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  1. How many of those games were 10 minutes off the bench? Plus over the course of a season that’s a striker with 8/9 goals. Which is more than they managed combined last season and more than Kane’s managed in about 3 seasons. You’re providing the facts to screw up your own argument.
  2. Hendry should be playing ahead of Kane as an impact sub. He’s a habit of making something happen off the bench and is at least willing to have a go at goal and doesn’t shy away from getting involved and driving forward.
  3. Why is everyone intent on putting Callum Booth and centre back, despite him never playing there and being a specialist left back?
  4. O’Halloran wasn’t man marking against Morherwell. At times he was basically standing parallel to May, forcing Grimshaw to stay back and mark him. When Grimshaw did go forward, often O’Halloran was playing catch up, which his pace allows him to do. From where I was sitting he was being told to play higher up. No point in telling Drey Wright to specifically do that, cause he’s so good at going back to front in an instance. The number of times he ended up covering for Ralston who had got caught was past counting on one hand.
  5. Switch the laptop off, take the dog for a walk and stop spouting pish. You’re posts immediately after games are embarrassing and negative to the extreme, take time to reflect and calm down before posting rational nonsense instead of the above.
  6. Wait a minute. You’re calling for Wright’s head and when asked for a suggestion, you plump for Paul Hartley? Ok from now on, I’ll be disregarding anything you say as total nonsense and lunacy. Thanks for highlighting this.
  7. Thing is we had 3 clear cut chances in that match, O’Halloran, McCann and Kane and only one was a reasonable effort. If we take those chances we score 3 goals and take confidence from it. It’s frustrating that none fell to May, who despite having flaws, can hit a ball and it’ll stay hit.
  8. Was the first effort that looked more over the line frankly, that one never looked convincing.
  9. Given Morelos took quite a few knocks last night, I’m assuming Defoe will start for them. Good news as Morelos has run us ragged in the last and they’re a totally different animal without him. Quietly optimistic if we can get to half time level again.
  10. Given the amount of money SSE already give saints every year, don’t see them increasing it somehow.
  11. That we need to sign a striker and if we let McMillan go, it’ll need to increase to 2. Also that they should score more than last seasons pool. If you’re going to make sarcastic comments, at least read what’s written before diving in with both feet and looking like a bit of a fool. Cause it appears everyone else understands the point.
  12. I’d expect McMillan to move on, which would leave us with 2 strikers, one who’s untested but promising and another who we know won’t score goals. If McMillan does leave, we need to be brining in 2 strikers I’d suggest, whether one of them is Stevie May, then fine, but I won’t be happy if we go into the season with those three plus O’Halloran a season out forward options. Admittedly we played last season with a set of strikers who got 8 league goals between them and I’d expect that to be bettered this season, but that’s not the point.
  13. It was the under 18 virtually, which is why saints haven’t even acknowledged the game on any platform. So by all means carry on your grip, but it’s so far wide of the mark it’s almost come back around! Anyone who cares about a result in a friendly match should really know better frankly. Who cares!
  14. County get a home game to start by virtue of being league champions, or so I believe.
  15. Being pedantic, there was only 9 technically.