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  1. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Think folk read too much into the numbers. Certain ones are vacant as the players that had them left this summer, such as Denny Johnstone. Wonder if the training camp is a good opportunity to assess some trialists.
  2. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Worryingly, it’s probably close to the truth. I suspect they will be waiting on his replacement for a lot of it!
  3. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Maybe not the right thread for this, but have the club ever been so late in terms of getting things organised for next season? Our first competitive game is 3 1/2 weeks away, yet we still haven’t announced a sponsor, strips (other than a new supplier) more than 2 friendlies (our apparent opposition have advertised that we are playing them over a week ago) no signings, no player or manger snippets, no season ticket advertising (sending out packs to existing holders doesn’t count) and even then it had players that have now left!! Appreciate much will be in hand behind the scenes, but doesn’t give off an impression of a premiership club.
  4. New Assistant Manager required

    Agree with this. I would imagine that if it is not clelland, then justifiably, he’d wonder what his future is and maybe want to leave too. Craig Brewster might be another potential if it is no not be from within. Someone like Jim Duffy would have bags of experience, but I doubt he’d be suited to be Tommy’s assistant.
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Would make sense if clubs gave contracts to the end of June though, but most clubs are like saints and give contracts to the end of the season to avoid paying more wages than they need to. The player being on holiday makes more sense, but still, if we’ve signed a player and they are not actually here, I still don’t see why you wouldn’t announce it and follow up with the pictures etc at a later date? More likely, we’ve singed no one yet other than Wright, although I’m sure they will be working on plenty of potential deals.
  6. Irn-Bru Cup

    Which sort of begs the question, why invite non league English clubs who are as good or better than our 2nd tier clubs when we are trying to big up our leagues? We don’t need to be highlighting to potential sponsors or tv companies that our clubs are at the level of English non league, whether that’s the case or not. Most folk outside Scotland already think it is tinpot. All that aside, I actually think it is a good idea. Would much rather if we were in the championship an away day in London than Coatbridge. However, it will go one of two ways. Either the Scottish teams will be constantly better than the non league sides and the English teams will get bored of long trecks for games they loose. Or they will beat the sides easily and soon loose interest. Of course, the sponsors and Doncaster will be hoping for something in between.
  7. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Why would we make a signing, yet not announce it?
  8. Irn-Bru Cup

    Any time you get an article on Scottish football on the bbc website that has a comments section, you get English fans comparing our leagues to either lower English leagues or non league. Obviously folk who know sod all about Scottish football as always referred to as SPL. Genuine question, but at what level vs Scottish football are both likely to be? Always of the view that there are some massive clubs lurking around those leagues so always difficult to gauge standard going by players or crowds etc. Seen a few EFL League 2 games and the standard wasn’t great.
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Back on topic, any noise about potential signings? Not sure when the players and Tommy are back, but you’d assume he’d want players in as early as possible to gel with the rest of the squad. I see a few other teams are pretty active like Livi, who obviously will be playing catch up to a degree.
  10. Irn-Bru Cup

    Would be interesting to see the matchup between a saints u20/u18 team or a league 2 side vs the 2 English teams. The general view down south is that our top flight/championship is about that level, so for those contests alone, could be valuable. Of course, say Sutton United hump Dundee United, while funny for us, sort of devalues Scottish football.
  11. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Aberdeen do/did something similar too for offshore workers. Think it was maybe 8 games or something, but excluded certain games. On the ticketing system, I see Motherwell have moved to using ticketmaster for theirs.
  12. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    Not surprised at all about the 40% drop. Not exactly an entertaining prospect. Might actually be higher than the stated 40% as some I’m sure, will pass their ST onto mates or family. It’ll never happen, but I’d like to see a system whereby you can sell back your match ticket to the club for certain games. For example, if a game is moved to a Sunday for TV, then I could sell back my ticket from the ST book back to the club for a reduced fee, say the £10 quoted. Would only be fair if the fixture has moved from that advertised and up to x days before the game though. Overall, the ST’s are great value as is the Saints card. Club should be commended for a great package, just a shame they don’t seem capable of really selling/pushing it upon people. Maybe some of that might tie in with the BLK deal as reading between the lines, it seems to be more than just the strips being supplied?
  13. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    Agree, I’m pretty sure the likes of Ross, Neilson before him and probably Hopkins will have, vis their agents, made it clear that for the right club, they'd be willing to move on. I suspect Tommy doesn’t work that way. Add to that, that if a young manager comes into a club, they’d make clear from the off that they are ambitious, so someone like St Mirren would be expecting to loose Ross eventually. Tommy got the Saints job in different circumstances. That’s not to say he’s not ambitious, he is, but he’s a different sort from the others. If Tommy made it clear he’d be open to a move now, I think we’d see his name mentioned.
  14. Tommy Wright's position (title edited)

    Tommy’s issue is that he is an unfashionable manager at an unfashionable club. As others have said, he’s a bit older and outside Scotland people will look for a younger manager/coach who they think the fans would relate to more. Tommy’s football isn’t quite Wimbledon of the 80’s/90’s but if you were the listen to Scottish pundits/media then it is And Jack Ross has his teams playing like Barca. I could see Tommy going to a club in crisis who need a fix to keep them up down south, but someone like Sunderland is never going to happen. Up here, if he was to move then it would only realistically be Hearts/Hibs/Aberdeen And I don’t think their fans would want him. He’s just at the right club at the right time at the right level. As an aside, Calum Davidson must be looking thinking when is he going to get his chance. I’d say there is more likelihood of him moving on than Tommy.
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    It’ll have been his agent making folk aware that was available. Zander is better, but possibly ‘suffered’ from being in and out of the team this season and last. If not then, I think he’d be in Peru right now. I’d expect that he is the outright no.1 now he’ll kick on a level. Would hope he doesn’t relax in the knowledge that none of the other keepers are anywhere near his level yet. Expect a few moves in the league now that players start returning from holidays. Maybe a few on their way out of Aberdeen shortly....
  16. Development Squad News 2017/18

    So whats the alternative for Saints here? Do we just play friendlies for the season or just not have a reserve team and loan out all youngsters? Surely it wouldn’t cost much more if any to run a reserve team vs an u23 team? Surely the whole point is that it is for either first team players who didn’t get a game at the weekend and/or youngsters coming through. Talking about the benefits of putting players out on loan, well this is aiming to be the same thing, mixing young and old players to get that experience. Also, the Stevie May example of going out on loan and the benefits it gave argument is flawed. Yes it probably helped him, but of all the players we’ve put out on loan, how many have really stepped up a level? Arguably only May, Kane, Kerr and Clark out of the Maybe 40-50 players we’ve put out on loan. What works for some doesn’t work for others. Some players will need the tough competitive nature to develop and others would be better served with a higher technical quality level. I think the reserve league is a good idea, but it will ultimately either succeed or fail due to the engagement with the likes of Rangers, Celtic, Hearts And Hibs, not Saints. As a footnote, the failure of any reserve league will only lead to Colts teams being brought in in my view.
  17. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    I’m sure there will be someone along to say that you don’t need to worry about selling season tickets yet, but my god, there really is poor organisation at the club. A new marketing bod is welcome, but what have they been doing for that last however many months? Also, on the ST’s is it that they just don’t want to sell them yet or is there some sort of hold up? I mean it’s not like they knew there’d be a close season coming up and they'd need to not only sell, but actively market the season tickets, strips, advertising etc. You see more commercial aptitude at non league clubs, a business with a what 5/6 million pound turnover should really be doing much much better. Don’t like slagging off Saints as there is many good quality folk working there, but we are miles behind other clubs our size and smaller. I say this all not because I have some sort of grudge, but because like the rest of us, I want the club to have as many fans as possible and to kick on. Unless you went past McD, someone in Perth would be hard pushed to tell that there is even a club here at all!
  18. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    True, but Campus has always stocked Saints kits and been supportive of the club selling tickets etc. The club should be supporting local businesses where it can. A club store would be great, but would still like to see that link retained. Maybe a strip/sponsor/shop launch with a new signing?
  19. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    I think it would be a bit rubbish for Campus to loose out in selling Saints kits after backing the club for so long. Would rather if there was a club store, then it was with a tie up with campus. Maybe a better idea would be to incorporate a sports bar (enhanced muirton) open during the week showing football games plus shop connected to it during the day or something like it. Could we get on line ticket sales as part of the tie up?
  20. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Really hope that we don’t end up with something horrific. I’d rather puma or something, but if we end up with BLK or something like them, then I’d either go for something plain and simple, blue top with white flashes with plain white shorts and socks OR something total mental like a hologram of Tommy’s face in the design with pink trims!! Usually.... the first kit from a new company is decent, so hopes are high. Anyone actually know when we actually annouce the new kit?
  21. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I think you can see from the last few games, the plan next season will be to play either Spoony or Alston as the defensive midfielder. Neither for me fit that role overly well, but I’d feel more comfortable with Alston there as Spoony gives the ball away too much. The 1 year deal is telling, if he doesn’t settle in there, he’ll be away in Jan. You can deduce from who has signed, been given a contract or let go, that he must have another wide option lined up if he is bringing Alston into the middle. Dare I say Templeton? Also suspect another striker. Kane becomes the main man, Hendry becomes the ‘Kane’/young backup, which leaves a space for a more experienced striker to come it. My only real concern is the lack of depth in goal and maybe a CB too light, especially if we continue to play 3 at the back.
  22. Club Sponsor

    Or Springfield homes.....
  23. St.Johnstone V Partick Thistle - Sat 28th April

    Thought in spells we looked ok today. Ando had a mare for the first 20 mins, but was ok after that. If there was players there playing for their futures, it didn’t look like it. Thought Willock looked the part today. You can see the improvement game time has given him. The ref was horrific though, very poor all game. Booking young Robertson was a poor call. Sometimes you have to wonder about them. Appreciate it was late in the game and Partick were pushing for a goal, but if the slowing the game down was at any other time of the game or any other circumstance, then it wouldn’t be a booking. If they can judge a situation like that and deem it a booking, then a ref should be wise to a 16 year old and maybe have a word. In my view a ref (at whatever level) is as well as being an official should be a coach on the laws and rules of the game.
  24. Season Tickets 2018-2019

    I think the benefits of selling them early are for both the club and the fans tbh. The club gets revenue earlier, so can budget better as well as all the usual upsides of having cash sitting there. If it wasn’t advantageous, then no club would sell them early. For the fans, if they are paying by DD then would be more practical to just keep it going and pay over 12 months on a rolling basis. Decision is then to give up a season ticket, as opposed to get one for the next season. I do however think having a season ticket is becoming less attractive year on year at saints. Not so much what goes on on the pitch, but games getting moved etc. Not all fans can make midweek games or Friday nights. Not just for Saints, but I think if a fixture is moved from its originally published date at the start of the season, then fans should be compensated in some way or be able to sell that games ticket back to the club, with the SPFL picking up the bill.
  25. Saints Kit Supplier 2018/19?

    Tres Bon!