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  1. Should be using Hall of Famers, and past players as Ambassadors for the club ,meet and greet the fans in the Muirton Suite before and after matches, also for The young fans.
  2. Just as well it's not the Sixties then, Saints singing section and trouble during and after the game, and at away games.
  3. Take the money if it's there , dont want another Moh situation
  4. Hopefully not, nice wee 3 points and boost to goal difference, wont be allowed to happen though
  5. Makes a mockery when spfl struggling to fit in our rearranged game wae the the if they reach last 8 of Europa, asno more midweek slots available.
  6. Remember him well, good Saints manager, asked him once if he had any old Saints strips when he was at Jeanfield training Young man he said Joe Anderson in the town sells strips,my one and only conversation wae him.He left for the Scotland job and our Willie came in.
  7. Hey keep me out o this one, sick o fighting your battles for you.
  8. Hopefully Don's will come in for him and up there bid for him.
  9. Jeez your back and still moaning, have had a word wae Donna since you left the country we picked up points, so your the jinx and Donna's no letting you on the bus
  10. Happy New Year to you, Wtf are the Army doing there, any american bases there ??.