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  1. Widge

    Have we underachieved this season?

    Why will be in trouble? These are the same players that had us 4th at one point and comfortably safe from relegation? A few better players would have us top 6 Form won’t carry over 3 months.
  2. Widge

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    You’re tell me that he should have scored a 25 yard curling effort on his weaker foot? There’s no point in even arguing further if you believe that, that’s just crazy. His “free header” was also on about the penalty spot and absolutely fired at him, would of been an incredible header.
  3. Widge

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    Theres a difference between losing a couple of headers to a guy with a running jump and not being solid. People critisise Tanser a lot, but for a large part of the season and again last night he’s got a winger in front of him who’s not the best at tracking back, leaving him 2 on 1 constantly. There’s only so much he can do alone.
  4. Widge

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    Well that’s just nonsense isn’t it! He missed a chance to shoot and had one speculative effort saved, but other than that, he didn’t get a sniff!
  5. Widge

    MOTM Game 40: Saints 2 v 0 Dundee

    Tanser was absolutely fine last night? Won tackles and headers, only time his man went past wasn’t either on the break or when they moved inside away from him.
  6. Widge

    St.Johnstone V Dundee - Wednesday 3rd April

    I think it will be the smallest Dundee crowd for years to be honest. Complete apathy from both sets of fans for this and they seem resigned to their fate with McIntyre in charge. Lucky to break the 4k mark I reckon.
  7. Widge

    Saints v Saints 16/3/2019

    I think that’s definitely true. Goals against Hibs last season and the one against St Mirren show he’s instinctive. Even the volley he had, no thinking, just hit it. Would I trust him to score a one on one, almost certainly not. But to half volley a half chance in the box, yeah probably would trust him. Problem is, he’s a poacher, the rest of his game is lacking. A number of times against St Mirren he picked up the ball and took several touches before laying it off. Each time I thought of it had been Watt, he’d have span on the spot and pushed forward towards the goal and committed men. However I don’t think Kane would have missed some of the chances Watt has this season, so if we could somehow combine them, that’d be great.
  8. Widge

    MOTM Game 38: Saints 1 v 0 St Mirren

    It’s a lot easier to not let a striker in behind when you’re playing in the middle of the pitch. St Mirrens strikers got in with balls down the channel, anything over the top down the middle is just headed away.
  9. Widge

    Saints vs Livi - 9/3/19

    Wow lots of interest for this one I see. Two teams in woeful form and have scored 4 goals in their last 8 games combined. So a high scoring game in store I suspect. I’ll be there, pretty sure the last time I watched a saints game at Livi, Nick McKoy played and we lost in extra time after a Liam Craig goal. Other notable games include Dave Mackay scoring a free kick against us at least once and Leigh Griffiths wonder volley to beat our long unbeaten streak. So potentially not a happy hunting ground apart from our success early in the season.
  10. Widge

    St.Johnstone v Aberdeen Saturday 23rd Feb

    Tanser and Kerr are the only ones to come out of Saturday with pass marks. I really felt for Scott as time and time again he was left exposed with several men and stuck to his task well. In fact he was arguably the only player in the team to actually run and take a man on successfully. The most telling moment for me is when at 1-0 down, Shaughnessy had the ball and 20 yards clear space in front of him and he just stood still. Aberdeen didn’t close down and he was too scared to push on. Kerr on the other hand at one point went maurading into midfield forcing an Aberdeen player out of position and creating space for Craig I think who then could create going forward.
  11. Widge

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    So you want us to go into next season with the strikers we’ve got signed up? So that’ll be Kane, McMillan and I think Hendry. We’d score fewer goals than we do now!
  12. Widge

    Murray Davidson

    Wouldn’t have called Callachan a ball player either. He’s like a younger Davidson.
  13. Widge

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Whilst I never thought this day would come, Cagey is correct with one of his statements. Go back to the formation and tactics which were working so well, change for the sake of change wasn’t needed.
  14. Think you’ll find there’s quite a bit between the teams in the league. The table gives an indication of how bad 3/4 teams actually are.
  15. Widge

    MOTM Game 27 Scottish Cup Saints 2 v 0 Hamilton

    Defence wasn’t tested, but I have it Callachan simply for his energy and drive the whole match. Didn’t stop running and his willlingess to get forward is what brought the second goal. Centrebacks were pretty faultless all game, except Joes slight brain fart.