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  1. Player Contracts + Transfers

    This - you just have to see Swansons attitude compared with the likes of Liam or Paton - arguably not as skilful players but able to contribute a lot more to the overall team performance.
  2. Aggie Moffat

    Sad news RIP
  3. Player Contracts + Transfers

    Absolutely brilliant news re Zander. Screws his international career to 2021 at the earliest though.
  4. MOTM Motherwell 1 - Saints 2 - 18/03/17

    Can only be Liam - Zippy, Paton and Scobbie all played well though.
  5. The Motherwell away thread.

    Scrappy game but just shaded it. Not helped by a referee that decided Cummins and Macca were fair game. Players fought well but defended too deeply at times. Swanson again was a waste - he needs to be rested / dropped until his head is right because just now he's a passenger in the team. Compare that with Liam who fought for everything, scored 2 crackers and should have had a hat-trick. Still 4th is nice.
  6. Saints v Dundee - 11/03/17

    Danny faded and gave up too easily - he's a talented player but too often is making the wrong decision and losing possession. And he doesn't track back or cover the way Liam, Paton or even Alston does. Couple of times in the 2nd half when it happened Liam gave him an earful. Makes you wonder about how his going public re the contract situation has affected his relationship with the other players in the dressing-room.
  7. MOTM Saints 2 - Dundee 0 - 11/03/17

    Liam for me just ahead of Paton and Alston. Not really a failure on the park although was disappointed in Swanson and thought he should have been off sooner.
  8. Big summer coming up

    Easton is only exposed when he pushes forward and nobody tracks back to help cover him - this is especially true when its Swanson playing on the left. Compare that to the right when Watson/Foster has the likes of Spoony or Alston in front who are willing to track back and cover when required.
  9. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    Zander unlucky with their winner - looks like he saw it late.
  10. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    Andoooooo!!!!!! GIRUY
  11. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    Kiernan red - hack on Zippy
  12. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

  13. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    Zippy on for Blair. Paton in the book.
  14. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    That's Liam in the book now
  15. The The Rangers (AKA Sevco) v Saints. 1/3/17

    Ando booked for "dive"