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  1. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    If I was to say something positive, it would be that we could have been beaten by more than 3. However, this is down to Aberdeen being able to beat us and still have gears they could go up through. They didn’t have to be good to beat us. There is absolutely no heart in that saints team, which is something you couldn’t accuse this team of in the last few years. I think the balance (mental) is off when we have Foster in the team and (on pitch) balance off when we have Paton playing. Both make us a worse team. We really lack a leader on the pitch to get the guys sorted out. Cheep goals being lost and you see the players all blaming each other. Big transfer window for Tommy as we really really need a striker (in addition to the one we have signed) and a creative central midfielder. Arguably a centre back too.
  2. Time for Tommy to go?

  3. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    On the one had you could say that Brown is clever And knows how to walk the line with refs, however, I take the other view that he is a total pr1ck who gets away with absolute murder every week. Not just the challenges, which I actually have no issue with, but the total disrespect for the ref and other opponents. Both him and Paton should have been booked.
  4. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Was just about to post almost this word for word. Only thing I’d add is that Paton was and is horrific. Never seen a player with such a bad passing ability keep trying to play world class passes.
  5. Tommy for Rangers

    No chance. I could have seen the attraction from Utd before, but they need desperately to get up and I wouldn’t say Tommy’s the man for that. In the Premiership, yes, but he’d want time to build them and that’s not something they could give him. From Wright’s side, why on earth would you drop a league to go to a job you might be sacked from in 6 months? Tommy’s ambition has to be higher than that. From a Saints perspective, no it’s not clicking at the moment, but the last 3-4 years has proven his abilities. We don’t need the compo and would piss fans off even more. Total non starter for me.
  6. Ando stripped of captaincy

    Spot on. Maybe Ando realising there is a genuine contender for his place and less pressure might be the boost he needs. I’d be happy with Gordon starting, but feel more comfortable now after Saturday that we have a decent enough backup for Ando And Joe if that is what he is for now. Dont think Anderson is a natural captain, but then not sure Joe is either. Seems a bit too quiet for me. Don’t see any other obvious players though. I’d say Macca, but maybe he is too far from the other players (and too angry) to be captain.
  7. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Brutal game. Both teams were poor to be honest. Only plus is that I thought our defence was better than it has been recently. We can moan about the lack of shots at goal, but we never really created much to give us the opportunity to shoot. Our tactic seemed to be to ground out a draw and when we didn’t lump it uselessly forward and got it to Scougall and MOH, Hearts tactic was to foul them early, as was ours with Walker tbf. Hearts are clearly going to take the Saints approach to games which is going to make any game between us as bad as yesterday. On Murrayfield, better than Hampden, but first time I think I’ve ever been to a football game and there has been no pies on sale.
  8. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    To be fair to him, he is spot on. We are a similar sized club to Raith, Dunfermline and Falkirk. Could easily throw 2-3 others in there too. Where his isn’t quite right though is that our position is down to Tommy. Not saying that on the pitch he isn’t responsible, but what allows us to be in the top flight whereas they are not is due to the way the club has been run. McD has allowed us to run with no debt and to fund the squad capable of the success we have had. History and support wise we are a Raith, Dunfermline or Falkirk. Add the names of Duff and Brown and the unsung folk behind the scenes in the last 30 years and can’t falt a word he says.
  9. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Initial allocation effectively sold out now. Just random individual seats left. Saints getting more tickets from Hearts today. Should be a decent backing for the team.
  10. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Think we will get a relatively decent support through for this. What sort of initial allocation did we get for this? Big opportunity for some of the youngsters here with Anderson and Foster out. If these guys are to make the grade, these are the kind of chances they need to grasp. Foster I suspect will continue to pick up suspensions and Anderson isn’t great this season. Hopefully Tommy is making this clear to the youngsters. I’d be inclined to play Clark too who I think is better than Mannus.
  11. MOTM Saints 0 - Rangers 3 - 13/10/17

    Scougall had his best game in a saints shirt. Thought Comrie did well to. Seems to have confidence which is good. Mannus wasn’t impressive and maybe Ando being suspended will do him some good as he was poor. First wasn’t a yellow, but regardless, if you’ve been booked and are as experienced as he is, then you don’t give away the foul to get sent off.
  12. The Mosque

    Dare I ask, but when you worked in the Middle East and Africa did you learn the language, immerse yourself into the culture and respect the culture by not drinking etc or did you stick with other ex pats etc? Also, was there not someone local who could have done those jobs? Playing devils advocate obviously, but how many times are the ones complaining about folk coming here and not learning English etc, are those who go abroad and do not learn the language and get involved in the local cultures. I always find the whole sharia law argument intersting. While on the one hand, absolutely, we should not allow laws or interpretations of laws to counter human rights etc, but, that equally applies to the interpretation of many Christian laws too. Gender and Sexual Orientation equality, abortion etc are all areas that conservative Christians will argue against in the same way as conservative muslims. The vast majority of Christian's, muslims and folk of no religion are much more aligned on these issues that you, the daily mail, SDL or whoever would make you believe. Also, would love the know how much these defenders of the 'British' culture who protested as part of the SDL, contributed to the various churches, food banks, homeless shelters and such like around Perth? To me, being British or Scottish, isn't about fish and chips, bulldogs, union flags and all that, its about helping your neighbour, respecting others, being good citizens and treating others as you would want to be treated yourself.
  13. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    I suppose it is a good sign when we can win when being pretty poor. First half we were truely mince. 2nd, it never felt like we'd concede aside from the great save and every substitution made us better. Tanser surprisingly drove us on and put in some great crosses. Concerned about Foster though. He was terrible throughout. Maybe a spell out of the team might do him some good.
  14. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    I'd bring midge in for this one. I know he is not really in for consideration, but he would be able to protect the back line and still be creative, which is what we are missing. I actually think we might give Hamilton a hiding tomorrow. We haven't really been that great in a lot of games, yet still got something out of all but one and even then we should have. I think it might just click tomorrow and if we get 1-2 early, Hamilton might collapse. Players seem to have plenty of fire in their bellies. Time to use is productively.
  15. Richard Foster

    I agree, but a more volatile team mate would have reacted and it would have been Swanson all over again. He seems to have anger management issues. I like the passion, but he needs to be able to control it. As an aside, I think this is where a really strong captain needs to step in. As much as I like Ando, he's not the sort to grab the guy and take him aside on the pitch and tell him to calm down.