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  1. Widge

    Drey Wright

    No doubt it’s a blow, but I guess there’s always hope he’ll be back early. Christophe Berra was meant to be out for 6 months and just 3 months later is back playing. Albeit a different type of injury.
  2. Widge

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    They didn’t. Power and Dicker played in the middle against Davidson and Craig. It just seemed like they picked up every second ball constantly.
  3. Widge

    Zander Clark

    I think the Foster thing is very much tongue in cheek, but he’s actually got a point. With no natural right backs to replace SoD in the squad, then surely he’s the best alternative playing well and regularly right now. What a scary thought that is! The hilarity as he kicks Kieran Tierney in the head for not stopping a cross would definitely be worth it!!
  4. Widge

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    No i would because he’s a far better player than Callachan. Who didn’t contribute anything against Hibs despite being decent, I wouldn’t say he directly influenced the game. Whereas all the attacking players mentioned offered something in recent weeks, wether it be goals, assists or willingness to shoot and have all played well. Hence why right now they are ahead of Swanson. Davidson would return on merit of being one of our best players this season and making a visible difference when he plays. Swanson isn’t in that same bracket this season, yet I might add. His non-involvement hasn’t impacted us. Murray’s did to an extent.
  5. Widge

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    I don’t get the calls for Swanson to start. I don’t think anyone deserves to be dropped right now and he was very effective off the bench against Hibs. He’s got to earn his place back in the team and I don’t think he’s ahead of Spoony, Kennedy or Nydam right now and rightly so. Competition is healthy and when you look and see the likes of McMillan can’t get a game, you begin to see just how important it is for a team to remain as unaltered as possible whilst you’re winning.
  6. Why are you hopeful that a guy that scored on Saturday and generally played very well, drops out?
  7. Widge

    St Johnstone vs Aberdeen 15/09/18

    This is exactly it, ours is at 1-0 when we were needing a foothold in the game to stay on top and having a two goal lead, Aberdeen we’re heading up the road pointless the way the game was paning out. It’s frustrating because whilst I don’t think Collum has cost us the win, he’s cost us the opportunity to really go for it by making the wrong decision at a crucial time. Yes you could say he evens it up by not giving Aberdeen a penalty at 1-1, but it’s irrelevant because if he does his job properly even with a last minute penalty I don’t think Aberdeen would have been in a position to get anything from the game. I’d have taken a point, but I genuinely think we’ll be battling Aberdeen for a top 6 spot this season, they’re pretty average at best.
  8. Widge

    Songs for Tony

    I suspect it’s on the basis of 7 goals this season compared to Watts 6. If that’s the angle you want to go down.
  9. Happy for folk to disagree, as you say it’s about opinions. In my eyes, there were a number of times that the ball got caught under feet and players slipped. Haven’t seen that in the home games. It’s a better pitch than it was, but it’s still not good. As for the players, I thought Kennedy was simply taking too long on the ball. Can’t fault his defensive work rate, but there were a number of times he simply ran into 2/3 players when easier passes were on. Watt was the same, he showed some lovely touches and runs I agree, but he never looked like scoring today and it just didn’t look like happening for him. I guess it’s a sign of the quality he can bring to the team, whereby one person thinks he was poor and another great. When he’s brilliant however, everyone knows it. Fwiw I thought Joe Shaughnessy was he best player on the pitch today. Him and Kerr were excellent, apart from Kerr’s initial couple of scares.
  10. Having reflected on the game, saints were actually pretty poor. Kennedy and Watt were both off the boil massively and we didn’t test the keeper nearly enough. However, we got the win and that’s the main thing. Defence was solid, Foster and Tanser stood up to aerial balls being shelled at then and the centrebacks were pretty much flawless after the first 20 minutes. Alston was better again today and Craig did the basic stuff well. We could have and should have scored a lot more today and the fact we didn’t push on in the second half is a tad disappointing. Still 7 points and an away win from our first 4 games is pleasing. Just need to step it up another level next game. I certainly think the plastic pitch played a part in some of our stunted attacking.
  11. Why would you change a defence which kept a clean sheet in the last game and out captain at that? Plus Nydam will play or at least be in the squad. In fact, why change a winning team at all?
  12. Widge

    Jason Kerr

    I mean this is entirely true and I’m not that bothered he doesn’t play in the slightest. The general lies and crap have quite rightly for whatever reason been exposed and brought to light by Tommy and rightly so. I’d love to see what Scott Gemmill really has to say for himself.
  13. Widge

    Jason Kerr

    Clark is certainly no worse than the likes of Hamilton, Archer, Bain, Samson who have all been called up in the recent past. Kerr isn’t ready, but that million pounds Celtic spent on Hendry could have been better spent on Jason for sure. I’m glad it wasn’t, as I think he’ll go on to better than that, but he’s still got to keep improving and cutting out little mistakes.
  14. Widge

    Car Park

    Yeah the car park was much easier yesterday, I was out within 10 minutes and back in Edinburgh in just over an hour going through Perth.
  15. It was 5 minutes into the second half, Kennedy wasn’t tired at all, he just didn’t close down quick enough. Tanser wasn’t in no-mans land, he was covering the overlapping run of Ambrose. Yes the ball should have been stopped before it came in by Kennedy and it should have been defended better by Kerr, but Tansers not culpable in any way and I’d argue Anderson isn’t either since he’s tracked their striker like he’s been told to. If anything Craig should have slotted back slightly once he spotted Anderson was out of position, or even Kerr across, Foster into the middle.