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  1. Hibs only letting him go on loan to a club IF they sign a new striker and IF said club pay his full wages.Not holding my breath
  2. After trying to survive on 24% possesion and zero shots on target last week,Livi pose a very different but still difficult problem.They defend as if their lives depend on it and really try and profit from set pieces. We must get some spark of creativity from Swanson and hopefully someone will have a bash on target.Sounds daft but this fixture is nearly a must win in light of upcoming fixtures.
  3. Kilgour

    Betfred Cup

    Sub was already on the touchline getting instruction and the 4th official had been notified before Kanes effort.In his defence he is a hard working offensive player but he doesnt score many goals.
  4. Kilgour

    Betfred Cup

    When we are bringing McMilan on to try and salvage something you just know the erse is out the bottom of the barrel. Kano willing runner etc.etc. is NOT a striker.Henry still raw.Swanson about two stone heavy.Ando being asked for one season too many. Like or lump it Mr Brown but its time to flash the cash or face the consequences. With the run of league fixtures we have coming up,it looks pretty grim.
  5. Kilgour

    Betfred Cup

    I,m afraid unless we sign a goalscorer or two we will stuggle badly.Last season when we had some great defensive displays we could not convert many of them into 3 points.Draws that could easily be turned into wins just did not happen and this year will potentially be harder.Not only will this badly affect our standing, it will also adversely affect players morale and dwindling attendances.I know SB has set a tight budget,but he may have to rethink strategy or prepare for a long long season.
  6. Although Tommy identifies players in and out he leaves the rest to SB etc. Tommy has a firm plan but rarely talks at length until the business is done
  7. All I can see is the same info I posted
  8. Danny Swanson in court yesterday in Edinburgh for sentencing following an an incident in Edinburgh pub in March. Fined £900 for punching bouncer in the face when asked to leave. Lawyer said that Danny had a position with an MLS club lined up and that any prosecution could put that in jeopardy. Any news in Perth ?
  9. Geordies pub ,full of students but cheap prices and walking distance
  10. Tony Watts time here is a mirror image of his time at for McMillan he is definitely not the answer .
  11. I would have no problem at all with Joe staying,however I feel TW is right in putting the facts in the public domain. Joe may be cutting off his nose to spite his face,but who knows.He could maybe join his brother in the stand at Tynecastle withh irregular sub appearances.
  12. Certainly not in the Taxi for Tommy camp but something is very stale at Saints right now The manager has had pretty good backing from the board but the spark is missing.After a defeat and pre the next match we get the manager with his "disappointed" and "not good enough" quotes and the players with their "we let the fans down" and weve prepared really well" quotes but there is such a staleness at McD right now. Think we need to limp to the end of the season ,and have a major re-think about whats what for the next campaign. Unless we can score more goals CONSISTENTLY then we will continue to struggle in many matches where we could win. I really hope we can get at least one striker on the park and scoring and sort out our best midfield combination. In Tommy we trust
  13. If either team can get 3 points tonight its a massive momentum swing. I think our defence can handle their revitalised offence and their defence while experienced is creaking.( Dont forget Dundee had the ball in the net 4 times on Friday) A bit of conviction,concentration and even luck can see us through. COYS
  14. Lots of positives around Saints at present...lets get right behind them !