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  1. Hibs fans see this as a penalty kick ...and on all known form its hard to disagree,however it is Saints we are talking about.COYS
  2. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    I too have no objection to individuals who choose not to wear a poppy but do wonder how all the players and staff at Celtic came to this decision as one unless they were persuaded by those on high.
  3. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Facing our "attack" must be the easiest shift a defender will have all year.Some spirit and passion but in a different league and if we are not careful so will Saints be ...literally.
  4. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    Listening to TW after match analysis,Im not really cheered up by his assertions considering we have gone the equivalent of 15 episodes of Coronation St since finding the net.The whole squad needs a lift,a spark and we employ people who have to work out how to do that.COYS
  5. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    Hope they managed to squeeze in half an hours shooting practice at training as the drought is becoming tedious (no offence) pun entirely intentional.
  6. Free to a good home match ticket.You would need to pick it up in Leith. 554 2723 if you are interested
  7. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Tickets are for individual seats,depends on how our fans treat that.
  8. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Be aware that you may have a bit of walking.Very few turnstiles open at Hearts v Sheep (Roseburn only),then you have to walk right round to your allocated entrance.My Hearts pal missed the start as it was very busy.
  9. St Johnstone v Rangers 13/10/17

    Nice to hear Macca say"we are perfectly capable of beating the likes of Rangers" so prove it! Tighten the defence,play as a TEAM and who knows.COYS
  10. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Anyone making a day of it remember you can get a tram from town right to dedicated Murrayfield station
  11. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    Bookies making Hibs favs which surprises me,but suits our mindset.With Boyle out I think all the pace is with us.Fancy Scougall for a goal today.COYS
  12. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    Quietly confident,the old cabbage not as good as the ginger whinger thinks they are
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Quite a few Jambos talking about Jamie Walker going west today with MoH and cash going east.Surely thats not possible ?
  14. Deadline Predictions

    Well its transfer deadline day....or as we in Perth know it...............Thursday !!!
  15. Joe McGurn

    So sorry to hear of his passing at the young age of 52 with the dreaded cancer. Signed straight from the juniors,hard as nails and always willing to give 100% for Saints.RIP