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  1. As predicted, Tommy feels that Kane needs a confidence boost and he is right. May is the main man up front, but we will need Kane over the season and great man management from Tommy to highlight the work he does. However, I'd rather we had moved Kane on and brought in another experienced front man. I know we are looking for back up at left back, but it wouldn't surprise me if we brought in a more senior striker in January. I suspect the work over the next few months will no focus on contract renewals. Who should we keep, move on and who still has the Jury out?
  2. Ralston has to be better than Duffy. Difficult to judge any player that has played for Utd in the last 3-4 years. Not as negative on him as others seem. My concern is the lack of experience anywhere at the back. What would be ideal is a defender that could play anywhere along the back line. Duffy was signed as a squad player who can cover at RB and CB, so not necessarily brought in with RB specifically in mind. Liam can play LB, so in an absolute emergency, he could cover there.
  3. Killie were no great team today and were there for the beating. However, we never really tested them. MOH played well, but seemed intent on trying to beat as many men as possible. Says 2 things, 1 he is feeling confident and 2. Worryingly doesn't feel there is anyone going to get on the end of what he produces. Kane I hoped would be good alongside May and may well be, but he really isn't a lone striker. Was trying to flick it onto a non existent striker partner. Duffy looked out of his depth, but maybe he can come onto a game. I have my doubts. Most worrying, Kerr was absolutely awful today. Gave the ball away too many times and someone needs to tell him he is not beckenbauer as he cannot play a long pass. May looked likely, but what I did notice that he has added to his game is that he seemed to really be encouraging the other players, Duffy in particular. Was being very clear on where he wanted the ball to be played into. We will play worse and win, but really need, as others have suggested, a creative CM, a right back and another striker.
  4. Would think it will be pretty much this team. Depends on how match fit Tommy thinks May is. If not, then maybe MOH sitting just behind Kane and Spoony in the team on the right giving Duffy a bit of cover. That side, bar Duffy and Kennedy have all either come through the youths or developed at the club in that they came as young players. Throw in that if Gordon, Spoony and May all play, we'd have a fair chunk of our team born in Perth. When would be the last time we had 3 Perth born players in the same 11?
  5. So, in a roundabout way, we paid a transfer fee for Stevie. However, as it wasnt a direct transfer fee as such and was Saints paying Aberdeen a severance payment, then presumably the agent wouldn't get a cut of the transfer fee...... Whatever way, good to see May join. He certainly is keen to come to the club, so hopefully that transfers onto performances on the pitch.
  6. Foster is a decent player and has contributed well to Saints in the last few years, but if he has over stepped the mark, then club would be better rid of him. A player with his experience, should be setting an example. I think we loose on the pitch by not having him, but maybe, it might be good for the growth of Kerr. I'm sure as captain, Tommy will have involved him somewhere in this, which while personally difficult for Kerr, would help his personal development. Also one less competing voice on the pitch. I see Duffy being a bit like Tanser was. A bit raw and not as competent initially as the player he is replacing, but can definitely grow into a fine full back.
  7. If true, then yes. However, if the plan would be to bring some external people in, then maybe you could bring in a general manager CEO who then appoints the other? No idea how much Paul does at the club behind the scenes, but certainly, Saints need to good competent people running the club and if he fits that bill, the obviously a loss. Longer term, we cannot rely on a part time running of the club. Would have to be someone who fits in with the ethos of the club and understands the challenges and restrictions. Dare I say it and I know he is hated in Leith, but a Rod Petrie type character who is an employee, not an owner. Also, we need some non executives that have a wider business reach than local perthshire.
  8. The reality is that the likes of both Hursts, Comrie, Brown, Easton etc are just not good enough for this level. Don't wish any ill on them and hope they have as good a career as possible, but unfortunately for them, for now, it will be at a lower level.
  9. He will sign next week, with McMillan's contract being ended by mutual consent. The talk of a loan deal is a non starter, but serves a purpose that it indicates that Saints are still interested in May. Don't think for a second that Tommy doesn't use the media when he needs to. Would expect Anderson to go too, depending on Gordon showing he has fully recovered from injury. Tommy will also need to do a repair job on Kane's confidence. Feel for Kane as when he came back from QOS, he looked full of confidence and hungry, but that seems to of evaporated over time. He is suffering from not having a proven goalscorer alongside him.
  10. I'll bite. (Not having flags aside), why should saints give up any extra seats to Rangers or Celtic? Given this is clearly what you are getting at. Money aside (which we clearly don't spend anyway), why should any club give up any sort of home advantage? Would you advocate your rangers giving half your stadium to Celtic? Re the trusted away support. I'd argue that given certain teams fans performance, both at McD and elsewhere, the majority cannot be trusted. If a team sells a ticket to say seat D23 to a supporter, take their name and if whoever is in that seat acts up, the names person is banned from ALL stadiums. Better still, the club responsible for that fan an others, should be punished. What would your view on the punishment for a stand full singing sectarian songs be? Clearly you have an issue with the SNP and immigration, so politics aside, the govt shouldn't be giving any grants to football. There is enough fans and professional clubs in Scotland, so why should the govt give football any more money when the clubs should do more. Surely encouraging all sports especially the less supported an non professional ones would be a better use of funds. Re the collection of fans data, if you don't act like a total bigoted tube and go to a football game and act like a normal human being in a public setting, then why should you have anything to fear? Saints and Brown have many failings, but the issues you raised are none of saints concern. We support saints because they are our club and the opposite of what you propose. We have 'Songbooks' that don't feel the need to hark back 3 centuries or belittle whole cultures or races. I'd rather have empty stands than stands full of dinosaurs thanks.
  11. Yes, but clubs then divert what the would have spent on youth development into the general budget. The loss of the CL money for saints should not be a factor as I would hope the club never rely on it. Celtic will be weakened which should be good for the league. If we do end up signing a player on loan from Rangers or Celtic, it would have to like Aberdeen did with Christie, an 18 month loan with an option to terminate, otherwise it is totally pointless unless they are a wonderkid. I fully expect that by the close of the window, we will have brought in a loan striker no one has ever heard of and another Fallon/Iwelumo/Faulkner type player. I think an issue though might be an inability to shift out some of the existing players. I wonder if the 2 year deals given to Anderson, Callighan and McMillan might make SB think again about giving more than 1 year deals.
  12. Absolutely not. If the club was struggling financially, then makes sense to do something like the foundation of hearts, but given the cash reserves and financial stability at the club, then fans paying a players wage directly like this would feel wrong to me. If you want to raise funds, how about charging directors admission to the games? 18 home games with hospitality would be best part of £2k each director. Then add on the free travel to away games..... these guys probably get the best part of £4-5k in freebies out of saints each year (taking I to account hospitality at away games too), excluding european trips or pre season trips. So, would I pay more to sign an extra player when I see little time or financial effort from those running the club? Frankly no.
  13. Spoony will be praying he doesn't sign then! Hemmings would be a decent signing. So long as by signing him, it doesn't hoover up funds for other signings.
  14. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I think Kane might be useful in an attacking duo sitting just off the main striker. In some ways, he could be like macca was to may, holding up the ball and providing knock ons etc. He's not a natural goal scorer, but he is a useful forward, if that makes sense..... He definitely isn't a lone striker. For what it is worth, I think Kane, Hendry and McMillan are all too similar, same with Watt last season.
  15. Not if the representative isn't actually an agent. Hypothetically speaking, if the representative overplayed his hand with a couple of clubs and now has a bad reputation amongst players, clubs and other agents, has he blown his chance? If so, would he still try and scupper any deal or play ball to try and redeem his reputation? As an aside, if May did sign (still doubtful he will), could he still get the 17 shirt if O'Halleron has worn it in a league game?