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  1. St.Johnstone v Aberdeen - 13th December

    Abysmal. I dread home games these days. Zero entertainment for a while now and more worrying a massive lack of heart put in to games. Tommy has said we will be having a big January window if things don't improve which gives me the fear as our signing policy when not under duress is very hit and miss at best.
  2. The first match thread I have started so hopefully beginners luck will come into play Understandably little action on forum over the last couple of weeks with the international break (yawn) and our recent poor form. Not sure how we will line up for this but hopefully the break will allow a few injuries to clear up with the likes of Millar, Mikey and Davidson all back available. Hibs have been a bit hot and cold this season but could rightly have felt hard done by when they only left McDiarmid earlier in the season. Lets face it there is going to be a pumping handed out in Edinburgh this weekend.... but lets leave that to the egg chasers COYS
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Squad looks like it will need some mid season surgery as I can see crazy Pedro blocking an extended deal for mikey to put him in to train with the U16 reserves at Rangers. Just because it seems like the type of guy he is. Denny Johnstone loan should be terminated as I have seen nothing to suggest he will offer anything to the squad. No idea what will happen with Chris Kane as it says a lot that Jason Kerr has more goals for QoS than Kane. I would give habran a call
  4. Hearts v Saints at MURRAYFIELD

    Wasn't at the game today but from the last few games it appears we are really missing Danny Swanson. Even when we were rank last season he was at least capable of scoring or creating a moment of magic to get a shot off or win a penalty. We don't have that at the moment, especially when Mikey is double marked and closed out of games
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Looks like the coulibaly contract issue is close to being resolved between the player and the Egyptian club now just awaiting FIFA derogation. May be available now or January. Would be a decent acquisition if O'Halloran goes back to rangers in January
  6. MOTM Saints 1 - Patrick Thistle 0 - 19/08/17

    I went for Muzz today, we needed stifle Osman to prevent Partick getting any momentum in midfield. Muzz owned him in the air and on the deck. Most of the team played well without really hitting the form we know we can.
  7. 17/18 Objectives

    A bit off topic. But it isn't Simon Murray's debut at this level, as he did play for united in their relegation year.
  8. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Top tommy tactics IMO managing fan expectation
  9. Friendlies

    It's the first time I have seen him play. Thought he was a bit nervy today and would be happy to see him develop as a decent back up option.
  10. Friendlies

    Tanser gives me the fear. But in saying that it looks like Tanser gives himself the fear.
  11. MOTM Saints 1 - Hearts 0 - 17/05/17

    Mannus for me, had to be sharp for a few shots
  12. Saints vs Thistle 13/5/17

    Okay I admit after watching the highlights back it was a good piece of skill, will need my eyes tested
  13. Saints vs Thistle 13/5/17

    Thought he done really well to get in a position to get a shot off but seemed to hold on to the ball until the challenge came in, our propensity to try and walk the ball in to the net is a bit frustrating. Taking nothing away from Swanson his performance was truly professional today.
  14. Saints vs Thistle 13/5/17

    Thought it was a decent result today wasn't too impressed by the cynical way we won the penalty and wasted time at the end. Thistle were very heavy handed and lucky to keep 11 on he pitch and their keeper played an absolutely stormed with 4 top drawer saves especially from Swanson and shaughnessy
  15. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I would be happy to 'promote' Thomson to a higher profile first team place. We could also do with another attack minded midfielder and striker are still required IMO. Bikey, Mallan, Rory Loy and would not be averse to Marcus Haber returning as he looks decent in a pretty rank Dundee team to add some much needed pace. Also would be happier for tommy to widen the net to unearth a gem.