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  1. Tony Watts time here is a mirror image of his time at for McMillan he is definitely not the answer .
  2. I would have no problem at all with Joe staying,however I feel TW is right in putting the facts in the public domain. Joe may be cutting off his nose to spite his face,but who knows.He could maybe join his brother in the stand at Tynecastle withh irregular sub appearances.
  3. Certainly not in the Taxi for Tommy camp but something is very stale at Saints right now The manager has had pretty good backing from the board but the spark is missing.After a defeat and pre the next match we get the manager with his "disappointed" and "not good enough" quotes and the players with their "we let the fans down" and weve prepared really well" quotes but there is such a staleness at McD right now. Think we need to limp to the end of the season ,and have a major re-think about whats what for the next campaign. Unless we can score more goals CONSISTENTLY then we will continue to struggle in many matches where we could win. I really hope we can get at least one striker on the park and scoring and sort out our best midfield combination. In Tommy we trust
  4. If either team can get 3 points tonight its a massive momentum swing. I think our defence can handle their revitalised offence and their defence while experienced is creaking.( Dont forget Dundee had the ball in the net 4 times on Friday) A bit of conviction,concentration and even luck can see us through. COYS
  5. Lots of positives around Saints at present...lets get right behind them !
  6. Hearts look more vulnerable down the flanks and with Berra back keeping it on the deck with our ball skills looks favourite.Would imagine Hearts see this as a chance to halt the slide and no doubt TW will see it as a chance to extend our run.Dallas should be cooling his heels this week in the boondocks after that embarassing show yesterday.Sad that refs who make howlers are never publicly castigated by relevant authority but com pliance officer can hang a player out to dry after constant tv re-runs.If a ref misses something during a match the player is banned and the ref doesnt even get a mention !
  7. Kilgour

    Drey Wright

    Drey Wright is out for the season.What a devastating blow for player and club. Sad news indeed
  8. Right then Tommy, you have the working tools,get the job done please ! COYS
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this game,even when Dundee had lots of the ball.Saints a bit nervy to start but the longer the match went on the better they became and the more toothless Dundee became.Watt should be offered a longer contract and delighted the way others are responding.Foster was a revelation,especially his intelligent balls over and through their defence.Liam very quickly adapted well to his role.Theres more to come from this squad.
  10. This means so much more than 3 points to our club.Im sure the newbies will be schooled, and McCann is under pressure this early in the season.Saints at home,so two strikers please and best of luck.p.s. just found out that the wife and I have won hospitality tix.Thanks again Farqhuar Print
  11. I am there 2 or 3 times a year,we both love it.My mate who owns the Rosa Blanca always puts Saints on the big screen for me.For an entertaining drink in the square be sure to drop in to Bonys.Happy hour all afternoon,monster drinks at sensible prices and Jose is a great guy (and nuts)
  12. The last option,she is pretty good for a Hibby and has assured me we can have an early dinner !
  13. Will be watching in Puerto Pollensa with my wife (hopefully) its our wedding aniversary !
  14. Please Saints ,we need redemption for our last visit in the freezing fog.Happily settle for a close victory.
  15. Quite annoyed and surprised to hear ex-Hibby Michael Stewart saying on Sportscene that Hibs were "a considerable distance ahead of Saints" in that match.Mind you after applauding a couple of Laidlaw saves and Ambroses block on the line ..Saints were only credited with one shot on target