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  1. Widge

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    So you want us to go into next season with the strikers we’ve got signed up? So that’ll be Kane, McMillan and I think Hendry. We’d score fewer goals than we do now!
  2. Widge

    Murray Davidson

    Wouldn’t have called Callachan a ball player either. He’s like a younger Davidson.
  3. Widge

    Taxi for Tommy?

    Whilst I never thought this day would come, Cagey is correct with one of his statements. Go back to the formation and tactics which were working so well, change for the sake of change wasn’t needed.
  4. Think you’ll find there’s quite a bit between the teams in the league. The table gives an indication of how bad 3/4 teams actually are.
  5. Widge

    MOTM Game 27 Scottish Cup Saints 2 v 0 Hamilton

    Defence wasn’t tested, but I have it Callachan simply for his energy and drive the whole match. Didn’t stop running and his willlingess to get forward is what brought the second goal. Centrebacks were pretty faultless all game, except Joes slight brain fart.
  6. Widge

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Right first of all, who says Shaughnessy is actually going anywhere. It’s all speculation and rumours. Secondly, who the hell is Watson?
  7. Widge

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    The O’Halloran who returned for a second spell on loan was injured or had niggles for a lot of the spell. Look at the games where he wasn’t and made an impact, namely Kilmarnock and probably Hibs at Easter Road. That’s what a fit and firing MoH can do. The only player saints have who could do what he did those days, in terms of beating 3/4 men hitting the byline and scoring is Drey Wright. Seems to me, that he’d be an ideal replacement whilst he’s injured and if he’s not back until October as has been reported, I guess a years deal for MoH providing he’s fit and not carrying an injury makes sense. Put it this way, I’d much rather he was in our team than have to face him. A bench containing MoH, Swanson, Alston, etc at some point is a statement and one that shows a saints squad with the ability to change a game with simply a substitution. For that reason alone, I’d welcome him back. However I don’t think he will return to us.
  8. Widge

    St.Midden Away Day

    Making a habit of last minute winners this season! Hopefully it sparks another unbeaten run.
  9. Widge

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    We’re 19 points of the playoff place, what the hell are you on about?
  10. Widge

    Drey Wright

    No doubt it’s a blow, but I guess there’s always hope he’ll be back early. Christophe Berra was meant to be out for 6 months and just 3 months later is back playing. Albeit a different type of injury.
  11. Widge

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    They didn’t. Power and Dicker played in the middle against Davidson and Craig. It just seemed like they picked up every second ball constantly.
  12. Widge

    Zander Clark

    I think the Foster thing is very much tongue in cheek, but he’s actually got a point. With no natural right backs to replace SoD in the squad, then surely he’s the best alternative playing well and regularly right now. What a scary thought that is! The hilarity as he kicks Kieran Tierney in the head for not stopping a cross would definitely be worth it!!
  13. Widge

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    No i would because he’s a far better player than Callachan. Who didn’t contribute anything against Hibs despite being decent, I wouldn’t say he directly influenced the game. Whereas all the attacking players mentioned offered something in recent weeks, wether it be goals, assists or willingness to shoot and have all played well. Hence why right now they are ahead of Swanson. Davidson would return on merit of being one of our best players this season and making a visible difference when he plays. Swanson isn’t in that same bracket this season, yet I might add. His non-involvement hasn’t impacted us. Murray’s did to an extent.
  14. Widge

    Stjohnstone v Hamilton

    I don’t get the calls for Swanson to start. I don’t think anyone deserves to be dropped right now and he was very effective off the bench against Hibs. He’s got to earn his place back in the team and I don’t think he’s ahead of Spoony, Kennedy or Nydam right now and rightly so. Competition is healthy and when you look and see the likes of McMillan can’t get a game, you begin to see just how important it is for a team to remain as unaltered as possible whilst you’re winning.
  15. Why are you hopeful that a guy that scored on Saturday and generally played very well, drops out?