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  1. Can I ask, did you pay at the gate or had you purchased a ticket in advance...………?
  2. Liam Craig is only 33 years of age...! Seems to be this myth that he is approaching the end of his career for some bizarre reason. He is one of the fittest players at the club. Absolutely no issue in offering him another year contact at least.
  3. zero issues with the weather, the odd flurry of snow/sleet every now and then but its not lying at all. Forecast tomorrow is actually pretty good so I would say there is zero doubts surrounding the game.
  4. Is Ando not back with us then? season ending injury picked up at Raith I thought so had returned.
  5. How much did you know about James Dunne before he signed...…..? turned out pretty well for us did it not.
  6. First half only I think he played. He will be playing tonight. Would actually expect to see a few changes to the line-up tonight, Booth in for Tanser. MOH and Dre Wright both starting.
  7. Won't matter. He's out. Gordon will be back in.
  8. Well that's interesting take on the current state of Scottish football. I gather this joker spent most of Thursday in the boozer.....!
  9. No issues with his hamstring, just felt a bit of tightness so opted to come off. Should be fine for Hibs next weekend.
  10. Yeah not good, caught studs in the turf. Potentially done knee ligaments. Need to wait for swelling to go down before getting the full picture but does not sound great.
  11. Best get used to seeing Vihmann in the team a lot more....... I've heard Gordon's season was potentially ended yesterday in a training ground incident.
  12. From what I have heard about the situation, lets just say there wasn't exactly a queue of his teammates lining up banging on Tommy's office door demanding he be given another chance. Majority were delighted to see the back of him.
  13. *Puts on Pedants Hat technically that is inaccurate, fee was in fact only paid for Davidson and that fee was £45k. He was initially refusing to move because Livingston owed him £5k in unpaid wages/bonuses. Deal was thrashed out that Saints would pay him the £5k personally and Livingston received the £45k as a transfer fee. Dave Mackay was the added to the deal at the last minute as Livvy's were desperate to get him off the wage bill.
  14. Don't think we will see him at Dundee anytime soon, I had an interesting conversation with somebody behind the scenes at Dundee on Monday who confirmed they had made a very good offer to May (before they signed Danny Johnson) but and I quote 'his agent was making some ridiculous demands' so as far as we are concerned that deal is dead. They are happy with Danny Johnson and have moved on.