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  1. Free speach on this forum Brother Farmer.
  2. Have asked and asked that our second flag be passed over but still waiting, unfortunately due to family illness I am not able to get up the road to sort it.
  3. Whats the weather like heard it was pretty bad yesterday will the game go ahead ??
  4. Fairpoint lads at least it got people talking instead o moaning.
  5. There are Saintees out there who could give more even if we only got 150 its still monies towards a player, we got to start somewhere.
  6. Aye its easy to be negative, what do you want to do moan.
  7. Fed up o aw the wingers and moaners going on wae there selves, we all know Broon is a tight wad, so instead of people sponcering shirts which I believe is around £ 300 if people matched that and put it into a fund for the sole purpose of paying a players wage help Tommy out and the club, quite happy to start it off instead of moaning and wingeing do something , or are you quite happy to slag Broon and do nothing, put your money where your mouth is.
  8. Bad enough playing wae 11, but to only play wae 10 beat before we start.unless we have a new signing Anyway
  9. Who is Megginson ?? Bet even hoodlum dosent know
  10. Getting the polo shirts and tracksuits off May , Broon sent him
  11. If we do the moaners better get along and fill the ground
  12. There has to be some reaction from the club after last few weeks.
  13. If we do the moaners better get along and fill the ground
  14. Aye Willies side were good, and as much as i loved Willie, Tommy is the better manager.
  15. Go on then pick a team you would pick from our squad and what set up wiuld you play .???
  16. We could have signed May, Cummings, Lafferty, and still not have lived wae that lot, we were well beat there are teams who will go there and suffer a similiar fate. Onwards and upwards.
  17. The Tommy out brigade will be frothing at the mouth the night.
  18. Zander at fault seamingly, this could be embarrassing.