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  1. Thanks Mainstand, had heard of it but not where it was.
  2. Where exactly is the oriam Mainstand ???.
  3. One for the Auld Anes , sad to hear Ernie passed away signed from East Stirling around 1964 played at Right Half Rip Ernie.
  4. Tics The the Hibs Dons Saints Hearts Killie Motherwell Ross Livi Hammy Midden.
  5. No need it to happen around end o September for purely personal reasons
  6. I thank you for your input.
  7. Cheers GD, never saw that
  8. Would have been nice if he had put something on here wae the site down for three days last week.
  9. Mon Hoodlum want no excuses next year when i whip your butt once again.
  10. Matty willock signed for Gillingham instead of the the, learnt something when he was up here.
  11. Is Stevie on his way back, club giving out a wee tease, not sure if he should or not, never go back is the auld adage, backed up by Moh and Danny boy.
  12. So the Tories and there Co horts dreamed up another way of saving money , will now take place every five years, another 400 year old tradition gone up in smoke.
  13. You know all the gossip enlighten us then
  14. If Lomas had got out o bed would have had our first Saintee wae a Eoropean cup medal
  15. Worst final in years, Highlight was the pitch invader.
  16. A lot did only about 300 of us there
  17. Thats a shame , Kamal was a good lad all about getting footfall in the doors, his haggis pakoras were braw though.