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  1. Probably - and any prospective signing looking at the forums and seeing themselves being written off without getting a chance would justifiably turn down a move to Saints.
  2. Leaving aside all the stuff about May/Hemmings shambles. Can anyone actually come up with realistic signings we can make now - its all too easy to dismiss Wighton etc but nobody seems to be making suggestions of their own.
  3. Report says that we may be about to reopen talks with May and have enquired about Hemmings. Long way from being "in talks".
  4. At least it breaks the monotony of Liam McLeods audio orgasms every time Sellik are on the ball.....
  5. At least we don't have to put up with Packie Bonner on the radio - just Michael Stewart instead.....
  6. I disagree - McCann possibly needs another loan deal. McClean was poor at Forfar but had a decent game against Brechin. The problem I think was that the midfield was too defensive at Forfar. As for Callachan I thought he made a good impact when he came off the bench - he's good cover for Muzz/Liam (and lets face it the way refs are those 2 will pick up their share of bookings this season)
  7. Probably just meant that contract talks failing are just part of the game but he doesn't know the details.
  8. Quick question - has anyone that renewed via post had their parking permit sent out yet?
  9. If the medical was done and everything set for his return last night and then for whatever reason the deal fell through, the club have to get some sort of statement out today. Otherwise you can guarantee the following: a) Vine/May will get a story in the papers about how it was Saints fault b) All the rumours will continue to grow legs and that will feed into the backing off the park and at games If it came down to money, Saints were totally within their rights to backout the deal/cap their offer - no player is bigger than the club. But the key thing is that the club can't stick their head in the sand about this - even if just to take the pressure off Tommy we need some sort of statement asap.
  10. Good win, plenty of entertaining football, good goals spread amongst the strikers and Tanser the penalty king. No complaints here - sure Brechin were as poor as side as we're likely to play but we still had to go win the game. Defence looked solid with Duffy slotting in well. Thought Kyle was excellent in midfield and up front Kane took his goal well and was unlucky (along with MOH) on another couple of occasions.
  11. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4515084/stevie-may-st-johnstone-aberdeen-transfer-news-win-race/ Madis Vihmann - 23yr old Estonian internationalist. If anyone wants to practice their Estonian theres a 2015 interview with him online