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  1. New Assistant Manager required

    I think having been recently declared bankrupt that Callum may have been on the look out for a better paid position, so not sure that cost cutting by the chairman can be used as a reason with any conviction
  2. St.Johnstone V Partick Thistle - Sat 28th April

    I would like to see us keep using the 3-5-2 and utilise Easton as the left sided CB, it would give the team some real balance I think.
  3. St.Johnstone V Partick Thistle - Sat 28th April

    I have noted for a few games that Tanser usually plays better in the 2nd half when on the east stand out of tommy berating range
  4. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Strikers are a bit thin on the ground at the moment. A real pity that Greg Hurst and Callum Hendry are unavailable as it would have been good to see both get a run out. Lets see what the young young lads have to offer.
  5. St Johnstone v Ross County 3pm 24/02/18

    As been mentioned above, that was the best performance home of season. Scoring early helped and the players looked relaxed and enjoying their football. I really liked shaughnessy's reaction to the county throw-in by absolutely smashing Fraser with the ball. The desire to be first to every ball was the most pleasing aspect
  6. Player Contracts + Transfers

    This all sadly looks like a managed/engineered decline at the club. Hopefully I wrong and it is merely a coincidence that key members of backroom staff are allowed to move on during the season.
  7. Player Contracts + Transfers

    The mess we are in looks increasingly difficult to stop. Individual errors are killing the team and are a trait of a team under pressure with low confidence. The manager singling out players for their errors is counter productive. We are now in a situation where players aren't showing for the ball and are basically hiding as they are too afraid to make a mistake, thus leaving any player in possession vunerable to losing the ball. Millar and Scougall are exactly the types of player we need at the moment, so saying he won't be missed is well wide of the mark. The pressure on Williams and McMillan to hit the ground running is now huge. At the moment if TW can turn this around it will be a bigger feat than winning the Scottish cup as the odds are beginning to stack massively against him.

    Dave Mackay was good example of a captain, IMO Jody Morris was the epitome of what you want in a captain, he was an extremely intelligent footballer who could really influence his team mates and ultimately games. Always remember Jody harrying and geeing up his team mate, all I have seen at home games is players bickering at each other. Both Joe and Andover have been adversely affected by being captain.

    Would agree with that. I don't think it helps that we do not have a natural captain at the moment, someone who could grab the situation by the scruff of the neck and sort stuff out.

    Just watched the highlights on the BBC. What a sorry mess that was. Motherwell could of won by another 2 or 3 at a canter as our defending was all over the place. We need to stick with a settled defence and some semblance of a balanced midfield. We have chopped and changed all season and reaping the results of that now. I know and accept why Paul Paton was moved on however he was one of the only squad members to have experience of scrapping at the bottom end of the league. Experience we are sorely going to need over the next couple of months.
  11. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    To be honest I don't think this window will be any different. We have 2 signing policies. 1. Trail about after players that have done well for us in previous spells. Or. 2. Tried and tested journey men from teams in and around us in the league Motherwell have done well picking up English lower league players. Mainly because they seem to decent at identifying players. We shop by price rather than looking at investing in a bit of quality with one eye on the future. I am not say go mental.
  12. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Agree with this, our signing policy is haphazard at best. The thinking out side the box should come from picking up the phone to Jody Morris (or may be someone else in the seldom used contact book) and see if he has a winger we can borrow for a few months. The crude we hear about needing to know the league and Scottish football is tiresome as other teams (Hibs) have managed okay
  13. Lack of Ambition or Direction

    In a bit of catch 22 at the moment as SB is reluctant to invest in the squad with attendances flat lining, or in recent months declining. The club had done brilliant work increasing social media coverage, engaging younger fans, family season ticket deals, all things they need to persevere with. My impression is this has all gone in to reverse, just because it hasn't add 1k to the attendances it is not worth doing rather than take the long view. The way the manager and chairman air and trade their grievances in public is tinpot and unprofessional. It must put off perspective players when it looks like we pay low wages and then also begrudge pay said low wages.
  14. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    The transfer deadline is going to be interesting. We have on one hand TW saying we need players in and on the other Steve Brown not wanting to give the funds because of past signing success. We all know Tommy's panic buying tactics very rarely improve the squad. I have a bit of sympathy for SB as it looks like good money after bad, however this time the stakes are higher, much much higher.
  15. St Johnstone v Partick Thistle, 27 January 2018

    I thought the pseudo 3-5-2 We played against Dundee in the second half looked quite effective. It would mean we could accommodate the TW acclaimed best CB in the championship Jason Kerr alongside Ando and Liam Gordon. With Joe out on the right, Tanser on the left. Zander Gordon. Ando. Kerr Joe. Muzz. Millar. Tanser Scougall McMillan. McLean If Muzz is still out then Liam Craig instead. Also would be tempted to put Kane in ahead of McLean This formation might help paper over the cracks that we now have no wingers at the club.