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  1. It’s almost as if he’s had quite a few years to practice this football malarkey and get better at it. Would never have guessed a kid in his early 20s might mature into a better player given time!
  2. Except he’s got 3 international caps and played in competitive games, not just friendlies. Also Jack Hamilton has precisely the same number of caps as you and I, which is zero. Would I take a player who’s played for the third best team in Scotland fairly regularly, has experience and is in a position that we need better options in, you’re damn right I’d take him. Would I pitch him straight in for Gordon probably not, but he’d be a massive upgrade on what we’ve got right now and would at least push both Kerr and Gordon. Did he call you nasty names once upon a time because you seem to have a massive issue with a player of good calibre who hasn’t even signed for saints yet.
  3. You would stop going to watch saints if we started playing a capped international defender over another who’s played less than 50 top fight games? Not that I’m saying Devlin is better than Gordon, but that’s a ridiculous outlook to have.
  4. What’s striking about those stats is the amount of shots Kennedy has compared to anyone else in the team. Suggests to me that the likes of May and probably Wotherspoon and Wright need to start shooting a bit more. We don’t test the keepers enough.
  5. Given the amount of drivel that you usually come out with, I don’t think I’ll be trusting a word you say.
  6. Do they? What utter shite. Saints have actively turned down two offers already and have stated they expect him to remain.
  7. Given they game Michael O’Neil another contract after being convicted and banned for drink driving having had previous convictions, not sure a criminal record bothers the IFA. Albeit assault is a slightly different kettle for fish, especially if found guilty.
  8. It’s agreed to by both clubs, so Morton could of been the ones to say leave it at £20.
  9. Folk are seriously suggesting Christophe Berra and advocating him as a good signing? He’s finished, saints game plan both times we’ve played them involved isolating and exposing him as the weak link. Anyone that’s watched Hearts this season can see he’s past it, decent last season maybe, but far from reliable this season. Big no thanks to that one and the impossibly high wage that it would come with. Not a chance Wright is enquiring about him.
  10. Must have missed Callum Hendry having the 3rd best minutes/goals ratio in the league....
  11. I’ve got no idea, mainly because there’s literally nobody in Scotland available who’s worth signing. Signing 2 guys with a combined age of over 70 who are widely hated by the fans of their current clubs and are well known to be unable to run anymore is frankly a ridiculous suggestion. We need decent players not over the hill dross who are simply a name now.
  12. If MacLean and Whittaker are the players we look at, may as well relegate us now out of nothing more than sheer stupidity. What awful suggestions and frankly laughable that you think that pair constitute good shouts. Mac a was finished in his final season with us never mind now and Whittaker is nothing short of woeful now. Next.
  13. Widge

    Killie v Saints

    A clean sheet away from home, against a team that’s been wining games and is high in the league. Especially when they’re a team ever stuffed against recently, with us off the back of a 4-0 scudding. Have to be happy to take that point and moving up a position, from a tough place to go these days. Little positives to take from the game and it’s up to the players to apply themselves and move forward into the next game, irritating there’s a break now though.
  14. Wotherspoon over Kennedy I’ll give you, but no chance O’Halloran is better than Wright. As for the wide players being the problem, we’re losing so many balls from crosses into the box and not stopping at the source that I’d be inclined to disagree. The wide men have to take some responsibility for that as well as the fullbacks.
  15. May never jumped or tackled when he was launched high balls, even when he played in his 25 goal season he was the exact same as he is now. To single that against him is weird.