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  1. If we could play like the first 20 mins for the majority of the season we will be fine. Maybe a concern that heads dropped too much when we conceded the penalty. Their penalty was soft and Kane really should have put the one on one away. Small margins and while concerns there, equally, I genuinely don't think we are as bad as it may seem. A proper goal scorer on that pitch yesterday and we'd have won that game. Anderson looked rusty and maybe a year too many now, but could still do a job over the course of the season. Especially in the winter months when we need to dig deep. Yes, we are on the slide a bit, but did anyone expect anything else? We cannot compete financially and everyone else around us has got their act together financially, so the reality is that we are competing with Championship clubs and the bottom premier clubs for players. This dip was always going to happen at some point.
  2. Let's just hope May or any other potential signing wasnt watching yesterday! Sounds promising on the May front, but until he signs, still the risk of him ending up elsewhere. While it's not exactly been inspiring on the pitch so far, I genuinely think we are only a couple of players away from a really good squad. Add in May, another striker and a central defender and I think we are about there. Appreciate it might need moves out to make it happen, but Kane, McMillan and Swanson out with the 3 positions in and that would do me.
  3. Agree, there is plenty of room, but my point is that we've gone to the effort of building new dugouts, which were needed, but we've taken the half arsed option of only updating the seats in one of the 3 rows with the big fancy (and awesome looking) dugout seats. While we are on seats, get those yellow and red ones in the bin, or replace the ones when the break with blue ones. (Love a close season rant about the most mundane things).
  4. Looks crap. Have we genuinely been as cheap as to only get one row of the new seats?
  5. Utter sh!t3. You'd never have known which team was 2 divisions above the other. To be fair, Montrose were very good, but equally we were very poor. Goal came about from a slip in defence, but still should be able to deal with it. We just could not get on top of the game in any meaningful way. Looked like our players were afraid to have a shot at goal. There seemed to be no one in the team willing to step up and drag us through the game. I'll put it down to a decent opposition on a difficult pitch, but does give me a fear for the season ahead.
  6. 4-0 Saints, Hendry Hat Trick
  7. No, but every effort should be made to get a player the manager has identified. For what it is worth, I think Brown will go as far as he can (in his eyes), but if we are outbid on a fee or wages, then so be it. He can fairly turn round to tommy and the fans and say he did his best.
  8. Bit of a pivotal moment for Saints here. Putting aside whether May is fit or not or even whether he'd make us better or not, here is a deal the manager says he wants, fans are crying out for and likely the move the player wants (money aside) and if Saints try and penny pinch here and loose out on the player (particularly to a championship club), then that really sends a massively negative message to Tommy and the fans. We are trying to build the club and if we don't end up signing May and bring in a couple of loan players and a Rory Fallon like signing, I think it will just deflate everyone inside and out with the club. I'm 50/50 on the merits of signing May based purely on the pitch, but as a whole, I don't think we can afford not to sign him or at least make genuine attempts to sign him.
  9. 100% agree. Utd are pushing the boat out this year as they need to go back up. If they don't, then they will struggle for a long time to come. Cannot see them both paying a fee for May AND paying 3k, when they could loan him and not be burdened with a high earner. If they do want to pay him silly money (relatively), then we should not try and match them. On the flip side, if the difference in what saints would offer and what May wants is material, then make the performance bonuses higher. Equally, if it came down to say £1k per week difference, then you are talking 3-4k extra fans over the season or 150-200 each game to make up the difference. Would having May vs AN Other striker add that many fans?
  10. Re Stevie May, if he signs, I'd rather a permanent move. If on loan, then if does well, then either Aberdeen will want him back or someone else will come in for him. At the moment, his stock is low, so we'd have little real competition for a permanent deal. I think he is worth a fee to be spent on, but have concerns that Saints will actually shell out anything. I think Tommy would get the best out of him and if he (May), genuinely thinks that himself, he'd come back. However, the alternative for him is that if it doesn't work out back here, then what kind of future does he have? I have a gut feel he might either a) want only a loan himself so he has the fall back of the remaining 2 years on good wage at aberdeen (or pay off) or b) try his luck elsewhere, with the thought in his mind that while Tommy is at Saints, he will likely have another opportunity here. Even if it wasnt for him being here before, I'd still say he is exactly the type of player Tommy likes, talented, but for whatever reason, lost his way a bit. Of course, if he does sign, then likely blows a hole in the budget, so does that have knock on effects for other targets or new contracts? Say May gets 3k, does Kennedy ask for that or MOH, Zander etc?
  11. I assume that given our first game is next Saturday, we have kits all sorted etc?
  12. I could see up signing Chalmers from ICT. Exactly in the mould of a Tommy player. Possibly Gray and Bartley from Hibs too.....
  13. I don't necessarily mean the effort Watt put in at times, I actually liked his efforts , but post Christmas, there is no fire there. As you say, bit of bad luck and confidence done him in, but we cannot carry players like that. Kane is a cheaper version of the same type of player. Forgot about Wright, he for me will be massive when he returns. Re the youths, yes, we have announced only we are getting rid of the reserves, but without that bridge, how can we have an effective youth set up? Don't be surprised when the youths get canned or scaled right back.
  14. There really is no excuse for not sorting out next years kit in time for school holidays. We know what league we will be in, we know sponsor, ok, we need new kit, but surely club have something agreed, so will we see the incompetence of saints commercial side strike again or will we get a surprise and they will be on the ball? Really liked the blue top, white shorts and white socks combo from this year, so would like the same again for next.
  15. I imagine brown (and tommy) will have looked at some of the signings brought in this year that 'pushed the boat out' in terms of wages (Watt, Swanson, Kennedy and O'Halloran) and wonder if we have got value for money and Kennedy aside, I'd say no. I'd argue that this year, we lost some of the spirit in the team and maybe less expensive, more grafting type players are more in tune with that than maybe a Watt type player. On Joe, despite being poor in the 2nd half of the season, I'd have kept him, but it's like he is either engineering a move away or doesn't understand saints as we are never going to give him what he is looking for. He's the only player I can remember Tommy being so explicit about his unhappiness when leaving. The bigger worry for me is it seems we are doing away with the youth approach. We cannot cut the first team budget, cut the youths and expect to stay even standing still, never mind progress....