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  1. Looking like hopefully signing a striker this week hasn’t worked out....oh well hopefully we’ll get one in next week
  2. Agree we need a better striker than Kane but we need a midfielder who can set up chances, can’t think of many chances we missed on Saturday. I may be wrong but we only had a couple of chances on Saturday and scored 2 of them.
  3. There’s that word hopefully again, we should get it on the club crest
  4. Tommy saying we will hopefully get someone in this week think we might have heard this before
  5. I thought he was trying to dip Browns pockets
  6. Very public show of unity from wright and brown! Can’t remember last time both were in a signing photo
  7. Zander finally signs new contract
  8. Honestly think Kerr was given a new contract and the captaincy was to boost his value with the expectation to sell him either this window or next so wouldn’t expect Wright to walk if he’s sold
  9. Was it the first choice pint or did he try to get it for a cheaper price
  10. Missed out on Hemmings as well
  11. Who says they’ll be worse, just a different player who might be a better fit every transfer is a gamble
  12. So you’d let this drag on for a couple of weeks in the hope he signs before the end of the window ??
  13. Hopefully the club have a deadline if he hasn’t signed by then we move on, we definitely need someone in by Saturday
  14. Really thought this deal would be done and dusted by now I know negotiations take a while but if the deal was just about done last time you would think most of the small print would be the same am beginning to think we won’t have anyone in for the livi game