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  1. That we need to sign a striker and if we let McMillan go, it’ll need to increase to 2. Also that they should score more than last seasons pool. If you’re going to make sarcastic comments, at least read what’s written before diving in with both feet and looking like a bit of a fool. Cause it appears everyone else understands the point.
  2. I’d expect McMillan to move on, which would leave us with 2 strikers, one who’s untested but promising and another who we know won’t score goals. If McMillan does leave, we need to be brining in 2 strikers I’d suggest, whether one of them is Stevie May, then fine, but I won’t be happy if we go into the season with those three plus O’Halloran a season out forward options. Admittedly we played last season with a set of strikers who got 8 league goals between them and I’d expect that to be bettered this season, but that’s not the point.
  3. It was the under 18 virtually, which is why saints haven’t even acknowledged the game on any platform. So by all means carry on your grip, but it’s so far wide of the mark it’s almost come back around! Anyone who cares about a result in a friendly match should really know better frankly. Who cares!
  4. County get a home game to start by virtue of being league champions, or so I believe.
  5. Being pedantic, there was only 9 technically.
  6. Why? He does this off his own back and for nothing it should be added. He doesn’t owe anyone on here anything let alone an explanation or an apology. If you can’t go without a forum for three days and expect and explanation as to why it disappeared then that’s slightly desperate.
  7. Widge

    Jason Kerr

    You’re not buying Turnbull for that amount because you think he’s worth it, you’re buying the potential for how good he could be. Realistically if he was 7/8 years older you’d say a million was fair, but the lads got 4/5 years to develop and a big team will get him in their training and make him far better than Motherwell ever could. Potential is huge, it’s the same as why Jason Kerr should go for more money than he’s realistically worth, the future gain is far greater than the initial cost.
  8. Suggests to me that there’s someone lined up who can play both right back and centrally if required.....maybe someone who’s already played both positions for saints.
  9. Widge

    Jason Kerr

    I think when you look at the likes of Kelly and Devlin getting in the squad, you could say that Clark and Kerr are better and more deserving than either of them. So from that point of view it’s disappointing; however from a selfish saints point of view, it allows them both extended rest and give them a reason to up third performances and improve. Plus doesn’t draw more attention to them. So disappointing that their form hasn’t been recognised, but ultimately a good thing for saints themselves.
  10. That one being played at Ainslie Park?
  11. Widge

    Season Tickets

    Given the lack of saints fans who go to games against the Glasgow teams it makes sense, especially from a financial point of view. Am I happy about having to relocate, no of course not, but for 3 games a season (4 max) in the league, if that extra £200k or whatever it is brings in a 15 goal a season striker and a push up the league then I’ll suffer in silence. Might actually help if all the saints fans are in the same stand as well. Im not sure itll happen as it would need to be announced prior to folk buying season tickets, then again it happened against Celtic in a game we won 2-1 a few years back and I don’t remember that being part of the season ticket pack either?
  12. Ridiculous suggestion. Can’t even begin to imagine how unbearable you’re moaning would be having to watch Doolan not score or contribute game after game.
  13. I mean you’ve literally got 1/4 things correct in a 4 sentence statement there. Impressive.
  14. May be true, but why would Clark move? He’s going to go back to being a number 2 behind McGregor who’s been Rangers best player arguably this season. He’ll play for at least another few seasons.
  15. We’ve just given O’Halloran and Wotherspoon 2 year deals not a chance they’ll be punted. Both are absolutely fine at this level, in fact an O’Halloran who finds some form (which will only come from games) is electric at times. Wotherspoon did nothing wrong on Saturday, actually looked for the ball and didn’t give it away yet you’re still criticising him, what chance does the guy have when fans are on his back even if he didn’t do anything wrong? As for the comment about Gordon being better than Kerr, that’s laughable. Ones played approaching 50 games for saints in a season and a half and is arguably our best player. The other whilst a good player, definitely isn’t being talked about for 7 figure moves. I’m also happy to have Swanson in the squad. The last few games he’s actually shown a willingness to get involved and try and do something. Bringing him on 1-0 up and defending a slim lead is never going to highlight his quality.