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  1. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Think we will get a relatively decent support through for this. What sort of initial allocation did we get for this? Big opportunity for some of the youngsters here with Anderson and Foster out. If these guys are to make the grade, these are the kind of chances they need to grasp. Foster I suspect will continue to pick up suspensions and Anderson isn’t great this season. Hopefully Tommy is making this clear to the youngsters. I’d be inclined to play Clark too who I think is better than Mannus.
  2. MOTM Saints 0 - Rangers 3 - 13/10/17

    Scougall had his best game in a saints shirt. Thought Comrie did well to. Seems to have confidence which is good. Mannus wasn’t impressive and maybe Ando being suspended will do him some good as he was poor. First wasn’t a yellow, but regardless, if you’ve been booked and are as experienced as he is, then you don’t give away the foul to get sent off.
  3. The Mosque

    Dare I ask, but when you worked in the Middle East and Africa did you learn the language, immerse yourself into the culture and respect the culture by not drinking etc or did you stick with other ex pats etc? Also, was there not someone local who could have done those jobs? Playing devils advocate obviously, but how many times are the ones complaining about folk coming here and not learning English etc, are those who go abroad and do not learn the language and get involved in the local cultures. I always find the whole sharia law argument intersting. While on the one hand, absolutely, we should not allow laws or interpretations of laws to counter human rights etc, but, that equally applies to the interpretation of many Christian laws too. Gender and Sexual Orientation equality, abortion etc are all areas that conservative Christians will argue against in the same way as conservative muslims. The vast majority of Christian's, muslims and folk of no religion are much more aligned on these issues that you, the daily mail, SDL or whoever would make you believe. Also, would love the know how much these defenders of the 'British' culture who protested as part of the SDL, contributed to the various churches, food banks, homeless shelters and such like around Perth? To me, being British or Scottish, isn't about fish and chips, bulldogs, union flags and all that, its about helping your neighbour, respecting others, being good citizens and treating others as you would want to be treated yourself.
  4. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    I suppose it is a good sign when we can win when being pretty poor. First half we were truely mince. 2nd, it never felt like we'd concede aside from the great save and every substitution made us better. Tanser surprisingly drove us on and put in some great crosses. Concerned about Foster though. He was terrible throughout. Maybe a spell out of the team might do him some good.
  5. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    I'd bring midge in for this one. I know he is not really in for consideration, but he would be able to protect the back line and still be creative, which is what we are missing. I actually think we might give Hamilton a hiding tomorrow. We haven't really been that great in a lot of games, yet still got something out of all but one and even then we should have. I think it might just click tomorrow and if we get 1-2 early, Hamilton might collapse. Players seem to have plenty of fire in their bellies. Time to use is productively.
  6. Richard Foster

    I agree, but a more volatile team mate would have reacted and it would have been Swanson all over again. He seems to have anger management issues. I like the passion, but he needs to be able to control it. As an aside, I think this is where a really strong captain needs to step in. As much as I like Ando, he's not the sort to grab the guy and take him aside on the pitch and tell him to calm down.
  7. The Mosque

    Regardless of whatever religion it may be for, if somebody want to build a facility that can be used by part or all of the community in central Perth, then that can only be a good thing for the city. At the moment, the site in an empty builders yard and the alternative would be flats, which would have a much bigger parking issue. As for the increase in cars, it's a replacement for the site a couple of hundred yards along the road. There is not all of a sudden going to be hundreds of extra worshipers deciding to suddenly start going. Yes I'd imagine the numbers will grow, but then there is a limit on the number of people who can fit in. If we want to highlight parking issues in the area, it should be the massively inadequate parking at the PRI. Very proud of Perth the other week and how the people spoke out. Yes, there may be planning issues, but that is all it is and should be. Yes, it should have maybe had more scrutiny over the plans from the council. But, to turn it into something other than that is what divides communities up and down the country much more than anything else.
  8. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    Frustrating that we had this game in our control and then totally sat back and let hibs control it. For me Davidson and Paton doesn't work together. Either or, with a more forward thinking player beside. We made McGinn look good. We just let him run, thankfully like the rest of the Hibs team, there is little end product. A draw is a decent result in the end. Good to get something out of it when we are not at it. Hibs will do alright this season, but will be in and around the battle for top six, no higher.
  9. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    Think it will be quite an open game. Suspect hibs will be coming at as, which plays to our tactic of hitting teams at pace on the break. We'll win 2-1, with Macca and MOH scoring a penalty after getting fouled himself. Hibs are a decent team, but not as good as their media attention would suggest.
  10. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think the fact there has been an international break has made this a bigger story than it is. When you see what MOH said, he has said nothing any other player on loan wouldn't say. Easy story for journalists with time on their hands. The Rangers manager is also clever in that he recognises that MOH isn't popular amongst his own support, so he's an easy target for a few digs. I suspect MOH will be employed by Rangers the longer out of the two, so maybe to be seen to be falling out with an increasingly unpopular manager isn't a bad thing for him, exaggerated or not. Overall, again, Tommy comes out of this wee flashpoint well. The man is class in the way he handles players and the media. The relationship his has with the player too, might just give us a fighting chance of getting him on a perminant deal in January.
  11. Training ground

    With the new road going in at the back of McD and the replacement training pitch, is the new pitch meaning that the team will be training every day in Perth? I know at the moment we sometimes use the training pitch and sometimes Stirling Uni. You hear a lot from clubs about having dedicated training facilities, Dundee, Aberdeen etc. Do we now have that? Do we need that? It looks like we will have 2 full size grass pitches, the artificial pitch and obviously the main pitch, plus gym in the main stand.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Then Danny to come back in Jan when MOH goes back to or is sold by Rangers. The whole deadline day drama really isn't Saints style. Only way I could see us getting involved is if we are offered a decent striker on loan. What would be great is if Rangers were looking to offload MOH relatively cheap to free up funds for Walker.....
  13. Player Contracts + Transfers

    You hinting at Carlton Cole or even Zander Diamond? Tommy said this deal only arose recently, so suspect this isn't one of his top targets. He also says he prefers 4 strikers, which we now have, so unless Cummings is going, I think he's done all he is going to do in this window.
  14. Chris "midgey" Millar - An Appreciation

    Totally agree. I think he is still our best midfielder. Spoony has been immense this season, but can blow hot and cold a bit. I wonder if the lack of pre season time off for so many years when we have been in Europe has taken its toll to an extent on Midge. Unforunately, we will be seeing more of this in the next few years. The stalwarts who have been the backbone of the team for the last few years are aging and we will see less and less of them. Don't care how fit someone is, once you get past 30, niggles take their toll and recovering from games and minor injuries takes a lot longer. Would love to take the Dutch approach and keep these guys at the club long term as coaches as Millar, Macca, Anderson, Craig etc are good pros and are great roll models for the younger players on and off the pitch. However finances will dictate that we just cannot afford such luxuries. For Millar, I'd love to see him end up at Morton. I know it is a club close to his heart and he'd do a fantastic job for them.
  15. Chris "midgey" Millar - An Appreciation

    I'd much rather a half fit Midge who maybe only plays 20 games per season than say a Liam Craig who may only play 20 games too via selection or a squad player. When fit, Millar can control a game in a way no other player in our team can. Also, I suspect off the pitch he is very influential and a sort of mentor/coach to others. I'd imagine he'll be on a pretty low wage and topped up with appearance money, so to let him go, I don't think would save just too much. Dont get me wrong, we shouldn't just keep someone out of sentiment, but I suspect he is one of those around the club that holds it all together. When you hear the likes of MOH talking about it being a family club etc, sometimes that can get more out of players than just coaching and tactics alone. Just a suggestion, but if he's not fit, why not use his degree and get him involved in the media side of things a bit more?