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  1. Any good pics of the flags in action?
  2. Saint of Sichuan

    14,000 +

    Great post mate - I can really relate to your story. Although Im a bit younger I left Scotland (Edinburgh) when I was 18 and havent been 'resident' since - roughly ten years. I grew up going to watch games with my Dad (whos thrae Perth - followed Saints for over half a Century) and brothers both home (STs) and away. The drive up to Perth from Edinburgh was all just part of going to see Saints. I have vague memories of going to watch Saints for the first time when I was five years old against Forfar (we won 4 or 5 nil) and immediately declared my love for the club - typical glory hunter behaviour! I now live/work in China so getting to games is a bit of a mission but every bit worth the effort. I made it to the game against Eski in Turkey and will be heading back for the final on the 17th. It was an easy decision as the second we beat Aberdeen in the Semi I knew I had to be back for it - it was more the logistical side that was the problem! If I was still living in Scotland I would have a season ticket and go every week but instead I have to settle for my local team Guangzhou R&F (there are some similarities... blue/white, considered a 'diddy' club... although they certainly dont exist within their means! FIFA financial fair play would have a field trip in China...) who I go to see most weeks for my fix of live football. But goes without saying I would much rather be at McDiarmid Park freezing my baws off watching Dave Mackay n co on a blistery winters night!! Thanks to the original poster for starting this thread - although your original point backfired you have successfully managed to stir the emotions! Hopefully those emotions will be channelled into one huge bubble of positive energy come 14:55 on 17 May!!! COYS!!!
  3. Aye, well it's safe to say I'm not exactly in the good books... Going to have to make up for it some how. That said, the misses will at least get the chance to see her first Scottish Cup Final!
  4. Flying over from China (Guangzhou) to be at the game - wouldn't miss it for the world!! Had to cancel a holiday to Bali with the missus and a mate's wedding in Korea but definitely worth it!! COYS!!
  5. Cheers Myspazz - absolute legend. Tuning in from China so catch you all in the morn! COYS!!!!
  6. As part of the sister city arrangement the two teams could play each other in a friendly every few (3-4) years. You could even introduce a cup for the winner of each game would keep hold of in order to create a sense of competition...
  7. Its as simple as: bring back the match day experience = bring back the fans. Wish I could be going to the game in Perth on Thursday. Sadly, I've got to be in Guangzhou so won't be able to return the immense hospitality shown by our Esk compadres. Es Es Es, Ki Ki Ki, Eski Eski Eski! Perth - Eskisehir sister cities?
  8. There should be plenty of streams available - you'll need to brush up on your Turkish though as I doubt there will be any English commentary.
  9. Just crossed the border from China to HK - flight leaves in 2.5 hours. COYS!!!
  10. Totally agree. After making such a huge mess of things surely there can only be one outcome.
  11. I hope you are planning to do a display like in these pictures for our visit
  12. He played in Turkish Super League (08/09) so comes with relevant experience! That said the team he played for Konyaspor were relegated that year with him netting 3 in 23...
  13. To the Turkish lads: Come On You Saints - Eğer aziz Haydi! Does that translate right? (I used google translate...)
  14. Cheers Mainstand - do you know any details of the retail side? It would be interesting to know what share of sales from replica shirts/training kit etc made its way back to the club.
  15. Any idea what sort of arrangement Saints have in place with Joma?