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  1. In the words o Bobby Brown one swallow dosent make a summer, the auld anes can explain to the young anes.
  2. Simply not interested any more, players no heart no fight.
  3. Never thought i would see the day that im not even bothered about a Scotland game. Needs a good clear.out from top to bottom, but i wont hold my breath. Rugby for me now, least they have got some fight in them.
  4. Hopefully so, head and shoulders on Saturday.
  5. Will be embarrassing against San Marino.
  6. The Supercomputer says we will finish 10 th on 36 points Hammy 11 th 35 points Midden 12 th 35 points.
  7. First time i saw the flag was Saturday, Steward would not let me take a pic as teams were out, maybe some kind soul will take a photo and post it on here.
  8. Its out there so no problem, will see us getting 3 points at the midden.
  9. Missing in action yesterday Mr Ferguson, Hoodlum said you were in hiding as it was your round.
  10. Pleased wae the fight and desire shown today the celebrations in front o the fans when mattie scored and his wee jig were good to see, we will be fine come end o season, no mention of the ref who was very poor wae his descions.
  11. LAUGH OUT LOUD, he helped me put it behind goal then collected it for me at end o game.
  12. Flag in prominent position today right behind the goal, flag is kept in Barrosa club now ready for pick up for away games by Garry Bannerman. Thanks to the security guy for helping me out today.
  13. Hopefully a good turn out in the highlands.