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  1. Yeah not good, caught studs in the turf. Potentially done knee ligaments. Need to wait for swelling to go down before getting the full picture but does not sound great.
  2. Best get used to seeing Vihmann in the team a lot more....... I've heard Gordon's season was potentially ended yesterday in a training ground incident.
  3. From what I have heard about the situation, lets just say there wasn't exactly a queue of his teammates lining up banging on Tommy's office door demanding he be given another chance. Majority were delighted to see the back of him.
  4. *Puts on Pedants Hat technically that is inaccurate, fee was in fact only paid for Davidson and that fee was £45k. He was initially refusing to move because Livingston owed him £5k in unpaid wages/bonuses. Deal was thrashed out that Saints would pay him the £5k personally and Livingston received the £45k as a transfer fee. Dave Mackay was the added to the deal at the last minute as Livvy's were desperate to get him off the wage bill.
  5. Don't think we will see him at Dundee anytime soon, I had an interesting conversation with somebody behind the scenes at Dundee on Monday who confirmed they had made a very good offer to May (before they signed Danny Johnson) but and I quote 'his agent was making some ridiculous demands' so as far as we are concerned that deal is dead. They are happy with Danny Johnson and have moved on.
  6. using a comp provided to him by a current player.
  7. I'm calling bullsh*t on that right now! check out the guys other tweets...……….
  8. Afraid not, what Templar Saint said above is pretty much what I had heard also (apart from the bit about May being in Wednesday morning) as far as I heard they were a no-show at the stadium on Wednesday. The bit about Vine with Goodwin is just purely coincidental I would imagine, can't see anything in that, especially with Vine arriving 15 minutes into the game and leaving 10-15 minutes early. If they were going to meet to discuss anything surely this would have been done anywhere other than the padded seats of McDiarmid. If Bob Thompson is reporting that the deal is completely dead I would suggest that's exactly what the situation is unfortunately.
  9. or another way to look at it, maybe more beneficial to give say Callaghan a full 90 minutes yesterday (regardless of the level) than have him sit on a bench for 90 minutes without any hope of getting on against Brechin due to having plenty midfield cover (Craig and McCann) already on the bench ? MacMillan I can understand, he's not good enough, be best for all parties to just cut ties with him I think.
  10. Could be entirely way off the mark with this but as I recall, his side of the story was he had been promised a new deal then all of a sudden that deal was off the table 'the goalposts were shifted at the last minute...…………' sound familiar? He arrived alone and left alone, actually saw him walking down the Crieff Road, I left about 5 mins before the end.
  11. Two sides to every story remember, you say the way Vine behaved when he left us, the flip side is the way we behaved in the negotiations to re-sign Vine. Ultimately don't think either came out of it looking too clever. Either way, that's all in the past, if Vine is serious about being a respected Agent then I would be pretty sure he wouldn't be indulging in that kind of nonsense. He was at the game last night using a comp provided to him by Ando, came in 10 mins after kick-off, then left 10 minutes before the end. If he was only really out to screw us over I doubt he would go to the bother of attending Wednesday night fixtures against Brechin they day after he screwed us.
  12. Genuinely no idea what the hold up has been with it, explained to me as a 'shifting of the goalposts' so to speak. As far as I know he was at the Stadium on Tuesday night, everything was pretty much agreed, photos were taken etc. even to the point that communication with the SPL was made to change the squad numbers, shifting MOH to 23/25 and May would take the 17 shirt. Was to be all signed off yesterday and I believe he was a no show at the Stadium for whatever reason. Hoping its just a couple of minor issues that require to be sorted today and we can get it over the line. Biggest worry around the whole thing was TW refusing to do his media duties after last nights game, that is definitely setting off some alarm bells with me that perhaps he's p*ssed off why its not happened yet and didn't want to field any questions on it in case he said something he shouldn't...…..!! Time will tell I suppose.
  13. From the time I posted that to the end of the season I am fairly confident Tony Watt was nowhere to be seen at any games. He certainly was never going to play again for us fake injury or no fake injury. The only official event he attended was the PoTY Awards Night, which surprised a few. As he knew he was to be awarded an award I suspect this was why he was there, and was cleared with Tommy.
  14. Go back through and check my posts mate, I think you will see I don't generally post that often on here, but when I do it tends to be info that turns out to be fairly accurate. Now if you are alluding to me revealing who my source is obviously that's not going to happen.
  15. Deal has definitely hit a snag, hasn't fallen through completely (yet) but zero chance of anything happening today.