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  1. John Brogan - New Manager of Albion Rovers

    Best Wishes Brogie from your old pal.Im sure you will do well.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Any number of Hearts fans would drive Hamilton up to Perth in a flash.Not my cup of Darjeeling and according to Radio Forth he wants to be No1. McLaughlin WANTS to leave but no offers yet.
  3. Aberdeen v St Johnstone 31/03/18 3pm

    Listening to TW ,I think his next big meeting with SB will be crucial for Saints,TW, and SB. Something will have to give.Squad needs a few out ,and a few in but if you change but dont improve quality theres not much point.Apart from permanent staff, I would like to push for a marquee loan signing (plenty others have).From relative safety we should play without fear now and still try for 7th spot.
  4. Dundee v Saints

    Lennon has so much previous ,he was due a healthy ban and as stated the clapping was a mere part of a tirade that was way out of proportion for a normal professional sportsman. Not sure he has to serve 5 match ban either as I think its part suspended.
  5. St Johnstone vs Hamilton 28/3/18

    Radio Scotland
  6. St Johnstone vs Hamilton 28/3/18

    Watching A McGregor on the telly last night reminded me of a wee "anecdote" from New Douglas Park. With AM in goal and we were behind the goal as usual a fan shouted " McGregor your a h*n |"... to which he replied " AYE... but Im your h*n for the time being" We all laughed and the shouter was suddenly rather quiet.
  7. St Johnstone vs Hamilton 28/3/18

    Playing on grass I am more confident,and its true several players could do themselves and the club a turn in this match. Letting in a goal in 90 secs not an option !
  8. Minutes silence/applause

    Heartfelt and lengthy obituary in the match programme, but minutes applause would have been well deserved.
  9. Slick DT I quite like your post but dont accept McGinn was the best player.He has talent for sure but Friday was not one of his better games in my opinion.Hindering him was Hibs lack of desire to go on the offensive very often (one shot on target) and the other handicaps displayed were rolling on the grass a lot and running alongside Beaton with constant moaning.Cammy Bell was their MVP and ours was Kane. IMHO
  10. Was so disappointed at their goal but they never had a shot on target after that. Lennon beside us in the stand had a gopher running up and down as well as his moby.Clearly still a bitter ,bitter man. Not proud of Alstons tackle but it was a trip not a leg breaker.McGinn was poor all night and might have had a number of cards for various offences.His constanting moaning at the officials is tiresome as was the timewasting by all in black.Would have taken a point before kick-off but at the death felt robbed.Daily Retard says we barely deserved a point ! Never been so cold in my life but glad I went.
  11. Thanks ,I manage hospitality a couple of times a season at McD and have not seen it bettered aanywhere I have been.
  12. Wife treating me to hospitality for my birthday ,it would be rude not to ! Heres hoping for another positive result against the Hobos.
  13. Dundee v Saints

    Fabulous game,fabulous result and great to see the opposition manager really rattled. Same again on Friday please the Ginger Whinger could do with being knocked down a peg or two.What hes had to say after our last two games was very disrespectful.
  14. Dundee v Saints

    Time was a game against Dundee would have our whole squad itching for it to happen Just dont get that feeling now.Dundee are gash...lets at least prove that to be true
  15. Alex Rennie

    Very sad news indeed.A fabulous player,a succesful manager and a gentleman. His playing style was a joy,hard but fair,confident bordering on arrogant,and always driving his team mates on.His managerial style was to allow players to express themselves while still operating within defined tactics. i went into his pub {not knowing it was his) when attending v Stenhousemuir one day.What a welcome I got.Later on I had the pleasure of meeting him at Powderhall (dogs) several times where we watched our cash disappear while reminiscing over Muirton Memories. A true gentleman.RIP.