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  1. Pray tell who the .... is Stevie May
  2. Do you think the reason we have not rushed out and signed players is that there are none who fits what Big Tommy is looking for... Lets look forward instead of backwards at a player that wanted away from us. Remember that player came to us in similar circumstances as any further free agents.. Lets wait and see what develops before we look out pitch forks and look to burning the Broons out of McDiarmid.
  3. Oh well may as well attack them as the plan A is oot the windae..
  4. This result was there from the first kick of the ball.. We cannot play with 9 men behind the ball ....We all know that this just invites pressure as even if May were to keep the punt up who in our team is quick enough to get up there?? This match was lost before a ball was caressed.
  5. closest there is....
  6. Are you no supposed to hold ma baws and say cough and no me??
  7. Should this go ahead and newco or whatever are languishing in bottom place come the split how will SKY get their 4 Old and infirm games per year?? Is that not the crux of the TV deal It's a feckin joke and we are told that we need them. Err we seemed to do ok in the1st Division without them as other teams have... Most of this is generated by the press who have a bias to the West and succulent Lamb. If Rangers was your dog you would had it to the vet months ago......
  8. Thompson with another dodgy decision go figure..... What has Saints done to him??
  9. give it a few weeks and he may go for hee haw !!
  10. Mr T


    Lets wait to see what happens and go from there as i wouldn't believe the date in some of the papers... I would rather see him play and we get 3 points , Christ if they hit administration and loose 10-25 points we may get that 3rd spot with a chance of higher. And all this is if they can offload Jelavic who seems to have picked up an injury...
  11. write to HMRC they might look into this with the rest of their Dodges.
  12. Aye the white shell suit is still in vogue through there!!