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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I'd say the GMS and Ciftci scenarios are are a bit different though. GMS was in and around the Celtic first team, Ciftci is no where near it. I'd imagine they might want a small fee, but I'd expect Storey level fee as opposed to hundreds of thousands. Rodgers will just want rid. Probably the biggest stumbling block for Saints would be his wages. We'd maybe push the boat out if we knew we were getting a guarantee of the Ciftci of Utd days, but when there is a risk we get an unmotivated petulant player, not sure we would go there. Don't have a feel for what he is on at Celtic, but if he or anyone else was to be looking for £2k plus at saints, it's not going to happen.
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Something like super saint comes waddling out, lifts the mask and.......
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    No, he shouldn't say we are signing a certain player, but as you say, he's been saying all summer that he wants one or two strikers. We've signed none and let one go out on loan. If we have been in discussions and no one signed yet, then it suggests we've either missed out or for whatever reason it's just not happening. We've been linked with a few and I think Storey and Sammon are two Tommy would have been actively pursuing. Would love to be wrong and we pull out s great signing, but gut feel is that we've missed out on those we have been chasing. That's the concern for me.
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think it is fair for fans to wonder what the plans are for the team. Slightly concerning that we are currently running with 2 strikers only one of which cannot play in some games. Fair point that the club shouldn't say we are signing x or y player, but we seem to have heard murmurings of the club signing a striker for a few weeks now (something everyone recognises we need) yet instead, we let someone go out on loan.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Exactly. Given we just gave Kane a new deal, you'd assume it would have been an increase in wages. Possibly QOS will be paying pretty much just the increase or at best, offsetting that plus a small portion of his old wage. Can't imagine we are freeing up much wages at all. More likely it's a head count thing and any free wages are used already for MOH. If we are pinning our hopes on some mysterious striker it's utter stupidity. We could be out bid at any point and it's not likely there is some proven goal scorer out there sitting by his phone desperate for Tommy and Steve to make his dream come true of playing for Saints.
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I hope you are right, but what o think is different this time is that fans are more clued up. I doubt Hearts fans for example, would allow someone to rack up the debts they did before. Always thought the numbers at Ross County don't add up though. Uncle Roy won't always be there for them. There does however seem to be a bit of speculation going on. Not sure if it's extra cash from Rangers and Hibs getting promoted or expectation of new tv deal.
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    The reality is that while yes, we could afford to pay the fee for May, there would be no hope in hell Saints would shell out that plus the wages he'd want. Great signing Aberdeen are getting there, assuming he's fully over his injury. Wish him well except from when he's playing us. Would love for Saints to have a 'wow' signing and someone to get excited about, but know that's just not going to happen. Storey would be a decent signing, assuming we are likely to be going for him, but I worry we are leaving ourselves short. Maybe the bigger concern is that now it seems other clubs have got their acts together and are able to pay fees for players and decent wages. Until very recently, Hearts, Hibs and until a couple of years ago, Aberdeen while being bigger, haven't necessarily been able to massively outgun us in terms at wages etc, but they have all moved on a level in that respect and we cannot compete. The frustration I suppose is that the advantage we had of not having to service debt, which allowed us to have this golden spell isn't really there now and it doesn't feel like we've managed to fully capitalise in it in that we haven't really banked a massive fee for players, we haven't grown the fan base and are falling behind re training facilities. Not saying we are all of a sudden be rubbish or get relegated, but I do feel that when we look back in years to come it will have felt like we missed opportunities off the pitch. that said, it will make it all the sweeter when we finish top 6 again. This is the best overall quality top flight we have had for a long time.
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Which Cummings is trying to destroy with his shots! Actually, related to this, I take it the work behind the east at the car park end is the new training pitch? Assuming the compensation for the road is paying for it?
  9. Partick Thistle (H) - Betfred Cup Round 2 - 08/08/17

    We were terrible. Bar Spoony, I don't think anyone gets pass marks. Partick did to us what we usually do to other teams, get in front and kill the game. Didn't look a penalty to me, but Ando didn't need to give the ref a decision to make, player was never going to score. Cummings, I'm sorry, but he's not worth the space in the team. Any 'striker' should at least hit the target when blasting it. Could almost excuse it if he was trying to place it. But oh my god, the ref, he was terrible and not just saying that because we lost. Inconsistency all over the place. Partick were visibly taking the piss towards the end and how the guy got a foul for slipping and crawling to get the ball?!?. Can imagine Tommy will tear shreds off the players and hopefully a reaction come Saturday.
  10. New Season Fixtures

    This game will be awesome. We'll never see Saints play there again, so will have a bit of s novalty factor. Less intimidating that Tynecastle, so gives us a bit of an advantage. If ever there is an away game the club/fans should be making a push for (like Dunfermline away) then this is it. Plenty of fans, flags etc. As an aside, have we ever played a team in so many different stadiums? McD, Muirton, Tynecastle, Easter Road, Recreation and now Murryfield.....
  11. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Sam for me too.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Interesting, I think the same, but if it is who I think it might be, then I'd be staggered....
  13. The Cathro Conundrum

    I feel sorry for him too. I think ultimately it's been too big a job too early for him. I suspect he has all the coaching ability needed, but not the man management..... yet. That's the kind of thing you can only learn on the job and much easier to mistakes at smaller clubs away from the spotlight. He's not great with the media and maybe not having to have done interviews etc as a player plays a part here. What money on him leaving Hearts and being a big succcess abroad in a few years.
  14. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Spot on. If MOH is mince, then he goes back in Jan. If he's had an impact, then we will be happy with that. Ok, pain to loose an on form player, but what's to say we don't extend it until the end of the season, or even pay a fee and sign him outright. Or possibly Thomson etc will be ready to step up. Probable that a fee or the extra wages aren't in the budget, but we get c£100k if Celtic make the CL group stages that will not be factored in. Sure Tommy would be asking for that. No expert, but I'd be pretty sure this is the most highly paid squad we will have ever had.
  15. Tommy for Rangers

    Not a chance Hearts would go for Tommy and no chance he'd work under a DOF. Mind you, I think the issues at Hearts (on the pitch) run deeper than Cathro. Levein needs to go too. The longer they let this run and the same at Ibrox, the better for us.