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  1. Quite like the look of that line up.
  2. My point exactly.If say Zander gets called up to the SQUAD it gives the manager and staff a chance to see how he trains,responds to coaching and generally find out more about him as a whole.His form can easily be accessed in person or video.
  3. Not seen enough of McGiivray of Portsmouth to evaluate if he is better than Zander
  4. I think it must be .Still baffled why in a squad of 3 keepers Zander is overlooked again.Being in a squad tells manager and staff a lot about your game even if you dont step on the pitch.
  5. It has been reported today on Radio Forth that FC Basel have dropped their interest in signing Kamberi as the price tag of £3million put them off. FFS £3m !!!!! Just before his departure Lenny described him as " sh*te" and unusually for me I agree.
  6. It might be August 29th but I firmly believe its MAY DAY
  7. Good day in Leith for the Kerr addition to Jasons late equaliser,his brother who plays for Leith Athletic scored four goals inc. the winner as his team came from 3 - 5 to beat Burntisland shipyard 6 - 5 on Saturday.
  8. TW not pulling his punches in todays Daily Record...hope SB doesnt choke on his Pina Colada !
  9. Dont contact Hibs website.I tried today and was directed to a premium number,after a bit of number pressing a young man with a distinctly non Scottish accent could not have been less helpful if he tried. e.g. St Johnstone tickets ? What is St Johnstone.....Away end ? what is away end ? then gave me other 0131 no. which turned out to be reception.She told me to call the premium line. I asked if I could purchase on the day and she said I think so ...ask them. Cant be sure Im going because of health issues but ...Saints are posting me two tickets out.
  10. Given our decent stats against Hibs, I would expect Saints to approach the game in a reasonably positive manner.Cooling their heels while others played last wek might just concentrate the minds of players and staff.IF we can tighten up at the back I feel MoH and DK can use their pace to good effect.Not convinced about their goalie either so hopefully our shot shy strikers can fire a few his way. Lovely sunny day forecast I expect Hibs 1 Saints 2 COYS !!
  11. Hibs only letting him go on loan to a club IF they sign a new striker and IF said club pay his full wages.Not holding my breath
  12. After trying to survive on 24% possesion and zero shots on target last week,Livi pose a very different but still difficult problem.They defend as if their lives depend on it and really try and profit from set pieces. We must get some spark of creativity from Swanson and hopefully someone will have a bash on target.Sounds daft but this fixture is nearly a must win in light of upcoming fixtures.
  13. Kilgour

    Betfred Cup

    Sub was already on the touchline getting instruction and the 4th official had been notified before Kanes effort.In his defence he is a hard working offensive player but he doesnt score many goals.
  14. Kilgour

    Betfred Cup

    When we are bringing McMilan on to try and salvage something you just know the erse is out the bottom of the barrel. Kano willing runner etc.etc. is NOT a striker.Henry still raw.Swanson about two stone heavy.Ando being asked for one season too many. Like or lump it Mr Brown but its time to flash the cash or face the consequences. With the run of league fixtures we have coming up,it looks pretty grim.