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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    He wouldn't make so many last ditch tackles if he was in the correct position in the first place. It's James McPake syndrome, these are the things fans notice and love, but compare to Steven Anderson who can defend properly, he rarely makes these tackles.
  2. Saints Kit 2017/18

    I like that strip, the sleeves are a bit different, but retro kits had it and it worked. I'd be very happy with that as our kit for next season. As for the sponsor, get rid of the saltires and just have the name and we'll be fine. Can't go wrong with simple white text.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Yeah and we didn't have the ability to recall him otherwise we would have. He's thrown big Comrie and Smith on at Hamilton without hesitation and Thompson seems to be getting time ahead of Coulson now.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Affords definition is to have enough money to pay for. We can afford it without affecting the budget, we just won't. Just accept you're wrong no matter what way you try and justify it. I've never once said we'll pay it, but to suggest we can afford him is and I'll say it again, blatantly wrong. You're not the all seeing messiah of saints financial situation and frankly I'm back to being fed up with you spouting made up, speculative figures on here, which are quite frankly nonsense. It's time you got called out on this self proclaimed guru aura you try and present. You're as clueless as the rest of us into all of this.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    That's not what you've said though is it? You've quite categorically stated that we can't afford Mallan which is simply wrong, unless he costs sereral million. We could if we wanted to sign him.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I disagree. I don't think their £200k will have changed much, since he's got a year less on his deal. Throw in 10% sell on clause and they'd most likely take it. We can afford him, quite easily and he's the sort of player you'd sell on because he'll use us as a stepping stone. Im not saying we will sign him or even bid, but the notion we couldn't afford him is yet more hyperbolic, sensationalist pish from yourself as usual. Even if it was a higher fee, saints can easily afford it, they may not want to pay it, but to say we can't afford him is utter bollocks.
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I suspect Andreu is out of our range unfortunately, but I'd bite your hand off for him. Stevie Mallan must be one of the most coveted players in Scotland, he'll be away down south for sure, although I suspect we could offer something St Mirren would consider.
  8. Aberdeen vs Saint Johnstone Sat. 29th April

    What better way to show endear himself to Hibs fans and get it up his old employer, by stopping Hearte getting Europe? I'd plau him tbh.

    Kinda sums up you're unintelligent and very backwards opinion. It's unfortunately people like you who despite maybe following saints for years don't have a place amongst supporters.
  10. St. Johnstone v Aberdeen. Saturday 15th April 2017

    Quite possibly the worst result we could have gotten today. Albeit McInnes will undoubtably now rotate his squad which might help us.
  11. Saints v Hearts 5/4/17

    I'm not sure you even watch saints? We're not down to the bear bones at all in midfield. We're missing 1 player who's been mince for months and have everyone else available. He'll play Alston, Davidson, Paton, Craig and Spoony in midfield on Wednesday and that still leaves Chris Miller and Coulson on the bench. Thompson should be nowhere near the team. Especially since we could play 2 up front and have an extra midfielder available. As for needing pace, we've played 3/4 of the season without it and seem to be doing alright. Why do we need it all of a sudden? I'm not saying we don't, but changing our approach and style of play to accommodate a slightly quicker and less able player is totally nonsense.
  12. Saints v Hearts 5/4/17

    Assume you weren't at Hamiltonn then? Since for 45 minutes of the match Smith was defending against 2 men at all times and didn't once get beaten on the overlap. Also to completely contradict yourself, if he was up against "nothing" as you say, how would you know he can't deal with other opponents. You've nothing to base that upon other than your own a fanciful opinion. As for why you'd play Thompson when you have Wotherspoon on the bench is a complete mystery, surely you've not included him just because he's a bit quicker?
  13. Accies away!

    Why the hell would we throw in untried youngsters and players not to as high a standard as we've got? Just for the sake of it? Like we've nothing to play for? Why are saints fans so obsessed with throwing in below par youngsters to see what they're like.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    No they're the same type of folk who realise that we need another striker and one who knows the club and the league, as well as having notable attributes is exactly what is required. Rather take Tade on knowing what you get than a random punt or even worse nobody.
  15. Run in for Europe

    The issue is a lot of people only see the home games, where we're by and large this season, awful. They miss the great displays in the highlands or in Motherwell, so it's very easy to form an opinion based on what you see in front of you. Which is entirely fair, sometimes fans need to perhaps grasp the entire picture and not just what's in plain sight.