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  1. MOTM Saints 1 - Hearts 0 - 17/05/17

    Mannus for me, had to be sharp for a few shots
  2. Saints vs Thistle 13/5/17

    Okay I admit after watching the highlights back it was a good piece of skill, will need my eyes tested
  3. Saints vs Thistle 13/5/17

    Thought he done really well to get in a position to get a shot off but seemed to hold on to the ball until the challenge came in, our propensity to try and walk the ball in to the net is a bit frustrating. Taking nothing away from Swanson his performance was truly professional today.
  4. Saints vs Thistle 13/5/17

    Thought it was a decent result today wasn't too impressed by the cynical way we won the penalty and wasted time at the end. Thistle were very heavy handed and lucky to keep 11 on he pitch and their keeper played an absolutely stormed with 4 top drawer saves especially from Swanson and shaughnessy
  5. Player Contracts + Transfers

    I would be happy to 'promote' Thomson to a higher profile first team place. We could also do with another attack minded midfielder and striker are still required IMO. Bikey, Mallan, Rory Loy and would not be averse to Marcus Haber returning as he looks decent in a pretty rank Dundee team to add some much needed pace. Also would be happier for tommy to widen the net to unearth a gem.
  6. Saints v Dundee - 11/03/17

    Well that was definitely what was required. The team line-up wasn't too inspiring and I was more than happy to be proved wrong. Paton and Craig were great today showing lots of energy and snapping in to challenges preventing the Dundee midfield getting the ball down. Joe was superb at right centre back today, good vision for the first goal. Easton was tremendous and as said above drove the team forward. I would have given one of the young strikers a chance later on when Cummins had given up chasing down loose balls
  7. Saints v Dundee - 11/03/17

    My team line up would be this Clark Foster - Watson - Joe - Easton Alston - Muzz - Craig - Swanson McLean - Cummins This would be my line up regardless if Ando was fit, as I thought he has been poor recently since being rushed back from tonsillitis.
  8. Is there anyone out there ?

    I am pretty much in denial that there is game this weekend after the last 2-3 home games I have witnessed. Saturday will come round and I will drag my carcass along to McD and support the team. Anyone saying we will up our game against Dundee need to look at the hogmany effort. After Saturday there could be either 10 or 4 point gap (or no change if its a draw)
  9. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Liam Craig was in the courier giving Marcus Haves a good write up. I wouldn't mind seeing back at saints to be honest
  10. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    A lot of comparisons have been made between TW as manager and saints and other forms of employment out with football. 1. If you are unhappy with the resources you have to do your job, you either quit or keep an eye out for another opportunity. I.e quietly work away and chose your opportunity to exit 2. Any person who openly talks about wanting to take any another job in a public setting will errode any trust with the current employer and actually weaken your position when negotiating with the board for resources as it looks like you have no plan of being there in the short/medium term. It looks to me that TW is tired of his plan A, which consisted of working away quietly and overachieving with a miniscule budget and the job offers would come in. The media have pedaled him for every job going without success and now he has started shameless self promotion to force a move.
  11. St Johnstone v Killmarnock 25/02/2017 Saints Day

    Aye, fair point. I didn't watch the 'highlights' that far, my eyes have only just stopped bleeding from witnessing it live so didn't want to risk it.
  12. St Johnstone v Killmarnock 25/02/2017 Saints Day

    After facebook unceremoniously placed killies first goal highlights on my timeline, I can honestly say that the back pass Ando put back to Zander was criminal too high to kick cleanly and too low to header.
  13. Tommy for Rangers

    For all the touting by the press and by Tommy himself I actually reckon he has reached his peak ability. As you mentioned he isn't even considered for top Championship jobs and judging by some of his signings I would worry about his ability to rebuild a squad of a struggling team, as he has never had to do that. Or managing a team that would spend a lot of games trying to breakdown opposition. If I was him i would stay put, work out a plan B, figure out how to develop young players through to the first team and work on scouting and recruitment.
  14. saints open your eyes

    When did attending football matches become a crime? Just watched the rugby highlights no stewards or police evident, alcohol present and no one died
  15. Tommy for Rangers

    This whole things is a complete sideshow and never going to happen. TW has the same down falls Warburton has, only one game plan and can't play against bottom six sides which would not be helped if he had a baying mob waiting on any deficiency to become evident. Good manager who is a good fit for saints but I can't see him going anywhere other than English league one side or the likes of hibs or aberdeen, the media will force one of the above