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  1. Has he not activated a clause in his contract to get a transfer some figures for as low as £50 k
  2. Has anyone got an updated squad list? I take it we are just waiting on Watt and Joe now ?
  3. Foster signs extension until May 2020
  4. Tommy probably using this to his advantage with several of his signings how many times have we been told a player has been shite or disruptive with a club then seen them blossom at saints ?
  5. If that means spooney never takes a free kick for us again I’d be delighted
  6. Fair play to the chairman for backing the manager pretty decent transfer window
  7. Just confirmed he’s gone to Carlisle good luck to the laddie
  8. McMillan confirmed loan deal to Hamilton till end of season
  9. Rumour with Mitchell leaving we are looking at cammy bell from thistle as back up
  10. Seems to have lost his way a bit at Partick a typical Tommy signing welcome to saints
  11. As long as Gordon is the backup and doesn’t find himself behind keown in the pecking order. I just thought it would have made more sense to put Gordon to Partick and given him game time rather than sitting on the bench but that’s just an opinion