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  1. Fair Maid

    Panama / Singapore / Athens Saint

    I'm so sorry to learn of John's passing. I never met him but I thoroughly enjoyed "sparring" with him online, especially in cahoots with Edstar 101.. He obviously had an incredible sense of humour and I will miss his banter. My sincerest condolences to his family x
  2. Fair Maid

    Beaches or Mountain?

    Butt a nicely exfoliated one, yes?
  3. Fair Maid

    Makes you wonder

    Wonder if the balloons had "Congratulations on passing your driving test" printed on them.
  4. Fair Maid

    What's everyone doing right now?

    Panama Saint has done this, many a time. High protein diet, I believe!
  5. Fair Maid

    Hill Walkers going out in wintery conditions

    Believe it or not but I get claustrophobic on hills.
  6. Fair Maid

    What's everyone doing right now?

    Once had a cold caller giving me the big speil about conservatories. We discussed the many options/finishes that I could choose from, etc. We, eventually, agreed a date and time for the installation designer to do a home visit. I told the caller to advise the designer that our lift might not be fixed by the time of the appointment and they'll just have to use the stairs. "Stairs?" he asked. "Yes." I said. "I live in a 5th floor flat" He hung up. I don't think that was very nice especially as I hadn't spoken to anyone all week.
  7. Fair Maid


    No fish.....never know what I might catch!
  8. Fair Maid

    Best Gift

    OK - what did you give her in the end?
  9. Fair Maid

    Caledonian Road School

    Pictures of the refurbishment floating about on APB, Facebook. Takes me back - those long corridors and imposing stairwells.
  10. Fair Maid


    Who's dabbled?
  11. Fair Maid

    Makes you wonder

    What were you doing in the layby?
  12. Fair Maid

    City of Culture

    Coventry wins.
  13. Fair Maid

    Best Gift

    Might give her thrush if perfumed.
  14. Fair Maid

    Best Gift

    Er, what have you done?
  15. Fair Maid

    Best Gift

    Spa day vouchers, spa day vouchers and more spa day vouchers.