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  1. Round 17 - Hibs (A), 18/11/17

    Hubs 4 Saints 0 Boyle 15777
  2. Player Contracts + Transfers

    In time for the relegation fight at least
  3. Youth Academy News

    It's the up front costs too....Hibs will have to replace their Astro surface (which, to be fair, needs done anyway) and then build a dome over it as their current indoor facility isn't big enough (the 'barn' for anybody that has been there)
  4. Youth Academy News

    It's ridiculously expensive to comply with the criteria. Hibs already have a purpose built training facility, but still need a fortune to meet certain aspects
  5. Confidence levels for this are rock bottom, but you never know (said in hope more than anything else).
  6. Youth Academy News

    It will be interesting to see what the independent assessors say....seemingly they are the same lot that looked at the system in Spain and France (I think) and a couple of other countries Sometimes though, these 'independent' assessors don't like to be too honestly critical as they are looking for repeat / new business and if too hardass people want them kept at a distance
  7. Youth Academy News

    Yip, another perfectly viable option There are only 6 boys in my sons year at the academy. Surely this limits the training drill options, and it's a bit putting all their eggs in the one basket regarding the measurable success of the academy system
  8. Youth Academy News

    The other way to look at it is that boys club football is suffering due to too many clubs (like Dumbarton) carrying a youth system, taking boys out of boys club football Perhaps teams like that should develop a process where boys with promise are somehow involved with the club through training once a week, playing select games, yet remaining with their boys club on a week in week out basis My lad is at Hibs and I have often wondered the benefit the boys get from being part of some set ups and getting hammered week after week. The sad truth is is that if Saints had got the 'elite' status, they would have been the weakest in that list by some way (going in the evidence at my sons age group) They might have improved through getting boys that previously went to Dundee Utd ( Dundee are poor, and the 3 best players they did have are now at Utd) Im not totally in agreement with Project Brave, and don't have all the answers, but multiple pro-youth teams doesn't necessarily present the best model either
  9. Time for Tommy to go?

    I'm lost
  10. Time for Tommy to go?

    Couple of things Davie....we didn't do what you said though, we HAVE now lost 6 in a row, scoring no goals Add to that that our start to the season was strange- got results, but were hardly playing well. Even then, I knew a few folk that could feel a bad run coming The other is that acceptance attitude that we shouldn't be where we are and that we should just wait for the day we return to our rightful place in the lower reaches. Football is all about getting the best from people at the right time. We had our perfect storm in 2014 when Tommy, Ando, Macca, May etc done just that....the right thing at the right time What brings any team longer term success is realising that the same formula doesn't last forever, players change, managers change. Sometimes freshness is all that is needed when things appear to be going stale Are we at that point yet, or is this just a small blip? I'm not sure, but we will know by the end of the year I reckon
  11. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Em, I was talking about people referring to when we were in the lower divisions, but you carry on
  12. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    It's very difficult to not blow up 1pt from 18 possible and no goals in 6 games
  13. Saints v Celtic 4/11/17

    Not sure we've been 'solid' at the back at all for a good while. Tommy not giving Gordon a start over Ando is frustrating