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  1. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Agree, the Swanson money was over and above, but maybe with Scougall potentially going, Nydham away and the likelihood of a relegation reduced then a bit of a freeing up of wages could happen. Of course though, if we want to offer new contracts to Watt, Kerr etc, you'd assume that would be more expensive. Unfortunately, despite the great football being played, the crowds haven't responded to give more cash.
  2. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Could you imagine though a Saints team containing a fit O'Halloran, Swanson, Kennedy and Wright! That would give any opposition the utter fear. Each one could rip a team wide open, but 4 or them!! Not sure you'd get them all in the same side, but would love to see that. I'd give MOH a deal personally. Still young enough and like many before, realises what he has here vs chasing the money etc. Might also persuade Watt to stay. Genuinely the most talented saints team I've ever seen and could get even better.
  3. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    The wages from Scougall will allow for the signing of another quality player. I wouldn't be surprised if he's looking at a striker. Kane hasn't developed as I think Tommy would have hoped and we are lacking a goalscorer. Might see another couple moved out over and above that already announced. For me, I'd push the boat out and spend a decent fee on someone like shankland.
  4. TheYellowBox

    Top 10 complete Saints marketing fails..

    He's referring to the Rangers collapse and aftermath, I think.... That or it is meant to say OS in relation to the website? Marketing has been pretty poor, but I do think it is getting better. So much more potential there. As pointed out, the big missed opportunity post cup win is the benchmark. Yet to see it in the flesh, but the GS Brown advert on the north stand could be a late entry. The facade of the stadium is looking poor, so sticking a new sign on top not the best look. The wee red squares on the end bits annoy me every week, disproportionately so!
  5. TheYellowBox

    Zander Clark

    I think the defence as a whole look really strong at the moment. If you'd have said 2-3 years ago that we'd have Anderson and Easton out injured and Mannus gone, most fans would fear the worst, but Tanser has really come into a game and Clark and Kerr are getting better every game. Even better that they are a product of the saints youth system. Out of interest, how long is Clark tied town for? Can see some interest in him in January and the Summer, with the obvious imediate call up if he Does move.
  6. TheYellowBox

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Totally agree. Thought Killie looked good today and are a decent striker away from being a top side, although, Kerr was immense against what they did have. I don't think I remember anyone getting by him or him not winning the first ball. I think Tommys logic for bringing Kane on was to chase them down so we didn't loose the game, rather than going to win it. Swanson was injured after his first touch, so really should have come off. Wotherspoon had the best game I've seen him have in a while, although looked dead on his feet at the end. Good point for both teams, similar set ups and standard, so can see both battling it out for a top 6 spot or both being in top 6.
  7. As a season ticket holder who didn't go yesterday, I genuinely didn't feel like I missed out tbh. I couldn't make it, but I suspect there will have been a few put off by the absolute horror show of our last home game. Performances aside, I think the problem is more fundamental, the whole set up is incredibly stale. Yes there is good stuff for kids, but not sure that entices many new fans. Going to McD is absolutely no different than it was 20 years ago. Bizarrely, the issue with saints is that there is no need for fans to turn up. We're not in a relegation battle, pushing for an honour not fighting for the club's survival. It's all just a bit meh! What would be interesting is to know how many different saints fans attend each season. Is it c4,000 different fans picking and choosing games or the same 2,000 every week? I suspect the club has no idea tbh.
  8. TheYellowBox

    MOTM Game 14 Saints 0 v 6 Celtic

    Thought Wotherspoon and Tanser controlled the game........
  9. TheYellowBox

    Saints v Celtic sunday

    Agree with every word of this. Ando coming on made such a difference, not least on Kerr, who looked like he actually had some direction. Spoony shouldn't get back in the side and should be off in January TBH.
  10. TheYellowBox

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    Which makes it worse. IF they announced that they were to redevelop Hampden and it cost x million and to pay for it, they needed to hold all games there to pay for it, then Maybe, Maybe fans could get on board, but as you say, there is no plan. Maybe they are holding out for a 2030 WC bid and get it funded that way?
  11. TheYellowBox

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    What no journalist has asked, that I have seen, is why the police demanded Aberdeen v Rangers is played first?
  12. TheYellowBox

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    But they paid just £6m for hampden. That would be paid off over 4 full houses or one scotland qualifying campaign. Not to mention, ignoring that, from the £1m pa saving from not renting it. Get it is the spfl and not sfa, but even more reason to tear up any existing agreements. You are spot on, they will go on about keeping the money in football, but really murrayfield should be used in this case. Personally, I'd never have any semi finals at Hampden, just devalues it. Simple solution, draw up every conceivable fixture and pre determine where any semi between those clubs would be played. E.g. Saints v United to be played at East End park, Aberdeen v Kiillie at Tynecastle etc. Rangers v Celtic should be toss of a coin. Takes out the nonsense like this week. Add to that, no club should be allowed to play a fixture where there is no scheduled public transport that would allow for fans to get there for kick off. No exceptions. Final rant, toss of coin for whichever end at hampden each set of fans get and make the journalists and suits sit in row a right behind the goals.
  13. TheYellowBox

    Is Scottish Football truly incompetent?

    It's utter utter bollocks to be honest. Aside from the obvious issue of 4 sets of fans that aren't exactly fond of each other all being in the same city on the same day, not to mention crossing paths at train and service station etc, the fact that it now emerges that any game involving the OF is contractually obliged to be played at Hampden is a disgrace. It literally is one set of rules for them and a different one for the rest. The Rangers and Celtic ends at hampden too boils my piss. Do the folk in charge really think this is all acceptable to fans? Massive changes needed.
  14. TheYellowBox

    Accounts 17-18

    Shows how much we are dependent on some of the away crowds. Suspect the core saints support doesn't vary much. Better football will help, but perversely, the only way I can see a big increase in our home support is a crisis. It's all too comfortable for Saints supporters. Not that I want it, but if we had an administration or such like, a lot of the fans would 're engage' to save the club, much like, Hearts, Dundee and Motherwell. We still have a decent support, just a lot don't attend games as regularly. Pretty sure all of us could name a dozen or so saints supporters who still follow the club, but rarely attend games, for all sorts of valid and understandable reasons.
  15. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    If we could somehow get Wright, Swanson, Kennedy and Sougall all to fit into the same side feeding Watt, that would be an incredible attacking line up! Every one of them real talents who could change a game in an instant. That would be a nightmare for any defence in our league to defend against!