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  1. I don't see any issue with a draw purely for season ticket holders. No doubt at some period during the season the club will offer special entry deals at £10 or £15 to get folk along to a less attractive game or encourage support to an important one. Every time they do this they reduce the saving in buying a season ticket rather than pay at the gate. So a draw like this redresses the balance a bit and seems like a decent initiative to me.
  2. I wondered about Danny playing that central role while watching the Forfar debacle. He was pinging some nice passes long to Matty Kennedy in particular. With Drey on the other side it would open up play a lot. It was his shorter passes that were coming unstuck. Still think Danny could do the job though.
  3. If anyone "does everything" then it is Paul Smith.
  4. Greylag

    Euro Memories

    Or taking a train ride to the top of a Swiss mountain to find that of the 300 or so people at the top you knew about half of them. Then taking the ski gondola back down and while walking to the bus stop into Lucerne being given a lift by fellow Saintees who spotted you on the road. Surreal.
  5. Greylag

    John Muir

    Saddened to hear of the death of former player John Muir. He had a few very good seasons in a good Saints side. He certainly knew his way to goal. I always felt he did better in the early weeks of each season when the pitches were at their best. Heavier pitches inevitably saw him get injured. Great player for us and indeed for Alloa too.
  6. That's the spirit, let's have a "degrees of sh1tness" poll. To be truthful "We Are Perth" has probably disappointed me most over the last few weeks.
  7. Thought Scougall was OK, but Spoony consistently dribbles like Pele then passes like Pingu.
  8. So fewer people turned up than some expected. It would have been nice if there had been more, but abusing others and / or the committee is unlikely to encourage anyone to organise a future event. Anyone who went along expecting any part of the game to be hard fought was deluding themselves. Personally I found the second half to be one of the most entertaining 45 minutes I have spent at McDiarmid Park. It was just honest to goodness fun. The players treated it that way and everyone else should have too. Full credit to everyone from Dundee who made the event all that it was. Congratulations too to the committee. But most of all thanks to Cuptie for many, many magical moments over the years and good luck to the Binos over the rest of the season. Apologies if this post needs to move to another forum because I haven't abused anyone or called them something that involves asteriks.
  9. Greylag


    1200 start doesnae interfere with Southern Fried and the associated drinking so all good!
  10. Newcastle United. I was in the ground by 3pm but missed the first goal by taking 10 seconds to climb the stairs to the Florence Place terracing!
  11. Greylag


    OK, I've bitten. Now go away please.
  12. And Scobbie nuts Brad McKay. Missing Tam already....
  13. I'm not as good at remembering aspects of games as some on here. But that's one I can recall in all it's outrageous glory. The ref lost the plot early on then proceeded to get virtually every decision wrong. Came away breathless. Oh for a few more like that!
  14. Not certain Tommy said there were to be no more players signed. I thought he said there wouldn't be anyone this week. Q Do you expect to bring any more players in between now and next week? TW If I can I can't play them - they can't be registered for it. For the game or just in general? Q Just in general TW No! No!