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  1. Europa League 2017 - 18

    Shamrock the one to avoid there. All the others potentially not an easy journey.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Scougall for me. Always prefer a player that will potentially have some value to us over a loan. But, maybe a loan player of decent enough quality can contribute. I think on Alston and Wotherspoon, what would be great is more consistency from both then we wouldn't need anyone else. Alston looked good some games and a bit meh in others. Wotherspoon, if he played every game like he sometimes can, he's be playing at a way higher level.
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Agree, but both have the potential to be better players I'd argue than Dayton. Scott Allen in particular is exactly the type of player we need and do well with. Career slightly off track and looking to get going again. To be fair, I doubt Tommy wouldn't be interested and probably out of our reach. Its that type of player though I'd hope we'd be signing. Problem is though, not many out there and even fewer in our budget. I actually think we don't need to add much to the squad just yet. I'd like to think Thomson and the other young lads could 'replace' Swanson and Scobbie.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think when you see the likes of Scott Allen going to Dundee and Spittal to Partick, these are the type of player we should be competing for. Don't get me wrong, Dayton might be a great signing, but his recent record doesn't sound great. That said, we've got history for taking unfashionable and often undrrrated player on and improving them.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Dayton would have been a good signing for the Saints of 6-7 years ago, but we've got to be aiming for better than him, given how well we've been doing. Not right to say he is a replacement for Coulson as that would be to suggest that Coulson needs replacing. I'd rather be looking for 2 Swanson replacements.
  6. Tommy for Rangers

    Viewing on TV. Sky bring the biggest drop. You are right, they could play in empty stadiums and still cream it in. Domestic viewers is becoming less and less of a factor, but I'd assume more stable. Big issue will be if there is a shift from say the Far East. Scottish clubs are in a fantastic position if there was some kind of implosion.
  7. Tommy for Rangers

    Don't think it is and yes, their new director is going to invest. Plan is to take them to 'the next level' whatever that may be. I still think he'll end up leaving, just think Sunderland is the wrong club for him. Unless they get promoted at the first attempt on what will be a relatively shoestring budget, he'd be out. Good for Scottish football as a whole, but maybe a bit more money at Aberdeen might not be bad for Saints in regards to Wright. I suspect that if/when Del goes, they may want higher profile people than Tommy. Another interesting aside is that viewing figures in England are way down (14%) whereas in Scotland the game is thriving. Maybe this is the start of the bubble bursting and if so, the drain of talent from Scotland to traditionally smaller clubs being over. Would Tommy want to go to say a Rotherham or Bristol City type club if the money dried up?
  8. Season tickets on sale on friday

    Any idea how many ST's we sell each year? Will be interesting to see what impact the Saints card, Europe and the earlier release has on the numbers.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'd imagine most players at other clubs will be back from holidays now. Does that mean we should be expecting some movement on signings in the next couple of days? I'd expect the budget will be up a bit on last season and Tommy will be able to use the freed up wages from Swanson and Tam to bring in 2-3 decent players.
  10. New Kit launched

    Decent, away better than home, but both better than this year. only criticism is that the badge is too near the centre. Will look good in the Europa league group stages
  11. Zander Clark

    Exactly. I could understand if Hamilton was getting a game and Zander wasn't. What should be asked of the Scotland manager at the squad announcements is why x player is chosen over y. If it is because he thinks Hamilton is a better player, then anybody who has watched Scottish football this season would tell you he's not. As an aside, if he's calling up Mark Reynolds, Anderson is a far superior defender.
  12. Tommy for Rangers

    Steve Brown is right, it is just a matter of when, but Tommy is the living proof that give a good manager a good base and stability to work with then they can achieve good things. The success we are having at the moment isn't just down to Wright, the current players and those around the club at the moment, it is due to the likes of Geoff Brown and Duff etc that built the club up in the right way and the fans that stuck by the club when others around were going mental and spending crazy money. Its because of this we can compete with lower crowds. However, the 'advantage' we ha e built up with not servicing debt is not really there now. Club needs a bit for from the lay fans. Even 500 more on average would make a big difference.
  13. HAPPY MAY 17!

    Win the cup again v Dundee and this with a greeting Neil McCann instead of shift key:
  14. Saints Kit 2017/18

    Will have to. Club needs to submit kits to UEFA to be approved for qualification. Not sure how much notice would be needed, but given we know it is Joma and it will be blue, club should be able to get kit sorted pretty easily. Guessing sponsor would be the only hold up. I'd imagine it will be in line with previous years and be released at the tail end of June.
  15. May 17th 2017 - Hearts at McD

    Time to put out some of the younger players for this one and Rangers. 2 good games to get experience in. Give the senior players an extra weeks rest. Would make these games that bit more interesting. Would love for us to sign up say Scougal and introduce him at half time too.