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  1. Didn't Callachan score at Tynecastle? As for Alston he's not been the standout player we've wanted and I can see Tommy's reasoning, but Alston has also never gone into hiding and contributed a helluva lot more than some of the "star" players (e.g. Swanson).
  2. Crap - it wasn't a nothing game but the over-reaction on here has been ridiculous at times. We owe St Mirren feck all.
  3. Performance was poor - too many players had an off day. The pitch never helps but IMHO that was Jason's worst game this season. Easton looks short of match sharpness, as might be expected and did ok but struggled a bit early on. Midfield was limited with Liams early, stupid booking - Callachan did ok but was easily crowded out. Thought Spoony was fine and played some decent balls in but apart from one or two runs Swanson was again a passenger - he showed little urgency in getting involved or trying to create much. In fact I was more impressed by Blair off the bench and I know who I'd rather see lining up for us next season. Up front Kano's finishing was poor and although Hendry was ok he dropped back too much to be effective. Have to say though that Olly Hamilton did himself no harm with his 10 mins at the end - plenty of pace and some nice touches.
  4. Decent performance and a good game. Not sure re their equaliser but Muzz and Zander had "words" immediately afterwards so the keeper might have been suspect. Gordon and Kerr were solid throughout tho - no worries there for next season. Callachans removal was strange, must have been due to injury since Muzz on a booking looked more likely to be hooked. Hendry did well again but really needs more close support - Kennedy/Mikey were too wide and only Callachan pushed forward in the middle - thought Hendry took a major knock when the Midden defender elbowed him in the face - how McLean (who was crap) missed that beats me. Good move and goal from Kane though. So hard-fought point against a very physical team but was the lease we deserved.
  5. Good solid performance - couple of shaky first touches and Foster and Joe had some dodgy passes but we were never in danger. Hendry, Matty and Callachan all excellent - plus Tanser's goal was sheer magic. All in all a nice afternoons work.
  6. Zander - kept it respectable and played through the pain barrier. Gordon and Joe did ok and Kane worked his arse off but too many players were well below an acceptable standard.
  7. Hendry on a booking was understandable and Mikey lacking sharpness as well but Tanser looked fine. When the subs came on I thought we were going to go 3 at the back but Foster went to LB and Joe to RB so possibly an injury to Tanser. But it seems risky if you've got players injured etc that you also make tactical subs at the same time - especially with 45 to go.
  8. Poor from Saints - midfield never got going and in Kennedy and Mikey we had wingers that didn't get too far forward. Defence was doing ok but lost a soft og and then a daft penalty - the mood Madden was in the home team were getting the benefit of all the decisions - e.g. the booking for Hendry which all but nullified him. At least we had Zander to keep things respectable even though he could barely stand. Kerr's 2nd booking was daft - no complaints there. At least Gordon got some game time. Alston did ok until he had to drop back to right-back but Swanson was again guilty of wasting the ball too often. I really fear for his chances in the squad never mind the first team once we have the likes of Watt and Wright back. Killie are a team brimming with confidence and it showed - between that and the pitch we were up against it. Hopefully the next fortnight can act as an arse-kicking period so we at least finish the season with some entertainment.
  9. Good open game and Saints thoroughly deserved the win - unlucky to see the one chalked off for offside and although we got let off thanks to Miller passing instead of shooting we controlled the game well. Hendry was excellent - good goal and his link up play with Kane was great to see. Kennedy was outstanding and scored a cracking goal. Mikey looked a lot sharper while Callachan continues to improve - only criticism I may have of him is that he can get caught too far forwards at times and struggles to get back. As for Dundee - they're going down.
  10. Posting this for info - https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/former-hearts-and-hibs-footballer-danny-swanson-to-stand-trial-over-edinburgh-pub-attack-1-4899507
  11. Last 20 mins apart performance was much improved on Wed night but Well are also a decent side. Didn't help things by Liam fecking up the penalty and some inconsistent referee decisions. But the big issue was the lack of composure in midfield - if we're going to be playing with wingers we need to get the ball played to their feed and, just as importantly the wingers need to run at defenders. Well's defence was shaky at times (credit to Kane for chasing loads of lost causes down) but too often the ball ended up at Kane with 4 opponents around him and no outlet on either flank. Defence has to take a lot of the blame for the goals though - first was a decent break but the 2nd should have been closed down earlier and as for the 3rd, lets just say Scott Bain will sleep easier re the Scotland jersey tonight.
  12. League-wise we're probably about right - Jambos, Hibs, TFOD etc have all spent big. Tommy has been backed but has been IMHO unlucky with his signings - Drey's injury was a big loss and Swanson, Watt, Mikey have failed to live up to their past reputations with us - in fact after today Mikey is the only one I'd think about maybe keeping. Tommy has stuck by players but even today the team he put out, if they'd been in form would have been good enough. The lack of confidence in the defence was there to see once we lost the first goal and for a team that's meant to be playing with wingers we singularly failed to play the ball down the wings instead relying on long balls. But Tommy has also stuck with the likes of Muzz or Swanson when the likes of Alston (who I thought has improved a lot this year) is being frozen out. Tommy still has my backing - his dealings in the transfer market were all met with backing here and you could argue its the ones that weren't hyped up that have given a better return, Wright, Kennedy and Callachan. But he has to I think be seen to be a lot angrier with the players in public - the fans know what we've seen isn't good enough, in terms of effort at least and while Tommy may be raging in the background I think a public display of anger might also help. As for the rest of the season we're going to be bottom six. So we identify who is staying next year - anyone who hasn't renewed their contract gets a deadline put to them. And we play those players - if that means Watt, Joe etc vanish from some matchday squads so be it - the fans need to see every player given a chance.
  13. Kane for me - hard-working performance and his persistence paid off. Thought Callachan was excellent as well.
  14. Alston, Joe and McCann. Watt I feel needs to get some more goals before he's worthy of a new contract esp given the likely large-ish wage he's on.