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  1. Ali McCann sign 3 1/2 year new deal when was the last time we offered one that long
  2. Think it has been decent but we could have been sitting tonight hoping for a bonus signing instead of trying to get our main targets with a couple of hours to go,
  3. Agree just a shame that we’ve had to wait till now to get them. If they’d all come in earlier we would be thinking we’ve had a good window
  4. Hopefully a precontract at Christmas
  5. Till we say we tried our hardest but couldn’t get a deal over the line
  6. Wonder who’s balls’d it up this time
  7. Everyone quickly checks for announcement from saints and get quickly disappointed
  8. Saw it as well wee bit confused that they are waiting till Wednesday to start talking, does Brown get back from his holiday on Tuesday night, is he still thinking of ways to screw Stevie out of more money or as someone said earlier in this thread is he hoping to unveil a star striker to the season ticket holders on Thursday night