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  1. We need the cash..simples....the club have tried to be fair to fans but at the end of the day the revenue stream from home fans cant keep this club up.Sad but true
  2. CASH ONLY tickets available at away end today. Wrap up well its chillyand excercise those vocal chords ! COYS
  3. Pretty sure there are no cash gates.Im taking an old Jambo pal who has been unwell to hospitality so I paid Hearts
  4. Going to this,not expecting many changes to the team and feel a draw is the least we should expect.If nothing else we have some pace in our ranks.
  5. They have zero points in the league away from home,so we should have enough to get past them.
  6. Great deal for both parties
  7. Oh for a Dougie Barron....Drew Rutherford or Dave MacKay......defend with authotiy AND inspire,cajole and encourage those round about you.
  8. Four points out of a possible 27 just isnt cutting it.Fully paid up member of TW fan club but seriously worried now. When you are leaking dodgy goals AND firing blanks then it is a recipe for a disaster. Tommy cant explain away that result with hard luck stories.I have absolutely no idea who can get more out of our squad,but promoting his assistant wont change much. Hugely annoyed, frustrated and thoroughly disappointed
  9. Hearing all the right noises (again) from McD...but the fact we can get ourselves off the bottom with a win should be the carrot we require.
  10. Quite like the look of that line up.
  11. My point exactly.If say Zander gets called up to the SQUAD it gives the manager and staff a chance to see how he trains,responds to coaching and generally find out more about him as a whole.His form can easily be accessed in person or video.
  12. Not seen enough of McGiivray of Portsmouth to evaluate if he is better than Zander
  13. I think it must be .Still baffled why in a squad of 3 keepers Zander is overlooked again.Being in a squad tells manager and staff a lot about your game even if you dont step on the pitch.
  14. It has been reported today on Radio Forth that FC Basel have dropped their interest in signing Kamberi as the price tag of £3million put them off. FFS £3m !!!!! Just before his departure Lenny described him as " sh*te" and unusually for me I agree.
  15. It might be August 29th but I firmly believe its MAY DAY