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  1. There should be - there is usually a wee kiosk at the away end selling tickets (usually a bit more expensive than the ones bought in advance)
  2. Killie 2-0 up at Tynie as well now
  3. Games on Alba tonight for anyone that's a total masochist / wants to relive the glory (delete as applicable at 4.45)
  4. Or Danny just taking Kennedys slot on the bench?
  5. I agree and if he'd stayed I don't think he'd have been anywhere near as effective a player for us. As it is we've got a wad of cash which along with his wages could get us 2 players in.
  6. McCart confirmed now as signing on a pre-contract and will join in the summer.
  7. McCart signed on 2yr contract but Tommy apparently hoping to get him in this week.
  8. Q: I am a season ticket holder in the East/Ormond Stand. Will my season ticket be valid for the Main Stand? A: Yes, your season ticket will be valid for the Main Stand. Please present your season ticket for scanning at the turnstile as usual. Q: Will I need a paper ticket for this match? A: If you do not have a season ticket you will need to purchase a ticket for this match. This can be either a paper ticket or an e-ticket on your phone for scanning. Q: What time will the turnstiles be open? A: Turnstiles will be open from 6:30PM. Q: I am an East/Ormond Stand season ticket holder. Will I have an allocated seat in the Main Stand? A: East/Ormond Stand season ticket holders will not have an allocated seat in the Main Stand. Please use any unreserved seat. The vast majority of unreserved seating can be found in the north end of our Main Stand – accessed via turnstiles 5-7. Q: I will be attending this match as a non-season ticket holder. Will my match ticket be for an allocated seat? A: Match tickets will not be for allocated seats. You may use any unreserved seat. The largest area of unreserved seating can be found in the north end of our Main Stand – accessed via turnstiles 5-7. Q: Which turnstile should I use? A: Turnstiles 1-4 will give you access to the south end of the Main Stand, with turnstiles 5-7 giving you access to the north end. Q: Can I purchase match tickets for my family members/friends? A: Season Ticket holders may purchase additional match tickets for their family and friends. Supporters who have a purchasing history with us will also be able to buy tickets. These tickets can be purchased in person at our ticket office or by telephone. There will be no online ticket sales for this match. Q: How many catering kiosks and toilet facilities are there in the Main Stand and where are they located? A: There are 2 kiosks in the Main Stand. One is located at the north end of the stand and accessed via a flight of stairs. A second kiosk is located at the south end of the stand. As usual, an ‘at your seat’ catering service will be offered to supporters and personal assistants using our wheelchair platforms. Toilet facilities are located adjacent to the kiosks as described above. Q: I am a Main Stand season ticket holder. Can I sit in my reserved seat? A: Yes, Main Stand season ticket holders may sit in their reserved seat. Q: Where are the accessible entrances in the Main Stand located? A: There is an accessible entrance at turnstile 2 (south end of Main Stand) and turnstile 5 (north end). You will be required to present your season ticket or match ticket to the steward for scanning at the accessible entrances. Q: Are there accessible toilets in the Main Stand? A: Yes, there are 3 accessible toilets in the Main Stand, two at the south end (1 x radar key) and one at the north. All our accessible toilets are ‘on the level’. Q: I have mobility issues. Is it possible to arrange accessible seating in advance of this match? A: Please contact us in advance to arrange – call Bev on 01738 459090 or email dao@perthsaints.co.uk. Q: My season ticket is for the East Stand wheelchair platform. Will I have an allocated bay in the Main Stand for this match? A: Our Disability Access Officer will contact you in advance to advise. Q: I have a parking permit. Will it be valid for this match? A: Your parking permit will be valid for this match. Permit holders for the accessible parking bays in the south east corner will be contacted directly to confirm arrangements. Q: Can I pre-book an accessible parking bay for this match? A: We have a limited number of accessible parking bays available to pre-book for this match at a charge of £5. Please contact Bev on 01738 459090 or email dao@perthsaints.co.uk for more information. Q: I do not have a parking permit. Can I park in the car park for this match? A: There will be a limited number of non-permit bays available on a first come, first served basis (£5) but we expect these to fill up very quickly so early arrival would be advised. There is plenty of ‘on street’ parking in the vicinity but we would ask supporters to consider our neighbours, and to park legally and responsibly. Please be aware also that car parks in nearby retail premises have strict time limits for parking. Q: Will there be a ‘hold back’ of supporters in the stadium at full-time? A: There are no plans to have a hold back of supporters in the stadium at full-time. Q: Will there be a ‘hold back’ of traffic in the car park post-match? A: With supporter safety in mind, please be aware that traffic may be held back for a short period of time post-match to allow for the safe dispersal of pedestrians.
  9. Nope - got mine Wed night from my season ticket code. Only pain was having to do it once per season ticket rather than do them all and have one payment.
  10. Interview is online now - https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-johnstones-head-football-kirsten-21229989
  11. Its on the official site. Trialled for the TFOD and TFOE cames coming up. Season ticket holders in East/Ormond to get sections of "unallocated seating" in the main stand. I've not got a problem with this but I do have an issue with the way its being handled - unallocated seating could lead to a mess on the night (ie take your kids but if you turn up late no guarantee you'll be sitting together). Also due to the corporate seats etc the E Stand ticket holders that have decent seats at the halfway line might be punted to one end or another. If the club are intent on doing this surely common sense would be to allow season ticket holders to get tickets/vouchers for seats in the main stand ahead of the game on the night.