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  1. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    Wasn't at the game yesterday, but watched it on ALBA last night. Seens strange that during the evening I was reading a good few folk saying, apart from his goal, Muzz was poor It looked like he was everywhere on the telly! His challenge that put Macca through (when he hit the bar) and a superb tackle in the second half in his own box when the Hamilton guy was about to pull the trigger spring to mind Re Cummins....yes, works hard, and some good deliveries too yesterday. What I notice though is the follow up 'shot' when Macca's effort came back off the bar....horrible technique which resulted in a high and wide slice and then in the second half, a very good heading opportunity to score that just hit his head and went more yards past than he was yards out We've had worse, and he will likely do some good stuff at times this season, maybe even score a couple, but I would hope we could aspire to somebody better at some stage
  2. Round 10 - Hamilton (H), 23/9/17

    Saints 2 Hamilton 1 Joe 3111
  3. Hamilton Accies (H) - Premiership - 23/09/17

    Foster was excellent from when he joined us. His form this season isn't great, but to say he isn't good enough is a bit of an over exaggeration. For me, Foster's attributes are better than Eastons
  4. Scum v Saints 16th Sept 2017

    'as much' seems to be materialising as 'not at all' (even when needed)
  5. Reflecting Well (Ex Saints in the News).

    Decent goal too
  6. MOTM Dundee 3 - Saints 2 - 16/09/17

    Easton has been a weakness for us for a good while imo
  7. Round 9 - Dundee (A), 16/9/17

    Dundee 1 Saints 2 Macca 5766
  8. Managerial Merry-Go-Round

    He lasted even shorter than he did at Inter!!
  9. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    I'm not blaming Macca, I'm blaming Tommy!! Set ups like today don't play to McLeans strengths
  10. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    Macca is not a lone striker. When we try that, we are generally shit. If Tommy wants to set up with one up front, then he needs to select the team that suits the formation, not move the usual starting players around
  11. Saints v Hibs 9-9-17

    I don't think Danny will start, but could come on and grab a winner
  12. Round 8 - Hibs (H), 9/9/17

    Saints 2 Hibs 2 Spoony 5112
  13. Any hobbies?

    Bloody Great North Run ruined my cycling trip. Every year we finish in Jesmond on the Saturday for a night out. Couldnt get accommodation so have had to reduce trip to two days- Lancaster-Grassington- York Oh well, beers in York on Friday night I suppose
  14. Top Manager Best Player

    Cue the curse
  15. Deadline Predictions

    My prediction is that Tommy had an early night tonight, Brooner singing him a lullaby to get him to sleep