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  1. Any chance of a lift on Saturday? Marc? Neil? Norrie
  2. Is this what you mean, Eddie?
  3. Love the idea of the "lacquer room"!! Agreed about improvements.
  4. I take it that it has been confirmed that there's NO switch of legs.
  5. Price for Faroes 27-30 June £1398 (two stops)!! Price 22-25 June or first 6-9 July is £257 direct. Does someone know something about the draw beforehand?!
  6. Why don't you contact the club historians / statistics compilers, Alistair Blair and Brian Doyle @briandoyle77 ?
  7. What is your point? And what does it have to do with St Johnstone FC? Not sure this is the correct forum for this, especially as I too didn't read it. Unless you give us a precise, I suggest the mods delete this thread.
  8. Lindsay would be Lindsay Hamilton How about Bill Taylor, ? Fallon
  9. Born2Bru


    Is there an echo in here?
  10. I too have received no e-mails this season and for most of last season. I spoke to Ross about it towards the end of the end of the season and received one more! I think the idea that their server can't deal with a large distribution list (and that must be a laugh to rival fans!) is correct, but no-one is taking responsibility for spotting it and sorting it out. Good idea to speak to the club about the number ofof unhappy fans here, plus more besides I'm sure. I suggest you get a contact and publish it here so that we can all let them know when we are not receiving these emails.
  11. Thanks for that, Ghostie. Just wondered as there's none in Edinburgh, but there is in the West.