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  1. Not a hope in hell County paid £80k for Donaldson!! I'm not saying I think he is worth £50k, I'm saying that's what i think we'd get. With saved wages, it'd be nearer £100k vs keeping him. Any other club would get 6 figures, but this is saints we are talking about. Either way, we will never know as it will be 'undisclosed'.
  2. I'd be surprised, although glad, if we got a six figure sum for someone who is out of contract in less than 6 months. I say £50k as once he signs a pre contract his value will drop immediately. We may get £100k if both Hearts and Aberdeen want him now and are willing to compete for him. I do like the idea of a sell on clause though. Either side might east get a seven figure sum for him in a year or two.
  3. If we can get £50k for him and save in the wages, then that might allow wright the funds to bring in a couple of players. Possibly better still if he can move a few out. I wonder though if he might be tempted to play MOH out wide and either bring in a new number 9 or play a combo of May, Kane and Hendry up top. Either go a ridgid 4-4-2 with MOH wide or play him as the 2nd striker, but with a totally free role, with maybe tanser as on left mid. Not a million miles away from now, but instead of Kennedy having the freedom, give it to MOH. I'd rather not have someone still here who has signed a PCA with someone else, even if he is our best player.
  4. Thus proving the point. The first communication that she is even here is in a paper only article that most saints fans won't read. If she is running things, why have we never heard from her or even tommy mentioned her? I really hope you are right and she can drive things forward, but so far, everything is typical saints.
  5. Yes, via either the local press or the clubs own communications. Not via a paper which a) does not have the article online and b) really has zero interest in Saints and I suspect a fraction of saints fans read.
  6. Why does the club not make the fans aware of this kind of thing though? The debate over moving fans is missing the wider point we are all aware of, the shrinking of match attending saints fans at ALL games. I don't think our overall support is getting smaller, if anything, I think we have more now than ever, but folk rarely go to games now, rather follow from afar. Lots of well discussed reasons for that, but the club are suffering from years of not doing enough to make the whole matchday better for fans. Yes there are great initiatives now, but too little too late. Club cannot realistically do more on the pitch than have done in the last decade, but overall it is all a bit meh with the club. I don't think there are many amongst us that thinks the club is being innovatevely run. Not to say it is being poorly run, but rightly it wrongly, the vibe from the top is one of 'if it ain't broke.....'. I know there are traditionalist that say, you pay your money and see a winning team etc, but the whole experience of going to McD is just crap. So much scope for club to do a lot with the space we have around the ground, but dinosaurs at club cannot and will not break the model. Ask yourself, what has changed going to a saints game at McD since 1989 away from the pitch? We are loosing fans at a greater rate that our peer clubs and its clearly not the on pitch performance that causes it.
  7. Even if we took an extra £100k, the increased police costs would eat into a reasonable chunk of that. I'd say 4 games vs OF a season would net c£150k. Still not an immaterial figure though. If we could re invest the increased revenue, we could make more in the long term. Simple things like card payments at the pie stalls would make a significantly increased revenue on all matchdays. I'd like to see saints make this work for the club instead of just going into the larger overall pot.
  8. Agree with this. I understand the financials and can see that the club has tried various schemes to increase the support, but the board are irking a large portion of the core support. This will not serve to grow the home support. For this season only, impacted fans should be given discounted hospitality or free pie and bovril for these fixtures. Long term, I'd like the club to quantify the additional income and ring fence a portion of it to be dedicated to improving facilities and/or straight to youth system. That way, you keep the fans on side and 'we' can see the impact of forgoing any home advantage.
  9. I'm not seeing much in our side at the moment though that would suggest we are capable of putting a decent run of results together. On the game itself, I though Gordon was the only one with pass marks. We are far too slow getting the ball forward. The one time we stepped up the tempo, we created the MOH chance. Tommy clearly set up not to concede and hope to take a chance or two at the other end, which is fair enough, but I think we need to be winning these games. Draws in the next couple if games playing this way would not be good enough. We need to be winning games vs StMirren and the likes as we need to get a bit of distance from them given our inconsistency.
  10. All positive, but the cynic in me would suggest that would he say anything other than this if asked. Slight concern and surprise that the club haven't already spoken to him though.
  11. While we need some experience at the back, I'd like to see us look around other teams to see if there is some if the next gen of saints players we can pick up. You just need to look at the £50k we spent on the 2 best players of the last decade to see when we can get for relatively little outlay. Halket at Hearts might be available if the new manager doesnt fancy him.
  12. I actually think it would be worse than that. Based on our core support, we are on par with Raith and Ayr. What has set us apart from our peers is the solid financial based that McD gave us. The advantage that gave us is waining so as SLF said, club needs a restructure the stay one step ahead. Where in any other era the 'success' we have had would have meant increased core support, that has not been the case. Club needs to show the same innovative approach shown by Brown snr, Campbell, etc, which has been sadly lacking for quite some time. To put into context, the move to a new all seater stadium in late 80's would only be comparable to building an indoor stadium now. Do we think this board are capable of thinking that innovatevly? I don't. Not say that is what we do, but we need that kind of thinking to keep the club ahead of the curve.
  13. No getting away from the fact that this poor team is entirely of Tommy's doing. We could all see for the whole of last season we were light at the back. If the best you can come up with in that time is Duffy, Ralston and Vihman, then you clearly cannot spot a defender. I've always been in the camp of stick by Tommy, but I'm starting to think we need something to change. Do we need someone dedicated to player recruitment or are we seeing the effects of not having Calumn Davidson as since he left, we have not made on good signing. I'll be very disappointed if we don't sign someone on day one of the window as surely we must be negotiating right now. I think in the Summer the May signing horror show meant the eye was taken off the ball. Need to make the right signings and hope they hit the ground running or we are down, on the basis the damage isn't irreversible by then......
  14. Agree. I'd also get Ralston back to Celtic if we can get another right back. He's championship level at best. I like tanser, but I think he suffers from having no confidence in the players playing beside him in the back line, so feels he needs to go forward. Whatever we end up with, we are really lacking experience and vocal players. Slightly left field (pardon the pun..) but maybe liam craig at left back and push tanser into left CB? Cannot be worse than what is there at the moment and I think we are lacking Liam's voice when he's not in the team. Alternatively, go with 5 at the back and play with wing backs. Whatever it is, this defence is so poor, that until the Jan window opens, we need to change something. So in Jan: Out: Swanson Callighan Estonian Booth Ralson In: 2 CB's with experience and pace Right back Big target CF who can play up top on his own Messi
  15. Exactly this. Kerr has been utter mince. If we have both and Vihman fit and they cannot get into that defence, then why are they there? Another couple of Keown type signings. Clark too has been very poor this season. He is rooted to his line/6 yard box, yet cannot command the 6 yard box. Worst of both worlds. His kicking is utterly awful. How many times does he put it out of play or away from our players. There was one occasion yesterday where all 20 outfield players with the exception of 1 hibs player were within 20 yards of each other, yet he managed to 'find' the one free hibs player. Parrish must be a better option at the moment. How have we managed our recruitment to end up with so many midfielders, but bigger all up front and at the back? May does a hell of a lot of running, but he's never going to get goals coming towards the touchline. I get why he is doing it, but given the wingers we have, just get him to stay central. He 100% benefits from another forward player chasing down the defence.