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  1. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I could see up signing Chalmers from ICT. Exactly in the mould of a Tommy player. Possibly Gray and Bartley from Hibs too.....
  2. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I don't necessarily mean the effort Watt put in at times, I actually liked his efforts , but post Christmas, there is no fire there. As you say, bit of bad luck and confidence done him in, but we cannot carry players like that. Kane is a cheaper version of the same type of player. Forgot about Wright, he for me will be massive when he returns. Re the youths, yes, we have announced only we are getting rid of the reserves, but without that bridge, how can we have an effective youth set up? Don't be surprised when the youths get canned or scaled right back.
  3. TheYellowBox

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    There really is no excuse for not sorting out next years kit in time for school holidays. We know what league we will be in, we know sponsor, ok, we need new kit, but surely club have something agreed, so will we see the incompetence of saints commercial side strike again or will we get a surprise and they will be on the ball? Really liked the blue top, white shorts and white socks combo from this year, so would like the same again for next.
  4. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    I imagine brown (and tommy) will have looked at some of the signings brought in this year that 'pushed the boat out' in terms of wages (Watt, Swanson, Kennedy and O'Halloran) and wonder if we have got value for money and Kennedy aside, I'd say no. I'd argue that this year, we lost some of the spirit in the team and maybe less expensive, more grafting type players are more in tune with that than maybe a Watt type player. On Joe, despite being poor in the 2nd half of the season, I'd have kept him, but it's like he is either engineering a move away or doesn't understand saints as we are never going to give him what he is looking for. He's the only player I can remember Tommy being so explicit about his unhappiness when leaving. The bigger worry for me is it seems we are doing away with the youth approach. We cannot cut the first team budget, cut the youths and expect to stay even standing still, never mind progress....
  5. TheYellowBox

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    There wont be a next year with these guys for saints. Not sure who it will be, but highly doubt it will be some new supplier to the market. Saints been burned here and wont make the same mistake again.
  6. TheYellowBox

    Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    What is the deal with the kit? Went online to buy something, but link doesn't work and while there is one in this thread, it's not updated on official site. Are they effectively done as our suplier? Nothing official?
  7. TheYellowBox

    Scottish cup

    I don't. Say Celtic hump us in the 2 games before it, why in earth would any neutral watch. Premier sports sum up what is wrong with the tv deals. At every opportunity through this deal, they will show Rangers and Celtic.
  8. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    £100k is way too low for Kerr, but I worry that saints would accept a figure which would still be a way below his real value. How saints handle this will in part determine future deals. Utd and hibs both showed that by getting good value for one player has a positive on what follows. For me, approaching £2m, with a 20% sell on would be fair. If he signs a new deal, I'd expect that Tommy will make clear to Jason that he will not stand in his way if a fair deal comes in for him. Still, I think he should be aiming higher than Barnsley. Not a slight on them as such, but he's better than league 1.
  9. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Agree, the Swanson money was over and above, but maybe with Scougall potentially going, Nydham away and the likelihood of a relegation reduced then a bit of a freeing up of wages could happen. Of course though, if we want to offer new contracts to Watt, Kerr etc, you'd assume that would be more expensive. Unfortunately, despite the great football being played, the crowds haven't responded to give more cash.
  10. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    Could you imagine though a Saints team containing a fit O'Halloran, Swanson, Kennedy and Wright! That would give any opposition the utter fear. Each one could rip a team wide open, but 4 or them!! Not sure you'd get them all in the same side, but would love to see that. I'd give MOH a deal personally. Still young enough and like many before, realises what he has here vs chasing the money etc. Might also persuade Watt to stay. Genuinely the most talented saints team I've ever seen and could get even better.
  11. TheYellowBox

    Player Contracts + Transfers

    The wages from Scougall will allow for the signing of another quality player. I wouldn't be surprised if he's looking at a striker. Kane hasn't developed as I think Tommy would have hoped and we are lacking a goalscorer. Might see another couple moved out over and above that already announced. For me, I'd push the boat out and spend a decent fee on someone like shankland.
  12. TheYellowBox

    Top 10 complete Saints marketing fails..

    He's referring to the Rangers collapse and aftermath, I think.... That or it is meant to say OS in relation to the website? Marketing has been pretty poor, but I do think it is getting better. So much more potential there. As pointed out, the big missed opportunity post cup win is the benchmark. Yet to see it in the flesh, but the GS Brown advert on the north stand could be a late entry. The facade of the stadium is looking poor, so sticking a new sign on top not the best look. The wee red squares on the end bits annoy me every week, disproportionately so!
  13. TheYellowBox

    Zander Clark

    I think the defence as a whole look really strong at the moment. If you'd have said 2-3 years ago that we'd have Anderson and Easton out injured and Mannus gone, most fans would fear the worst, but Tanser has really come into a game and Clark and Kerr are getting better every game. Even better that they are a product of the saints youth system. Out of interest, how long is Clark tied town for? Can see some interest in him in January and the Summer, with the obvious imediate call up if he Does move.
  14. TheYellowBox

    Saints v Kilmarnock 24/11/18 League Game 14

    Totally agree. Thought Killie looked good today and are a decent striker away from being a top side, although, Kerr was immense against what they did have. I don't think I remember anyone getting by him or him not winning the first ball. I think Tommys logic for bringing Kane on was to chase them down so we didn't loose the game, rather than going to win it. Swanson was injured after his first touch, so really should have come off. Wotherspoon had the best game I've seen him have in a while, although looked dead on his feet at the end. Good point for both teams, similar set ups and standard, so can see both battling it out for a top 6 spot or both being in top 6.
  15. As a season ticket holder who didn't go yesterday, I genuinely didn't feel like I missed out tbh. I couldn't make it, but I suspect there will have been a few put off by the absolute horror show of our last home game. Performances aside, I think the problem is more fundamental, the whole set up is incredibly stale. Yes there is good stuff for kids, but not sure that entices many new fans. Going to McD is absolutely no different than it was 20 years ago. Bizarrely, the issue with saints is that there is no need for fans to turn up. We're not in a relegation battle, pushing for an honour not fighting for the club's survival. It's all just a bit meh! What would be interesting is to know how many different saints fans attend each season. Is it c4,000 different fans picking and choosing games or the same 2,000 every week? I suspect the club has no idea tbh.