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  1. makes a change, Ancient was saying you always forget when it's your round.
  2. Could not bring myself to watch Alba, Sportscene was bad enough could have been 6 or 7 God knows where we go from here , will be a wee mini league at bottom between 3 or 4 to see who goes down.
  3. Gonna be a game o 2 halfs Coys.
  4. Let's keep the run going boys 3 points onwards and upwards Coys.
  5. Looking at the results they were in the same boat.
  6. If you have got to point it out.
  7. Speak to Soupy / Scots flags he will have contacts
  8. Said it before Smarmy would rather both Dundee clubs in the Top division, more points for us, hope you both get promoted, Also fair play to Utd for putting on Free Xmas Dinner for those that live on there own.
  9. Had a wee word wae Bev, the flags had been taken down for maintainence off the area and not put back, now back in place.