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  1. Raphael marquez

    Played in 5 world cups
  2. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Jim is quiet mild to what some people call you on here
  3. Indy Ref 2

    All together laddie
  4. 2018/19 friendlies

    Just came to me, think it was Ancient who was talking about going over for Cork v Shamrock, is he / yous going over if so what are the dates
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

  6. Rangers Match - London Saintees

    Well done mate, Where's teamwork these days???
  7. 2018/19 friendlies

    Blame that Ricardo
  8. Indy Ref 2

    We need a revolution in this country, but people are to apathetic. Would make good members of the apathy club.
  9. 2018/19 friendlies

    Heard this at the Potys,
  10. 2018/19 friendlies

    Are we playing the friendly against shamrock if so what is the date???
  11. World Cup 2018

    Tell us more about the Scotland job, is he doing walking away again.
  12. the Secret 8 is no more

    Not my cup o tea my spazz
  13. What's everyone doing right now?

    Aye you auld feckers are the worst at moaning,
  14. St Johnstone Disabled Supporters Association

    Well done Andrew and the group
  15. What's everyone doing right now?

    As i said on potys threads been away one night big formal night everybody got dressed up, spies this lad in a kilt sure its Saintee tartan, goes over over asks him says aye, so in the middle o the med we had a chorus o 123 who are we, looked at us as if we were mad, anyone know stuart Kerrigan fae langside rd, here were a few, hearts, hibs, and sheep fans on as well, so had a laugh wae them,