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  1. I really cant see any other option at present than to forget 19/20 ever existed.The TV people may moan but with all sport cancelled they are not in a position of strength IMHO. It is hugely unsatisfactory I know,but even if isolation rules are lifted partially (or even fully) by say July,you couldnt just whistle the guys back in and start at the drop of a hat.Many players going out of contract in May,many clubs under huge pressure.Lets just say its a scenario like no other ever experienced and take it on the chin.
  2. Excellent article about a player who really helped our club when it needed it most. Good man Jody
  3. If we play with the spirit shown at Easter road with an enhanced squad then we can prevail. We need someone on Boyle the whole game as his pace and crosses are a large part of their game. Momentum is in our favour , just need a solid performance.Would start MoH as they always leave space in behind.
  4. St Mirren playing quite well but we should have enough for three points. Hopefully we will use the squad as these three games can make our season
  5. If we cut out the mistakes we have enough in our locker to give them a run for their money
  6. I like many were sad at losing Muirton at the time and could only remember the good times but looking back it was in a hell of a state and the club was skint.Following Bradford, the wooden infrastructure was outdated and dangerous and even our much vaunted turf ( the largest area in UK at the time) had started to show some signs of neglect. The new ground was all shiny ,all seated, and very well filled. One innovation that was widely copied was showing live pictures of the match in refreshment kiosks to encourage people to not all rush at once.Whilst we never quite replicated Muirtons atmosphere it definitely was a huge step forward for the club.It also incorporates off field revenue streams that help the clubs finances. Would love to see another couple of thousand regulars but I suppose like me,old age and poor health are factors.Muirton still holds great memories but McD is now our home.
  7. £25 Adults ...£15 concessions on website now..sorry cant do link thing !
  8. Very sad to see he has broken his leg while on loan at our neighbours. Speedy recovery
  9. TW states Drey Wright and Tanser fit.Obviously no Liam Gordon.Should be looking to take at least a point here Would love Stevie May to get a goal
  10. First half was instantly forgettable.While I agree Spoony played pretty well,we know he doesnt make many tackles so that just makes Holts passive performance all the more annoying..We are not alone but we cant compete with Celtic whose huge budget allows them to have a squad that is better in EVERY position.More encouraged by the second half and Hearts now must demand our attention.It is absolutely essential that the midfield gains and retains more possession to allow our players to perform.
  11. We need the cash..simples....the club have tried to be fair to fans but at the end of the day the revenue stream from home fans cant keep this club up.Sad but true
  12. CASH ONLY tickets available at away end today. Wrap up well its chillyand excercise those vocal chords ! COYS
  13. Pretty sure there are no cash gates.Im taking an old Jambo pal who has been unwell to hospitality so I paid Hearts
  14. Going to this,not expecting many changes to the team and feel a draw is the least we should expect.If nothing else we have some pace in our ranks.
  15. They have zero points in the league away from home,so we should have enough to get past them.