belters saying we should be splashing the cash, that somehow the Board have millions ferreted away. Get a ****ing life. We are living through the most successful period in our history yet we struggle to get 2500 fans through the door. It’s a miracle we aren’t mid table championship or worse. Time for a major reality check for some fans.
  16. No shame losing to Celtic away, but this is seriously embarrassing.
  17. Get Rowan Vine in as player manager. All our problems solved!
  18. but will it though? Or will it just be another ****ing useless **** from the League of Ireland?
  19. Bit harsh. Unless you can name someone who’d do a better job.
  20. Oh well, every cloud......
  21. why don’t we just ****ing sign Vine?