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  1. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    I dont want TW sacked,however his post match speech is on loop.Im awfa dissapointit ! just doesnt cut it anymore.Pre match he highlighted Kyle Lafferty as the main danger,so, Either his tactics were poor or the chosen players could not or would not commit to them.Yes there has to be changes in personnel but the biggest change we need is in attitude.Leaking goals cheaply, a non creative midfield and strikers in dire form are a sure fire recipe for failure.Making mistakes is one thing,repeating them over and again is inexcusable....COYS
  2. Choose your own ditty long as we are singing at full time !

    Hearts under Cathro were a bit like us but Levein (not my cup of tea) immediately replaced the goalie,brought in Berra and signed a goalscorer. We lack someone in the Berra mould,not a fabulous player but a strong rugged defender who organises those around him,takes every goal conceded personally and is a Jambo through and through.We look more like Pat fenlons Hibs who slid down without a whimper. Someone on the park needs to take the lead and drive us on (like the late D Rutherford e.g.) Come on Saints lets see your bottle.

    Saints fans in main stand tonight
  5. Office told me selling fast ,confident of taking 1,500
  6. Heart's v St Johnstone 03/02/18

    Zander injured,McMillan out for 3 weeks.We rarely play badly v Hearts (forget Murrayfield) so I think a share of the spoils today
  7. Scottish cup 4th round draw Monday 4.45

    TW has to back his words with actions...lets see !
  8. Ranger's v st Johnstone 16/12/17

    Ideal game for Midge to come in and help keep possesion.Alston & Wetherspoon could really help swing things if both have a good game.We absolutely need to keep it tight early and avoid silly free-kicks and bookings. 0-0 @halftime....1-2 final score with Scougall going to double his score.
  9. Hamilton v St.Johnstone - 9th December 2017

    As a Saints fan for many years Ive learned to take my positives where I can so, in a borefest we gained 3 points,kept a clean sheet,tried a couple of new options,saw Scougall score his first goal.saw TW back to his best with the sneering media ...AND saw Dougie Imrie on a losing team ! That will do for starters
  10. Hibs fans see this as a penalty kick ...and on all known form its hard to disagree,however it is Saints we are talking about.COYS
  11. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    I too have no objection to individuals who choose not to wear a poppy but do wonder how all the players and staff at Celtic came to this decision as one unless they were persuaded by those on high.
  12. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Facing our "attack" must be the easiest shift a defender will have all year.Some spirit and passion but in a different league and if we are not careful so will Saints be ...literally.
  13. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    Listening to TW after match analysis,Im not really cheered up by his assertions considering we have gone the equivalent of 15 episodes of Coronation St since finding the net.The whole squad needs a lift,a spark and we employ people who have to work out how to do that.COYS
  14. Partick v Saints 28/10/17

    Hope they managed to squeeze in half an hours shooting practice at training as the drought is becoming tedious (no offence) pun entirely intentional.
  15. Free to a good home match ticket.You would need to pick it up in Leith. 554 2723 if you are interested